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The Worst Things
  • All of high street
  • All of high street
  • All of high street
  • The bloke that goes around asking for a quid to phone home because he has broke down and hasnt hot any change for the phone , he has asked me outside the cinema and in kentucky when i was sat eating my food and the asked my husband at Hatton cross station , man he gets about he didnt like it when i pulled him up about what he was doing in fact he ran off really quickly
  • People who dont Queu up at bus stops and try to get on the bus before you,
  • Infestation of inbred English ill mannered drunks. All they say is ''o right mate'' to one another, drink, fight, rob people. Mind you got a lot of black people there now who are just as bad.
  • Its existence.
  • the worst thing about feltham there are to many Eastern Europeans and other foreigners. Foul mouth mothers pushing buggies and blocking the pavements with them and people who try to get on buses before everyone. To much traffic and noise and pollution.
  • Its not that bad - plenty of working class and underclass but there everywhere even in psh places cos of social housing - just a few more in Feltham.
  • The people
  • Why is Feltham so grey? And the people no longer white?
  • Why is Feltham so grey? And why are the people no longer white?
  • Why is Feltham so grey? And why are the people no longer white?
  • The watered down beer.
  • The Girls, Even with a Johnny.
  • The present
  • The sad people who put Feltham down, ive lived hear for 6 years now and i love the place. it got lots of history, like aaston martin, lodge brothers and A W Smith (look them up) the list go on and on. i have a nice house on a nice road with a great new high street (well done). if only the sad people that put feltham down, have a look at there area first, i bet we have more and better things gotting on hear than they do.
  • Sparrow farm estate
  • fuckin pidgeons
  • No Market , can we have our Market Back Please.....
  • Traffic chaos, only likely to be made worse by the new town centre and poor planning. Best to use public transport (trains offer an excellent service and the station is very central; ten bus routes pass by as well). However, parking prices are reasonable even in the new Asda car park- free for under 2 hours parking.
  • No Market :::When are we getting a Market Back..
  • A lot of the residennce need to get some civic pride, with the new developments now taking place in Feltham a different class of person will probably arrive and the town will me more mixed and not 75% council flat types. Some of whom have little respect for their town.
  • WHY oh WHY dose Bedfont have know Christmas Lights, I have Lived in Bedfont for 36 Years , and we used to have a father Christmas outside Budgens with the Roundtable on the run up to Christmas , But alas we have never had lights, All the surrounding towns have them has the council forgotten about poor old Bedfont. Where is the community sprit , come on shop owners nag the council get us some lights for 2005 Please. From Someone who loves Bedfont and Christmas
  • Losing feltham market!!!!!!! Why oh Why did it have to go .
  • The old high street which is being totally demolished and rebuilt to very high standards.
  • People who come into Feltham from nearby Hounslow
  • The "Old" Feltham elements, who refuse to go away. Young mothers effing and blinding at their young children, thus enforcing another generation if ill-mannered morons. Mouthy bony faced blokes with earrings, fathering many children, drinking and fighting. Eventually they will go away. People who live in Bedfont and claim it is Feltham. People who live in Feltham and claim it is Hanworth Park.
  • are also free and I,ve had to many of those to want to recall them!!1
  • The graffiti and deliberate vandalism of public facilities can be depressing, but again where would it be any different.
  • havent you heard enough!
  • Foxes digging up your garden, people knicking crazy-paving from front garden, and persons throwing raw eggs at people`s cars.
  • living in feltham period! the lack of anything to do in the area any half decent lookin girl in the area over 15 has a baby... or a boyfriend over 21. the list goes on and on! i'm just glad in 2 weeks i'm moving out of this shithole
  • The worst things in Feltham are our friends from over seas that sponge more benefits than any single mum in feltham. The lack of places for the children (ie anyone under 18) to hang out thats why they all hang around the streets trying to be hard.
  • I once lived in Feltham, and unfortunately went to school There. It's crap, all of it's bad. The pub's are rubbish, the food is rubbish, the people are (mostly) cretinous. If you have any control over where you live, and are not mentally retarted or dependent on state handouts, you do not live in Feltham.
  • People who refer to Bedfont (It is NOT in Feltham!) on this site! Stupid people - It is a 50/50 split here, gradually decreasing as more normal people move in (150,000 for a 2 bed house now!) But anyone who wears a BB Cap, and insist on revving their pathetic Fiestas outside my front door day and night. Single 15 year old women calling their mutant kids "Tyler" or "Connor" - You people live in Feltham not Hollywood. Single 15yr old Men who fathered these kids by not knowing what a rubber johnny is...
  • Cineworld on Tuesday (Pikey) night, it will be rammed! Full off overweight bearded ladies from the local estates with there crimewatch lookalke boyfriends and six to eight scraggy shaven headed children all dressed in identical catalogue reject clothing. The air will have the pungent mixture of B.O/Rothmans/Egg and chips and Super tennants. The kids will run around kicking the minority of respectable cinema goers knowing that we will be too scared to approach their offensive parents.
  • Highfields estate the residents of highfields estate the population in general
  • The prejudice and stupidity of thousands of going nowhere and depressed about it/need someone to blame people.
  • The people who come and slag it off, have you seen other parts of London!!!!
  • other cultures apart from whites
  • Highfields flats should be flattened. More private buyers should be encouraged into the area because Feltham is ideally sitauted with excellent transport links into Waterloo (37 mins). Heathrow, 14 mins.
  • thickos and hooligans who live there
  • Feltham is quite simply the most awful collection of scum bag drop outs on the entire face of the planet. The women are all foul ugly rejects of society, their kids follow in there pig of a mothers foot steps. The Fathers - not known as these women are baby farmers for their welfare cheques. The actual place itself, is even worse than the inhabitants. Best thing to do, drop as many Hydrogen bombs on the place and start again. Lets face it, the people are crap, the place is crap and its full of DSS lay-abouts with nothing to do except smoke, drink and take drugs (and steal to fund these hobbies). Feltham - destroy it all please. I lived there for 27 years, 27 years to long before I left and bought a house as far removed from this location as I could. So the last decent person has vacated Feltham.
  • Airport pollution, trees dying all over the area due to the toxic atmosphere. The plan to resite Brentford Football club and build a 25,000 seater stadium over the nicest part of Feltham the Glebelands park an important green space that helps to counteract some of the pollution. The lack of respect for their environment by many local people, failure to use litter bins, fly tipping, car dumping and resultant burning of cars. Vandalism, heroin abuse discarded needles etc. Inherently racist and intolerant population. Regular murders and other heinous crimes.
  • The already mentioned Spongers of the State, in large residence. Feltham Young Offenders Institute. Large amount of travellers etc. Small criminal element of the population.
  • the scum of london were moved there after WW2.
  • Do not go out alone at night. Feltham people who pretend to be posh - scary.
  • Pop bands film their music video's here then go on telly and slag the place off.
  • Very violent, white thick racist place. To say Feltham is next to Hounslow, which is v.multi-cultural, it is amazing how NF Feltham is. Even threatening foe white people. I cannot understand how so many people can be so thick.
  • Hordes of Pikies
  • Racists and more racists especailly towards black people. This is a place where majority of UK's poorest white people live, one of my mates found his car had been spat on and then smeared with phlegm, so be ver aware.
  • When someone asks you where you live. Feltham is known primarily for its young offenders institute, cleverly placed so there's not far to go from home to prison.
  • Dirty, depressing, loads of air pollution from the airport. Pretty down market place so I'd love to hear form anyone who has good things to say about it

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