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searching for adopted sister by pam (Member 10188849) on 10-Jul-2006
searching for Angela born august 1964. Birthmother's maiden name Mcpartlin.
Still searching for the Bio Logical Pop... by Marie Rogers (Member 10187806) on 23-Jun-2006
Hi i was here last year , trying to find my Bio-logical dad , Mick Smith .. I am now 37 and i have five kids .. They and myself would like to meet up with Mick , we have asked a lot of people and seems he has just vanished in to thin air..I have been told he was last seen in Heston , but that is where the trail gose cold .. He used to drive a bus or coach in Feltham in the late 60's .
The man who... more >>
Gliding Holidays by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 22-Mar-2006
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FREE OFFFER by Moscowman (Member 10174755) on 19-Jan-2006
Dont Moan about this Town its not that bad, But if you do want to move on and Sell, Rent, or Buy
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Happy new year by Dave Farr (Member 10128879) on 29-Dec-2005
Hi to everyone in Feltham and Bedfont. Hope you all have a great New Year, and, all get what you wish for. From an ex-pat. Residing in Cheshire.
All the Best!!
au pair in feltham by stefania (Member 10166689) on 16-Oct-2005
Hi there
I'm an italian girl and I've been contacted by a family of Feltham to be their au pair girl.
Now I must decide...well, can you tell me something about feltham and the life there?
Is it boring? Is it far from central London? How can I reach the city?

Thank you ... more >>
  • Re: au pair in feltham by phil (Member 10200015) on 30-Dec-2006

    I would strongly consider not coming to feltham. It's not very nice, you must be able to find a better offer.
    that said, if the family is nice then go for it! just don't expect to be going on any nice strolls through the town

Moving to Bedfont by helen (Member 10165770) on 6-Oct-2005

My partner and I are looking at moving to Bedfont via a shared ownership house. I'm really looking for some info on the area - what are crime levels like? are the planes very noisy? Does anyone know if T5 will mean Bedfont is right under a flight path or is it already? Just generally is it a nice place to live, and is it on the up?
Thanks for your help. Helen
  • Re: Moving to Bedfont by chris (Member 10142339) on 7-Oct-2005
    Don't do it, yes the planes are noisy and with t5 will come extra night flights, crime levels around bedfont real high, just look at the knowhere guide for bedfonts neighbours ie feltham.

  • Re: Moving to Bedfont by Dave Farr (Member 10166124) on 10-Oct-2005
    Hi Helen,
    I lived in Bedfont for most of my life, and believe me i have no hesitation in telling anyone it is a great place to live. Everywhere has places that are a bit 'rowdy' in the evenings, Bedfont is no exception, but all in all it is a quiet, (except for the Planes), green place to live. My 70 year old mother has lived there most of her life and wouldn't move away, i think that is... more >>

Power Steering by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 29-Aug-2005
If you have a power steering problem call our Greenwich SE10 factory on 020 8853 3343 for advice and save a bundle on main dealer prices.   
more info on Debra Elizebeth by Tom Walker (Member 10133355) on 11-Aug-2005
Debra was born in West Middlesex Hospital 8th May 1970 fathers name Brian Elmes, mothers name sheila Hayes or lake, last known address 28 kingsbridge Road Norwood green, southall,Debra was a petite child, she would be 35 today does anybody know someone with that name? grandma desparately wants to see her.   
Debra Elizebeth by Tom Walker (Member 10133355) on 24-Jul-2005
still havent found Debra, where are you? Debra went to Norwood green infants school in 1975 lived with her grandma in heston, mothers name shiela, fathers name Brian Debra would be 35 today possibly married with children, dark hair very petite somebody somewhere must know a petite 35 year old by the name of Debra Elizebeth please make contact grandmother wants to see her   
dance halls fron the past by angela (Member 10127879) on 2-May-2005
hello is there anyone out there who would remember the old dance halls from 1964/5 that had bouncers[doorman]the dance hall im looking for could be in feltham or hounslow,hammersmith ,putney or close by.the reason im looking for this is im looking for an old bouncer by the name of mick whom had a relationship with a lucille onion from hounslow,shes my mother and hes my father whom ive never met an... more >>   
my dad by angela (Member 10127879) on 30-Apr-2005
hello my name is angela ,im looking for a man called mick who worked as a dance hall doorman in 1964/5 he had a short relationship with a lucille onion out of which came me your daughter ,im nearly 40 now,my mother will not help me with this so i have limited info,apparently you have a sister who had contact with a pet shop on the hanworth road feltham,you also drove a van[chevy].you were tall fai... more >>   
  • Re: my dad by Marie Rogers (Member 10187806) on 15-Nov-2006
    I am looking for my bio dad and he was also called Mick ( Micheal Smith )
    Although when my mum new him he drove coaches , could it be the same man do you think ..
    I know my Mick came from Sunbury Cross.
    in 1968.
    My email address is

Earn extra cash by Sabrina (Member 10151837) on 22-Apr-2005
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Looking for My Bio-logical Pop.................................. by Marie Rogers (Member 10143670) on 21-Apr-2005
Do you know Mick (Micheal ) Smith .
He used to drive a bus that went down the Bedfont Lane at the end of 1968, He went out , with My Mum and 9 months later, i was the result , of that .
I would like to find out if he still lives in the area or surrounding areas, someone has said Heston ,, I am told he would be approx age about 60 something..
Even if you don't know where he is now , but know a b... more >>
English Blonde Model & Independent Escort In London by Lucy (Member 10122912) on 20-Apr-2005
Hello, My name is Lucy.

I am an educated, elegant English lady and fashion model available as an independent escort for the pleasure of discerning gentlemen (or ladies) seeking a true girl-friend experience..
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Debra Elizebeth Elmes Lake by Tom Walker (Member 10133355) on 9-Feb-2005
Do you know anyone by that name? Debra went to Norwood Green infants school in l975 Mothers name was sheila Lake, Fathers name was Brian Elmes Debra lived with her granny in Heston before she dissapeared with her mother in 1975 granny is in her 80s and would like to see her again before she dies please help, Debra is petite and would be 35 yrs old today thanks   
looking for old friend by chris (Member 10142339) on 8-Jan-2005
anyone who lived in grovestile way bedfont in the early seventies please email me at chrischew@onetel.com. I am looking for someone in particular but wont post their name here, they would have lived there up until 1976 i think .
Thanks in advance
A Grandfather's Plea From the Past by Brenda MacCulloch (Member 10035523) on 24-Nov-2004
A Grandfather's Plea From the Past

I am not sure who you may be or where you might be living, I can only assume that if you are reading this you have some interest in family history and that’s good because of the pickle that my ggggrandaughters Pam and Brenda, have found themselves in when trying to find out where I came from, who my parents were and if I had any brothers and sisters. The same ... more >>
does any one know where FELTHAM ASSEMBLY HALLS is please by acme motorcycles (Member 10138315) on 22-Nov-2004
  • Re: does any one know where FELTHAM ASSEMBLY HALLS is please by chris (Member 10142339) on 12-Jan-2005
    yes thanks

indian girls wanted by christopher (Member 10135761) on 17-Nov-2004
for fun call chris on 07778152671   
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