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Indian Girls and Indian Boys by Sapan Ganguly (Member 10037562) on 4-Oct-2004
I've been finding it hard to meet people so I created this site. Its free and always will be.
It runs from my living room so support is limited but you can alway email me if you need help (address on the site).


Room Required! by Katherine Boon (Member 10131514) on 8-Sep-2004
Iím looking to move to the Heathrow area, not London side (due to finances! Ė or lack of) on or just before November 20th weekend. I am about to start a new position with Virgin Atlantic as a flight attendant. I am looking for a single room, I have all my own furniture except bed and wardrobe but they are not necessarily important as I can get cheap ones. The main factors for me are cost and e... more >>   
Battle Of The Bands by evilbungle (Member 10131081) on 27-Aug-2004
Want to be the best?

Cybessential are launching a national battle of the bands competition.

To get your band entered call 07946 702188 for an applicati... more >>
Uwist psychology reunion by brian (Member 10125747) on 13-Aug-2004
seeking SABINE Meigh/Mcveigh Richard BENDELOW, BLAIR McClure,Gaynor Pierce UWIST Reunion contact@psyreunion.com late 70s/early 80s disco bar buffet 0 1482 219510 best interest seeking BEVERLEY Lee, SABINE Meigh/ McVeigh Cardiff Reunion late 70s/early 80s disco 0 1482 219510 best interest seeking BLAIR McClure www.psyreunion.comCardiff Reunion seeking GEUNOR Pierce 0 1482 219510 best interest UWI... more >>   
Sink estate education by Reader (Member 10122086) on 27-Jun-2004
"The children of the estates are our society's lost children." - Iain Brimswall, 'The Zoo Keeper' (p145). Visit urbanrim.org.uk .   
extremism protest by robbie (Member 10070712) on 23-May-2004
All race`s n creeds are welcome to join up with the UBA.Please vist our website www.uba-forum.tk. Our goal is to get hook hamza on the 1st paddle steamer leaving dover. http://www.uba-forum.tk Regards   
male lookin for fun with lonely housewives by sean (Member 10123451) on 29-Apr-2004
hi, im a goodlooking 24 year old male, near feltham, all alone during day..loking for ladies of any age for some kinkyfun or casual sex. contact me at pinkysean@yahoo.com..   
Do YOU get paid for recommending services to your friends?? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 11-Apr-2004
We do!! You can build your own business with a good residual income by recommending our excellent range of Utility Services - No stock needed - just speak to your family,friends,neighbours and work colleagues.

For further information, please visit our website www.securityforlife.info or phone 0208 485 6284 for interview.
ROOMS TO LET-HESTON/HOUNSLOW by MR GILL (Member 10119294) on 4-Apr-2004
lovely double room with
single bed in shared house,
convenient to all amenities
M4 & M25 Motorways very close
quiet residential road
off stre... more >>
Pearce,Russell, Haslar family by Ron Russell (Member 10112482) on 16-Dec-2003
Gran Pearce lived in the cottages behind the Crown and Sceptre. Her Family included;- Fred,Son,Ernie,Lucy(Cis)Russell),Em (Haslar)
Bronco,Dan,Flo (Dennis). All the Russells were born in the same cottages and a few of us survive.
Any of our any cousins out there?
  • Re: Pearce,Russell, Haslar family by Graeme (Member 10112772) on 21-Dec-2003
    How long ago was this for interest sake?

    It was probably years before I was born even, or I maybe wrong. Just to let you know, the pub is still standing, but as for the cottages, I don't think so, as the road behind it, is now called The Vale.

  • Re: Pearce,Russell, Haslar family by Ron Russell (Member 10112482) on 25-Dec-2003
    I was born in the cottages behind the Crown and Sceptre in 1926 - my brothers and sisters born same place between 1913 and 1925. Grandmother Pearce lived there for many years before those dates. I have her picture outside the cottage (1940?). Haslars lived in Harlington Road West,and somes Pearces lived in Bedfont. Son and Rene Pearce lived near Bedfont Church had had several children including Q... more >>

  • Re: Pearce,Russell, Haslar family by Graeme (Member 10112772) on 15-Jan-2004
    Would you have any relations called Nigel? Just that I used to go to school with a kid a year older than I, of that name.

    As for Harlington Road West, I just live off that.

    When was the last time you was in Feltham, my friend?

  • Re: Pearce,Russell, Haslar family by Stephen Paterson (Member 10261235) on 10-May-2011
    My gt gt grandmother was christened Ann Pearce at Feltham on February 18, 1827. She was the daughter of James and Ann Pearce. James was an agricultural labourer. Ann Pearce married Thomas Roberts Rouse who worked at the Bedfont Powder Mills, which were directly opposite the Crown and Sceptre. The marriage was at Feltham in September 1848.
    The couple had a girl, Ann, and three boys - George, Henry... more >>

Trying to locate Joanna Garrod (or similar name)...... by Matt Davey (Member 10112589) on 11-Dec-2003
Used to live in Belvedere (or Hunter) House on the Highfields Estate in Feltham between about 1990 - 1993. She'd be aged late's 20's or early 30's now. Thinks she used to live with her Grandfather at that address but may be mistaken. If you know her or know where she is now, please leave a message. No hassle - Just want to catch up with a mate.   
  • Re: Trying to locate Joanna Garrod (or similar name)...... by Marie Rogers (Member 10143670) on 21-Apr-2005
    I spoke to her mum , only two weeks ago and she lives , with her copper husband and she joined the force her self, and now lives in Camberly .
    Sorry cant help any more..

  • Re: Trying to locate Joanna Garrod (or similar name)...... by Joanna Mcdonald (Member 10306514) on 14-Jul-2016
    Hi Matt,
    It's Joanna Mcdonald was Garrod. I believe you left a message back in 2003 looking for me lol.
    Leave a message and maybe we might finally catch up lol
    Jo xx

lynne hipgrave by alan barriff (Member 10111830) on 1-Dec-2003
trying to trace lynne hipgrave once of uxbridge rd feltham   
  • Re: lynne hipgrave by anthony sardena (Member 10111063) on 25-Mar-2004
    i used to deliver papers down uxbridge rd when i was 11...!!!!....lol

  • Re: lynne hipgrave by Tony S (Member 10178259) on 24-Feb-2006
    Hi I'm also trying to contact Lynne I used to go to school with her.I know she now lives in Delft Holland.If you manage to find her please let her know I'm trying to contact her please.

  • Re: lynne hipgrave by lynne hipgrave (Member 10189184) on 19-Jul-2006
    hi lynne here, reallynice to see somebodys been trying to find me. what a surprise!. I dont really remember the paper boy , but im intrested in finding out who u r? I caught up with Tony S. We now keep in touch, and as he said i am living in Delft Holland for about the last 25 years.

    Anyway my email adres is gaerbisu@msn.com

    get in touch ...

Michael John Lawrence by David (Member 10094647) on 30-Jul-2003
Looking for Michael John Lawrence. Once married to Helen Mullin. Mother was possibly Patricia (no living in South Africa) and father was Richard. Has a son named Richard and maybe a daughter named Rebecca. Worked in hotel management in the early seventies. Comes from this area.

EDWARD GESH - LOST RELATIVE by Sarah Gesh (Member 10102064) on 29-Jul-2003
I am searching for my grandad EDWARD GESH(surname I believe has been changed since 1950) born GESCH 24/6/10 in Uxbridge.

He is my dad's father who he has not seen since he was a baby and his parents divorced. My dad is 57 now. The last place we know he lived is in Feltham near the Airpark in approx 1951 and in 1950 with his sister's family Bob and Zizka Kleiser at 251 Uxbridge Rd, Feltham.
... more >>
  • Re: EDWARD GESH - LOST RELATIVE by anthony sardena (Member 10111063) on 25-Mar-2004
    how rya!...my names anthony sardena...i grew up in hanworth...went to feltham school...know the airman pub well...lol....dont get me wrong but ask the pikeys...used to be a lot of pikeys round the airman,,,,especially ask about chicken!!!!!!that was his name

  • Re: EDWARD GESH - LOST RELATIVE by Sarah Gesh (Member 10102064) on 26-Jan-2005
    Hi Anthony, Very interested in your message. Sorry about the delay in my reply - computer broken. Did you know him then? do you know where he went? Wld be very keen to know more. Sarah

FEMALE HOUSE MATE WANTED!!! by scott (Member 10099800) on 30-Jun-2003
Shared house on the uxbridge road in hayes available in 2/3 weeks. Currently 2 chaps and 1 lady, another girl needed to keep the balance. house is clean and tidy but fun and very relaxed. large room (part furnished..can be fully if you need it)£350 a month all inc. no bills. email scott@dpglobalmedia.co.uk or call me 02074782880 day, 07766 047087 night.   
  • Re: FEMALE HOUSE MATE WANTED!!! by anthony sardena (Member 10111063) on 25-Mar-2004
    sorry mate...lol...my names anthony sardena....i grew up in hanworth..i live in australia..but this is probly the first time in 18 yrs ive heared uxbridge rd mentioned!!!!...i went to feltham school and delivered papers on uxbridge rd and hounslow rd east!!!near the airman pub....sorry mate...just spun me out a bit...lol...say hello to everyone for me

St Josephs Convent, EAst End Road East Finchley London by lynn nice (Member 10083319) on 24-Jun-2003
Looking for old mates who went to the above. We were from all over England. Those that knew me called me Dawn, but knew my real name was Lynn   
Do something amazing, save a life, Give Blood by Katie (Member 10098603) on 18-Jun-2003
The National Blood Service needs to collect 10,000 units of blood everyday to meet hospital demand.YOU can help us to achieve that target! Please come along to donate at:

Venue: Assembly Hall, Hounslow Road, Feltham TW16 9DN
Date: Wedesday 2nd July 2003
Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm and 2:00pm to... more >>
London's 'Home Movies by Kasia (Member 10098486) on 9-Jun-2003
I am looking for home movies that you may have lurking in an old cupboard at home. I am working on a regional tv programme for LWT which will look back over the century through Londoners' home movie footage. Whatever the format I'm interested in hearing from you. Please call Stuart Cooper on 0207663 2573 or email stuart.cooper@granadamedia.com Thanks   
CAN YOU TRUST YOUR COUNCIL? by hayesexile (Member 10091938) on 12-Mar-2003
Is your council going to impose Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in YOUR street?

Find out how HILLINGDON COUNCIL and SOME OF THEIR COUNCILLORS try to convince you that you need them!

Find out how they use YOUR servants to threaten you and deny you natura... more >>
  • Re: CAN YOU TRUST YOUR COUNCIL? by B.Farr (Member 10056768) on 14-Mar-2003
    Then read how People Power changed their minds!

Ann Summers Parties by Bee (Member 10090153) on 19-Feb-2003
Wild and wacky Ann Summers organiser seeks ladies 18+ to party. Covering SW London/ Middx/ Surrey areas. ann.summers@blueyonder.co.uk / 0798 663 9553   
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