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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • there's no celebs. even the lees cliff hall have booked a masturbation act called puppetry of the penis cos there aren't enough proper entertainers coming to this town.
  • Zac cooke is sort of a local celeb he is a cool dude :)
  • john holborough- former mail on sunday editor lives in sandgate
  • Bobby Barton is still cuddling cans around Skew Arches / Warren Road area. Bless him!
  • Noel Redding, Bassist for The Jimi Hendrix Experience was from Folkestone (they even played a New Year's Eve gig in a local working men's club before going big, how about that!). Hattie Jaques from Carry On films; (actually from sandgate, but we'll count her in).
  • Bob Mortimer filmed his latest bang bang film at the Burlington Hotel.. I know cos I was working there
  • Helwn Mirren, Marsha Hunt
  • vic reeves lives in sandgate, hes had dinner at my house too, nice guy, bit 2 faced actually, and i heard dot cottoln lives in the west end, but ive never seen her
  • Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer, Paul O'Grady all live in the area!!
  • met geezer who played mr mayer in holby city in cheriton.bloke who played malcolm in londons burning lives in hythe( his dad was dr baker from sun lane surgery)
  • Henry McCullough, lead guitarist with Joe Cocker and The Grease Band and the original Paul McCartney's Wings used to leve in Folkestone. He recorded a live album in Toffs Club.
  • Richard west of the 'Porch Monkeys' lives in cheriton near KAP
  • Micheal Fish used to live in seabrook, i met him in little chef by the petrol station with my old trout years ago. think the gyppos scared him away! the history teacher Frank from the harvey (can't actually remember his name now, he was short and got annoyed if u called him Frank)
  • June Brown (Dot from EastEnders) has a house in Earls Avenue
  • Vic reeves,
  • apparently and i hope its not true!! folkestone is famous for................ the fast food rockers! so world! we would have stopped them leaving if we had known what they would do!
  • Noel Reading from the Jimi Hendrix Experiance. By far the best thing to ever come out of Folkestone. He did his education at the Harvey Grammar so he's also the best thing to come out of my school... apart from me of course!
  • William Harvey - he who discovered the blood circulation system
  • Kyle Bailey from the band 'The Kyle Bailey Blues Xplosion' lives in a house just off cheriton high street, near KFC
  • Dot Cotton!
  • Apparently Dot from Eastenders lives here - but in the 13 years i lived there, i never saw her. One of my mates played pool with Barry from Eastenders in the Morehall.
  • dot cotton, jim moir(vic reeves), and i have also seen lilly savage here alltho she lives in aldington
  • Vic Reeves, the actress who placys Dot Cotton in Eastenders and Barbara Windsor's bra-fitter are just three of the more conspicuous celebs. Oh, and my grandma knows the location of Lord Lucan's body, if anyone's interested?
  • Llyme managing director of Silver Springs and local resident Lilly Savage
  • dot cotton
  • Dot Cotton! Wow!She was in the petrol station at Teso once and I didn't even recognise her. My Mum did though so now I now she really does live here, I thought it was a myth.Vic Reeves seems to be everywhere I go these days. H lives in Sandgate.
  • Vic Reeves used to live in Aldington not New Romney, now lives in Sandgate! Bob Mortimer also lives in Aldington. Lily Savage brought Vic Reeves's place and shops in Waitrose Hythe
  • My brother says he served Herbert Lom in Tescos a few years ago.
  • dot cotton, paul nicholas
  • finally laying the June brown saga to rest..... she now lives in basildon, but used to live at 207 dover road!!!!
  • RIP Mad Harry
  • Bob holness used to live in seabrook and vic reeves lives in lower sandgate rd
  • I'm sure that some past-it old man tried to impress me in Harveys with the fact that he used to be in The Sensational Alex Harvey Band...or was it Fat Matress?
  • The takeaway van over the stadium on saturdays, they served lovely bacon butties on those freezing mornings!
  • I know someone used to have an apartment in the matrapole I can't remember who, I think it might have been Paul Nicholas
  • A friend of mine said that 'Dot Cotton' lives or lived here... near Kingsnorth Gardens
  • Noel Redding of the Jimi Hendrix Experience came from Folkestone. Jimi wrote 'Fire' here in Noel's mum's house. She had a dog called Rover, hence the opening line 'Move over, Rover, let Jimi take over' (because he wanted to sit in front of the fire that Rover was sleeping next to). The Stones played here in 1964.
  • Vic Reeves has sold his house to Lilly Savage
  • Jeremy Goss's mum lived here, that's about as good as it gets (you probably don't remeber him do you - Norwich City fooballer) William Harvey was also born here. His family founded a school - interesting eh
  • Bianca Jagger, Paul Nicholas(the grand) Dave the barman from minder lives in greatstone
  • Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer live in New Romney.
  • Apparently, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer don't live too far away. Folkestone high Street featured in thier latest ("Bang, Bang, It's...) series. You had to be quick to catch it ,though
  • Hatti Jaques was born in Sandagate (The Fat Lady in the Carry On Films)
  • H.G Wells lived at Spade House ( know a private nursing home ) Sandgate
  • Dot Cotton off Eastenders lives in Bouverie Road West

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