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Cheap Food
  • Mums aouse
  • just had a meal at Papas Fish Restaurant, it was great .... i saw their website so i decided to have my lunch there
  • hedgehogs fish and chips, lovely.
  • Burger King, now its finally opening opposite the old post office.
  • Kalalas, near Sainsburys.... amazing .full.stop. yum i love prawn crackers
  • good chinese resturant in castle hill avenue
  • The Hillside Restaurant on George Lane is good and cheap - the greasiest spoon in town - and the Diamond on Tontine Street is worth the wait for your food, cos you get loads of it.
  • Papas fish and chips is the best. Weatherspoons not bad for a cheap meal. Had some nice thai food in the skuba bar. Giovannis best for italian.
  • McDonald ~ But da food is drenched in fat. Only go der regularly if u want 2 look like a whale!!!
  • The cafes and restaurants are crap!!!! IF you find cheap in prices, you find cheap in quality (e.g McDonalds) If you want good food, but at a cheap price, your more likely to find it up a chickens bum, than in Folkestone.
  • A restaurant shop in Guildhall Street. Run by a turkish family (English Food only), cheapest in town I think, and very friendly.
  • The Ho-Ho!
  • aspendos all the way although pizza king is waaay better quality. aspendos edges it on the price side of things
  • The New Inn was extremely disappointing. The food was high in price and of an ordinary standard. The waitresses looked too 'fresh-faced' to buy drinks in their own place of work and, consequently inexperienced. Poor service and little apparent willingness to believe it. Expensive and nasty.
  • So many good restaurants - for Italian, Giovanni's is the best, followed by Portofino and Tavernetta. The Bikash is the best Indian for miles, and the restaurant downstairs at Skuba has great Thai food. there's also a new Persian restaurant down from the Lismore hotel. Nice Spanish food in Sandgate, Mexican in Hythe.
  • Nice kebab shops dotted around, my favourite being Riviera on bouverie road west! opposite blockbusters there is a great italian restaurant Bella Pizza and Pasta! lovely in here great staff great food and good prices! If you want someting to eat and move! just get some pastry from JC Rooks and Son really good prices for excellent food!!
  • Chambers ace for chili.
  • New Delihi - Best Indian in town located near blockbusters
  • The Black Bull, very nice steaks. very friendly and welcome, known locally as one of the few decent pubs in folkestone!
  • More or less everywhere
  • Wong Lees is cool! until i upset their daughter :( big mistake!! she was beautiful, intelligent, smart, funny, perfect but stupidity and narrowmindness made me lose her and a good chiense place! so Golden Gate is the the best probably!!! its near dillions!!
  • Pizza Hut. Brewers Fayre.
  • You really are spoilt for choice in Folkestone. For fantastic Italian you have either the Tavernetta (superb), the Lismore Hotel (small and friendly) or Giovanni's (gorgeous waiters!!. There's great curry at the Bikash, good Chinese in the Pepper Tree or the Hop Kweng, fantastic Thai in Skuba and a number of other smaller places which are great too.
  • Come to my house, I'll give you some food if you're hungry
  • yay for texan kebabs could never have made the walk home from pipers without them
  • Giovanni's for wonderful Italian food (and have you seen the waiters???); the Thai restaurant downstairs at Skuba has to be one of Folkestone's best kept secrets and the Bikash for the best Indian I've ever been to. Other good places are La Galleria, Tavernetta and Gate 28 in Cheriton. Not Paul's though - overpriced tat.
  • Don't ever go to the Macky D's drivethrough, especially if you're a cop - they spit in burgers etc.
  • Brewsters is quite goos.
  • skuba thai, the food is cold and greasy, and the room is tiny so if u wanna feel cramped then go there. kinda reminds me of a sardine can lol
  • Paul's has a deserved reputation; as does Giovanni's Italian pizzeria (try the risotto); various Indian and Bangladesh restaurants adorn Folkestone (Bikash on the front is my personal favourite); Nepalese too, owing to the Gurkha regiment based at Hythe barracks. Needs a decent Mexican, Chambers is dire and little more than a basement drinking hole.
  • Guildhall Cafe, Guildhall Street; nice Turkish family, cheap/reasonably priced, recommend the International Grill (eggs,bacon,sausage,burger,beans,chips, etc., etc.,)
  • The Grand Hotel!
  • East Cliff Pavillion, Wear Bay, on the cliff above Sunny Sands TRY IT!
  • There is a lovelu pizza place in the lanterns called Osterrio. It is so good in there. They are all Italian too. The food is very reasonably priced and comes in huge portions.
  • The new inn at etchinghill(follow signs for channel tunnel then pick up signs for local services)offers a good atmospheregood home cooked food and a selaction of real ales. sunday roasts 5.50 good value!!tele 01303 862026.
  • takis kebebs do the trick
  • La Tavernetta is overpriced Italian doo-doo. Chambers does good affordable food.
  • Mcdonalds we've got 2 burger king, 2 kfcs, loads of chinese take aways in Cheriton, Kebab shops in cheriton and folkestone .Also Pizza Hut in guildhall St.
  • McDonalds Drivethru, how that has sorted out a binge of scanky burgers.
  • The texas takeaway is my fave as it does chicked kiev kebabs and you always get loads of chips
  • Papa's for chips.
  • Shep's Delight in Cheriton for the best sandwiches around.....yummy!!!
  • There are so many takeaways in Cheriton (Cheriton is almost part of Folkestone) that there's one on every cornerl. My peronal favourte is the golden gate Chinese Takeaway +we have 2 McDonalds! AND 2 KFC's and a Burger King
  • wan lee chinese in ashley avenue t/a nicolas la galleria in trinity gardens italian restaurant Pauls restaurant, bouverie rd west, general top class food...(Tony Hart known to eat here).
  • The best restaurant in Folkestone is the Tavernetta. Especially for us oldies who are just beginning to discover the internet! Really excellent service and food.
  • Pauls Resteraunt New Delhi
  • For take-aways, go to Cheriton High Street. it is well known for take-aways, there is about 10-15 on the whole street, everything, kebabs, pizzas, fish & chips etc.

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