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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • rude boys hanging outside indgio on a friday night waiting for a punch up or wanted to listen to more trance so they can get more drunk. but it nice staff are friendly
  • music in the clubs in area are for people who think the drum and bass music sounds like an angel singing the town needs some party music for when i was school from 1982-1998.
  • club indigo maynot be the best place evr to go but its not as bad as its made out to be its a fun place to go with your mates if your up for a laugh yes it has its older clientel older aparently is over 30 i myself nearlythere am glad its nice to go somewere were there ever over 60 or kids.if the older generation want some fun come to the beach its a good laugh with our generation of music as well as old skool. come on girls and guys theats show em how us (fogies)old can do it
  • Leas Club *shuts at 1am* is the best for socialising with sofas and a dancefloor downstairs, a big open bar where you dont have to wait long to get served. Pool tables up and downstairs and a giant screen for the football. Wetherspoons is a nice place to start a night with its cheap prices and sofa'd booths, but no music and slow barstaff are a drawback. Chambers is a nice place but dark and compact. La Vue is a light and airy place with a friendly atmosphere and clean feel. After hours the only real option is "club indigo/ the beach" (commonly known as "the Priz") which has one room for the newer club/ RnB music and another for the old school anthems,drinks are pricey after 11 and dress coded but therwise its good. Jolsons and Gs are more homosexual bars and Pipers is full of older bints.
  • if you want to be treated like the scum of the earth head to Club Indigo, 97% of the security are lacking in people skills. The 3% who can communicate with the general public are very nice, it's not all bad. But as a female I have found on more than 1 occasion that the personal safety of the female patrons is not of importance to the door staff or management, a shame considering the many risks to females trying to get home & the national news coverage highlighting this issue. Hopefully they will co-operate with local cab firms (just calling a cab for lone females would be a start) to ensure women's safe return home. Surely that's better than encouraging them to binge drink early on in the evening whilst they offer reduced price drinks, then leave them on the street to get home drunk & possibly alone. It's a shame that as soon as they get you out the door your safety is of no importance.
  • Harp Club its a small pub but it puts on some wicked dance parties, Whie Lion pub puts on some cool live music
  • OOOO Stripes CLub!!!!!!! And dat Club Indigo by da Rotunda isn CRAP, full of druggies
  • Stripes Club. Loads of my m8s go there every Friday and have a great time!
  • stripes, but only go there really if you like getting knocked, lanterns is good, thats wot ive heard, leas cliff hall get really good bands, motorhead, cky etc
  • Indigo = hard m8.
  • the front is the only decent club.and decent is being very generous.its really not worth the hassle
  • Pipers - every time. OK so the clientel may be that bit more mature, but its so bad in there, its brilliant!
  • Down the front, mainly full of young adults! which is good! the music is quite good, DJs are alrite some need a bit of practice! The best nites are foam nites! Every night there are drink offers, such as buy 1 get 2 free! that helps the night seem a lot better! Leas Club is full of much younger people, there are numerous pool tables on the top level, dance floor and seating on the bottom, with a juke box, and sometimes a DJ, this place is a bit of a dive, but aslong as ur mates are there its alrite! Bar Luxor, very strict on ID so dont go there if your young, but its a really nice place, sofas food, drink and seems very classy and with an atmosphere unlike Wetherspoons, here we have the obvious the starting off place on a night out because of cheap drink and some food! Chambers is probably the nicest place in folkestone, good music, sometimes live, two bar, sofas, chairs, dance floor, nice pool table, all you want really! and there are the random bars situated around! The best bet is to go away from folkestone, M20, voted best Superclub in Europe! really good fun and there are others such as Liquid which are good!
  • If you're a girl too young for Indigo go to Pipers and get letched over by the blokes who are too old for Indigo!
  • Pikers (actually called Pipers, do you see what I did?) and Jolsons, how can people forget these? Every bit as crap as Parissienne / Bonkers, but with cheaper drinks.
  • Theres plenty to do along Fokestones Red Light district otherwise known as "The Leas" just mind your step and dont trip over the Wineoes and people puking over the side as they come out of the many clubs and pubs along the leas or up the town from spoons way. If your happen to be walking down the town to places such as Mustangs, Pipers or Spoons you will no doubt be hastled out of fags or lighters as its the only place that has cash machines so the 15 year old cider piss usually hang round there in gangs hoping to sponge a free fag. After the pub you can decide to get a Kebab or Curry and the Delhi and if your not hammered enougth you can stagger down rememberence hill and try the Beech thats if your can convince the bouncers that wearing shoes and not trainers is somehw going to make you less pikey and make the place look any less pikey. If you head around the corner you will find some of the better clubs tha arnt full of jailbait such as Pipers and Jolsons and are usually a lot better. If your looking for a fight or even if your not there usually plenty when you get out of the club and fi you head down thier at around 2am for a kebab you will probably get pounced on hence why the whole street is usually swarming with Fuzz and Taxi drivers.
  • Jolsons have 2 rooms of music and is dirt cheap for beer! Pipers has 2 floors of music. Indigo is very expensive, but good music.
  • Club indigo and the beach (pris if your old school) is the only place to be on a friday or saturday night! Pipers is ok, but not that good. Jolson is full of 60 year olds! i mean if i wanted a mature woman i'd go to a tea house!! aviod that place!!!
  • Stripes
  • Indigo and the Beach usually have the entire youth of the town in on a friday and saturday night, however there is hope! Wednesday nights there are not too bad. Plus Kat-Man-Do is not too bad apart from the drunk, horny gurkhas. Jolsons used to be ok but has got a bit boring.
  • There are clubs in Folkestone to cater for many different tastes. Pipers is good for a laugh for the older generation (ie over 30s)
  • Club Indigo. Oh my i've never been to such a hole in all my life. If you're a brainless ugly thug with a ben sherman shirt you'll love it. full of old tarts who have managed to get someone to look after their 30 kids, obviously the dads are all out at Indigo.
  • God i remember nearly living in pipers and the very sordid mr p's
  • Jolsons (The Party Bar)- changed a lot lately, no more squaddies, and relatively no fighting!!!! Cheap drinks all night long, also give away free drinks (usually on a saturday) Pipers - be carefull when walking past here after the club has kicked out there are some EXCEPTIONALLY TALL dodgy people who go to pipers!
  • Anyone over 18 would probably have the sence to venture to ashford,rochester or london for a decent night. Anyone below that age you will find at indigo or weatherspoons!
  • Pipers for the oldies - brilliant fun.
  • Watchout for the Goldup sisters, down the priz every weekend - Guaranteed. You can recognise them by their gold plated rather large triangle earings, fake moschino get-up and lack of any possible intelligence.
  • The Beach club is the place if you're up for it. Folkestone used to be a corruption of "Fogey's-Town". Not any more. It will rival Brighton's club scene before long and the architecture's nicer. Folkestone= "Fuc*s Town" Fabulous place!
  • I used to have to drag my poor bones down to Pipers!! Horrible!! Then the La Parissien, speeling is out!! Never any good at French. Went there about a month ago!! It is no good what so ever!! Never was!
  • Club Indigo and The Beach is really crap. Drinks offers every night of the week just to get some customers in. It is full of very "young" customers, and the management are unpolite and smell. Last time I went in there I noticed that they had had a refit (just lots of MDF stuck to the walls). Light system is very poor, sound system is crap. All of the DJs were crap apart from that young lad working down there. Generally, most people in Folkestone go to M20 Nightclub in Asford - it is a decent well run venue (but management is still bad)
  • Music Factory at the bottom of Dover Road, long gone - Bonkers isnt there anymore either. The Harp Club is a great place to go, the members might be scarey, but we're lovable with it, aaaarrggghh. Should see us on Halloween. We travel down there (200 miles) for that each year. Great stuff!!
  • If you haven't tried the Harp Club recently give it go now. Not only redecorated but some great bands and good people running it - it must have changed hands! Still got the strange wall decoration though - worth the visit alone.
  • golf.... nah indigo alright but i always get thrown out
  • The Beach - Pick up an ugly Folkestone tart, an easy lay if there ever was one!
  • How I miss the closing of Pipers I would drink there in my teens until I fell over. It's now an over 25's club which means anyone with a tash. I once saw Baby-D at the Parisienne (Now Club Indigo....Same pikeys, different interior)
  • la pris is rough someone got slashed down their the other night.PRIZ which is now CLUB INDIGO is very boring the same fights caused by the same people and rubbish music the drinks prices are ridiculous.
  • la parisienne!
  • La priz is good for a quicky if you know what i mean!!!
  • The priz is fun for pulling 12 year old girls, Music factory is fun for being eyeballed by skinheads, Jolsons is fun to be beaten up by squaddies, Pipers is fun to pull your mum!
  • It has to bonkers on a Weekend surrounded by the people you are sure you remember being at primary school with and you are sure they are only about 13 years old now
  • Music Factory in Dover Road Folkestone Thursdays - OPEN 10-2.AM with draft lager at 50p a pint from 11.00 - 12.00 Kareoke night combined with modern dance music smart casual dress, generally a good night
  • The sub club.....! HAS changed into the Chambers, which is now under the trusty Captainship of Chris. A worthy landlord. Expect great romantic adventures at Chambers.
  • They've all already been said (You can count them on two fingers!!)
  • Pipers still going (over 25's.Happy hour 9-1030 ladies free till 1030 gents 2 ) La parrisene (total dance...good 70's night on Thur. Bonkers,great fun pub. Music factory..rave club very pricey. Jolsons, squaddy pub but good for a cheap drink b4 1030.crumpet leaves by 1030 for pipers or parisiene.
  • Whatever happened to the venue at the end of Foord road. (just beyond the viaduct)?
  • What about Pipers!!!! Or did they change the name?
  • La Parisian
  • Bonkers
  • The Sub Club

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