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Demolish It Now Building in Folkestone, Kent*

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Demolish It Now Building
  • My ex boyfriends house.
  • ASDA
  • Lees cliff hall. They have a show called puppetry of the penis so if it's so desperate that they get masturbation for acts they may as well demolish it and put some useful flats up.
  • Everything in lower Dover road
  • all the botam of dover road with all them drugys and drunks
  • The entire shopping centre! What a complete dump, and they couldnt have got a worse bunch of shops there if they tried! Asda? having a Lidl is bad enough, but Asda is scraping the bottom of a very large barrel.
  • The new Asda / Shopping Centre. Looks like a prison.
  • The new shopping centre (arcade) its horrible and to add insult to injury its got a horrible Asda on the top. Crap food and crap service. Give me Sainsburys anyday!
  • The Burstin Hotel.
  • The Grand Burstin
  • Channel School, its disgusting in my road, and i dont think its even used now the 'new' school has opened ...
  • top of derby road folkestone next to the pharmacy
  • The White Lion - Closed Down recently for a shooting and drugs bust
  • The new shopping centre, all empty buildings no good shops 4/3/06
  • Shepway council offices
  • Most of them
  • NatWest
  • The old Saga Building in the middle of town.. it was hideous!!!!!
  • SAGA
  • Macdonalds with flats on top, pelosis with flats on top
  • Demolish the whole town and start from scratch.
  • My Schhol, da Folkestone School 4 Girls, but lock all of da teachers in it b4 u do!!! Oh, and Channel School in Park Farm, full of druggies, bullies, boozer and low-lives. Go there if u plan 2 commit suicide
  • My school, The Folkestone School for Girls, (but leave all the teachers there while youre bulldozing)
  • rotunda, the whole fucking harbour actually
  • The Burstin.
  • That semi-circular hotel on the sea-front in Folkestone by the Dome Arcade Amusements. I think it begins with a 'P'.
  • the bursten must have been created by a blind man.its that bad
  • The Burstin Hotel and the funfair.
  • flatten the Hotel Burstin!!! its horrible!!!
  • Why not knock down The social security office,shoot the staff disinfect the area and build ovens for the immigrants ( for cooking times check "how to cook in buchenwald" published by an unknown nazi for troops stationed in concentration camps during the last world war)
  • Club Shitty Indigo
  • They Should demolish the Sainsburys in town and start again, that place is well old! Even the checkout number signs that light up have burn marks in them!
  • "The Beech" smash it down and make a better nightclub.
  • 1)SAGA Building (That is a proper eyesaw, the architect must have been new on the job!) Lidls
  • Has to be Mustang Sallys, which used to be the zoo! SCUM HOLE!! banana tasting lager!! its just wrong!!
  • The Hotel Burstin!
  • The Burstin Hotel - horrible.
  • I'd like to see La Parisienne, and Club Indigo demolished, preferably with all the ruders inside
  • The old hotels down the front
  • tunnel terminal
  • All those hideous post war apartment blocks which ruin the otherwise beautiful landscape.
  • The Hotel Burstin - why would anyone ever decide that building a hotel in the shape of a ship is a good idea?!! Epitome of tackiness.
  • Harvey Grammar School
  • the flats down the front opposite the rotunda, oh yes club indigo get rid of it, and that minging block of flats opposite where the cossovans all live
  • The offices they built over the Old Art College,I think Saga, near the bus station.
  • The Council's ghastly Civic Centre
  • Rotunda!!!!!!!!!Both of them!
  • SAGA, The Burstin, Club Indigo and The BEach, Cheriton (Generally) Hollywell, Linksway, Dallas Brett, Foord Road, Pikeyville, Golden Valey (there is nothing golden about it), and finally the amuesment park (always a good laugh - as long as you have comprehensive life insurance)
  • Saga building - why did they make it brown? It looks disgusting.
  • No 1 the Leas and put a building that looks out to see rather than a brick wall
  • Saga
  • the rotunda... in fact the whole damned harbour
  • The Sainsburys in town!!!!! It is so old. Oh and I work there too.
  • The flats down by the rotunda!
  • New SAGA building, with all the management in it.
  • opposite rotunda
  • saga building
  • The Saga Building
  • hotel bursin or rotunda
  • Channel Tunnel Terminal - every true Folkestonian would happily chuck the first grenade into the mouth of the black hole of hell.
  • La Priz. You go back there after a few months and it is the same music and same rough birds, the only difference is that the drinks prices have gone up again!
  • The entire Channel Tunnel site and all the shit that goes with it.
  • oh, so many. how about the bus station? the old classic - the middle of town sainsbury's. die!!
  • The Saga building Shoot the gulls
  • The Harvey GS - run by stuffy twats who should be shot
  • The Folkestone school for Girls
  • Harvey Grammar Schoo, for Boys (cause then we'd have to join with the girls school)
  • Saga offices in town (sat empty for 10 years ofter they were built)
  • Boots
  • Channel High School
  • The Hotel Burstin - meant to look like a ship but never completed. With a bit of luck the demolishing process might take a few of the Old Croney Tourist Brigade with it!
  • Shepway District Council offices.
  • Virtually the rest of Folkestone!

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