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  • Information, news and blogs dedicated to Folkestone :
  • Good site with LOADS of photo's of Folkestone through the years.
  • I want to update the website address you've got for the Old Girls Association of Folkestone School for Girls (previously known as Folkestone Girls Grammar School and Folkestone Technical School). It is now
  • A guide to what to see in and around Folkestone
  • JOIN CLUB SHEPWAY and live the dream Down Load ApplicationForm PDF B&B GALLERY (New project space based in Folkstone, no.14 tontine street.) note above images of the space were taken before renovation Featuring Alex Le Feuvre Featuring Alex Le Feuvre Link up to Club Shepway on MySpace come live it up ! B&B Project Space View the kent area from this world map Rennies seaside modern specialists in 20th centurybritish art & design comfy modern The Creative Foundation Folkestone
  • The Creative Quarter magazine, now deceased.
  • Fancy living in a sunny climate fancy getting away from this area we know its is a nice place but just have a look on the website and it might change your mind maybe you may only want a holiday home whatever contact Terry Moxley now email om website
  • If you like music come to the Folkestone Amphitheatre. This website shows all the fun to be had. Extensive pictures and videos from some of the events - you might even see yourself there!
  • The Cheriton and Morehall Carnival Website:
  • for the pubs n clubs.
  • just came to folkestone for first time....was on business and work had booked me into grand burstin! at first i was mortified, but things became stranger and quite a fiasco to now become a laugh and a future memory. I did expect it to be similar to devon or cornwall, and i can honestly say that coz i got lost, people were very very helpful, yet i also witnessed my first ever road rage incident. This was on a car park between 2 middle age men, 1 german, 1 english. the english guy had a very old woman in the car too, yet didnt mind hurling racial abuse at the german. I feel bad that i didnt say anything, i felt like apologising to the german, yet after reading your home pages most locals feel like outsiders. Hope i can come back longer in the future.
  • for folkestone gigs, and folkestone restaurants...
  • nice cars
  • Kent Motor Mania Pages. classic cars,mini's.used parts spares,cars for sale and lots more.Based in whitstable
  • A fantastic site for young people in Folkestone. Do you know your rights? This is a chance to get free and confidential advice on a range of issues - anything from work and housing to problems with relationships. Advisers are fully trained and work from Ashford CAB.
  • - A site for the local youth of Folkestone to talk about stuff in Folkestone and generally do not a lot at all.
  • Make contact with old schoolmates! The website for old girls of Folkestone School for Girls (previously Folkestone Grammar and Technical High schools)is at
  • Choices- Chat to single people in South East and register for free friendship Option and Special Offers with Choices Professional, Personal Introduction Consultancy (non-computerised hand-picked selections)
  • Everyone is looking for people who used to go to Havey Grammar Scool
    The Folkestone School for girls site for the same reason as the above
  • Folkestone Rugby Club

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