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  • the pier will always be the best spot in folkestone to hang around and get drunk., especially if you like the smell of piss and shut left by the local polish/afghani population.
  • for what has been said about the daley brothers ie Damian & Reuben in the topic the worst things about Folkestone, what pisses me off is the fact that the people who are running them down/ bad mouthing them probably don't even know them and have not spent more than 5 minutes in there company too say 1 of them is a grass and the other is a faggot you clearly have not got a fucking clue what you are on about and have not got the balls too say it too there faces thats why your gobbing off on here. I am not the best of friends with them but i have got too know them both over a couple of years and they would go out there way too help not just me but people in general out that they could. They are not thugs hooligans or anything else that was said in that article they have never done any wrong too anybody that did not deserve it, Do you hear them bad mouthing anyone else off? The anwser too that is a big fat no!!! So you low lifes that have got nothing better too do with yourselves other than slag these two brothers off coz of what you have heard on the great vine should just crawl back under that rock you came from and stay there.
  • well we usually hang round along the leas somewhere see a guy in a pirate hat, trench coat and huge boots then you have probably found us other than that outside waterstones is a cool place or the ampitheater thats kwl pritty quite too
  • Kingsnorth Gardens or Radnor park, when Kingsnorth isnt full of chavs
  • Give it a miss keep going to France, we gave it a miss years ago. Other comments a spot on, full of idiots think they are smart. Lowest avaerage wage in Kent, says it all.
  • Stripes club, ~ yer, u get the odd 'OTT' drinker, but its gr8 fun wen u get 2 no the place!!!!
  • the precinct on a friday night is good for hookers and pimps and kids in stolen novas, stripes is also a good place to go if you like hospital food
  • We have had Savoir Fayre Shop in Folkestone for a couple of years now. Have moved back, due to customer's instistance back to its old location.Similar to Heads. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, caring and helpful. The owner also runs alongside the shop a healing centre. Well worth a visit. Further, a new chinese herbalist has opened up in Guildhall Street. Again very knowledgeable,friendly,caring and discrete. Very much a 'modern' chap, focused on smoking, weight loss, health and exceptionally good with teenage issues.
  • Kat-man-do where all the nutters are at the bottom of Tontine Street by the Harbour.
  • Grimstone gardens will blatantly always be the place to be
  • Outside Skuba, Anywhere on the beautiful Leas.
  • The sunny sands beach!! really nice soft sand, the sea is clear now and very pleasant!! Radnor park and the Polo grounf, large areas of grass to play football and have fun!!
  • It would seem that the coolest place to hang around and act 'cool' in folkestone is Sainsbury's car park on the first floor!! How very sad!! Is it cool to hang around a grotty old car park now then?
  • thanet gardens full of young youths drinking and smoking giving abuse mainly boys but there is a girl
  • The Adventure Playground on the leas is still the best place when your smashed out of your head
  • Nowhere really. Debanhams cafe
  • Anywhere in Cheriton, is a hang out spot for rude boys! i tell de, its the truth! parks are full of rude boys and drug dealers, so again, not much fun there!! only safe placce for non pub drinkers is at home or a mates!
  • Round the back of the the Herold to smoke a fat blunter
  • sandgate saga grounds, Folkestone West
  • The Adventure Playground. It's meant for five year olds so you hit your head on everything but it's still the best place in Folkestone for adults apart from pubs... which is very sad really.
  • We used to hang around on the benches at the very top of sandgate road just next to the chinese restaurant.Then we got a bit bored and moved to the high street to meet blokes, usually only saw drunk ones though!
  • The little newspaper shop at the bus staion is quite cool, if not to laugh at the guy working in there, who has about 2ft to move about
  • Does anyone remember the cafe at the top of Stanley Rd opposite the Co-op? kind of took over from the urine drenched concrete tunnels of cheriton rec.
  • Rude boys hang outside Indigo on a friday night and are known to wait out till 3am just to have a fight with some unsuspecting geek they have never met to prove to their gold wearing gyppo birds that they are 'hard'!!
  • Seems to be outside Debenhams if you're young and desperate!
  • Subway underneath the Leas Cliff Hall :P
  • the leas if ure gay or even if ure not and just need light relief lol
  • Adventure playground, very cool, but also very sandy, and full of cctv
  • Oh the bus station is just sooo the place to be
  • When i was growing up in ye-old Folkestone i used to hang out in the Zig-Zag path, here was where we used to slide all the way from the top to the Lower road. Bit overgrown now but all the same it was fun. 1974-90
  • The town centre - mainly full of high school chavs and pikeys
  • winos sitting at the top of Remeberance hill
  • Half way up tontine street is a massive white building, when you get yer wages on fridays be sure to go in there its a good laugh for the boys.......
  • The whole place is a shit heap - full of pikeys and smelly tossers. Don't go there unless you really like the smell of sweaty bastards, the site of fat slags, and your throat ripped out cuz it passes the time.
  • Street corners are the norm, anywhere will do, as long as you've got your 1 litre bottle of white lighting.
  • Everyone hangs outside McDonalds thinking they are hard whistling at all the boy racers and talkin gto the security guard. Also everyone hangs around the amusements causing trouble and and kicking the machines trying to get money out of them.(it never works they just get kicked of the park.)
  • the bandstand on the leas - very handy in bad weather
  • The bench outside Barclays bank is the place for the birds to hang out with their bleached blonde hair looking to pull the boy racers, but all gone home by 10pm for school the next day at school
  • There used to be a fine petting zoo on the round about near the leas in folkestone. I think the RSPCA shut it down.
  • The concrete tubes in Cheriton rec. Full of fag-butts and under-aged cider-piss
  • The duck pond in broadmead village behind the master brewer pub
  • The walls of the flower beds outside WHSmiths. The old sheep field, which is now covered by Broadmead Village housing estate.
  • La pris is the hang out if you want a quick shag
  • Cheriton High Street (bit rude now - full of 12yr old white lighning drinking Pent Valley students)
  • The Leas if you are of the homosexuals and want to find a lady of the night
  • I used to be very fond of the wall around the flower bed opposite Debenhams (in the precinct). Not only could you spot your friends (and enemies) coming from up the precinct, the bus station, the high street and the harbour, but you could also check out how cool you looked in the reflection of Debenham's huge windows
  • The wall opposite the bottom of The Old High street, next to Jolsons

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