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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Scum police informant drug pushing families and bent old bill. Named and shamed Ryan fussy Nicholl Jordan Leakeye suck your dick for debt Nicholl there fat sex offender police informing fit up merchant JOHN NICHOLL Fay Daley aka jimmy Saville.holly nicholl and her junkie prostitute mum Linda labell. Siobhan Altman and sash Altman 2 grass slams chased out of Essex for snitching! Woman pudding wooding the folkestone super grass brother to the Nicholls cousin of the Daley brothers which r 2 miss ant crystal meth heads who love sucking old nonsy nelson off and raping boys in jail with another sex offender cousin ZANE SCAMP the child groomer steroid head nonse. Beware of dealing with any of this crummy inbred family there a web of police informers just look up Michael stone!
  • The werewolf who lives in Charlotte Street - occasionally seen emerging from Hop Kweng clutching a menu AAOOOOOOOOOOHHH !
  • the old guy that walks his dog round the bus station hes the best by far! if u walk to close to his dog he'll try and kill you lol
  • anyone remember mad harry?n busking outside debenhams 1990 ish, mad piss head!
  • me and my mate ryan are gunna do some busking soon so couple of long haired jobs playing rather poorly probably us
  • The F Man in town or the other hobo who sings at the top of his lungs all day long
  • Benson!! hardest man in kent
  • Folkestone Man, God And The Two-Tone Woman, Scout Sinead and more...
  • The local 'characters' as you so colourfully call it are just a bunch of filthy pond life tramps! They only know how to say 2 words: "Big Issue"
  • Lots of characters on benches on the leas.
  • BOB BARTON is a legend, always sits outside the railway club on canturbury road in a denim jacket with a can of stella in his hand, apparantly the government pays him to drink, theres also a ginger woman who lives by the central who goes sick on people and shes so messed in the head, stay clear of her, your life may depend on it, but bob's great, speak to him
  • the `shuffler`. He allways use to shuffle around with his hands behind his back, smelled of piss and allways wore the same clothes never saying a word to a sole, sad, but theese things stick in your head dont they. Is he still alive? if you do visit Folkestone ond you spot him, please turn around and walk the other way, preferably not towards Dover road.
  • The bloke that climed on top of the bus station roof and started hurling roof tiles at the police for trying to get him down- heard it was all because his bus was late. kept me amused while I waited for mine!
  • nutty nelly
  • The bloke who sits outside the new papa's chippie on sandgate rd is fake!!!
  • Man outside debenhams on saturday that makes wire things Sometimes theres a bloke that poses opposite woolworths, looks like the man off of the burger king advert
  • JIMMY!!!!! the kebab guy!! he's the one nearest to the pris (indigo and the beach)! he is a legend!! if you dont go see jimmy at the end of the night, it isnt a good night at all!
  • MELVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The ' Shuffler' is still hanging around town and still smells of wee, he is now seen with a younger woman on his arm, also smelling of wee, but I'm not sure if its his daughter or lady friend, I daren't get close enough to ask!
  • The middle-aged rasta looking loony who plays the bongo's on the precinct (rather repetitively) has about 5p and a washer in his cap, and claps himself after another personal rendition of something by Santana.........what a gem!
  • Tom James, he wanders the streets around the bus station looking confused, he always has loads of money, but never spends it, how strange....
  • Dan Lloyd
  • Melvin, once married to Cilla Black, and once lived in Paul McCartney's oven, aka, the bloke with the afro who wanders around Folkstone with a 'drop tuned' guitar. If you see hi, go talk to him, he has many a story to tell about his famous friends
  • Rat!!! We love you Rat!! Rat stands outside Either Debenhams or the HSBC, and juggles's really quite amazing to watch, he used to do it with fire but the police said NO!!! NO FIRE FOR RAT!!!...he's pretty hard to miss, he wears a lot of eyeliner and black lipsitck, and has cool dyed hair and and ish all puskish/gothic and...GO RAT!!!!
  • Thankfully few; the French Market where their Franglais can leave you in stitches!
  • RIP Mad Harry. Will somebody shoot that lunatic woman who thinks that she can play the Accordian outside W H Smiths?? Someone please tell her that THERE ARE USUALLY FOUR BEATS TO A BAR, NOT TWENTYNINE .......
  • The scottish winos around the memorial clock tower outside Activ
  • laura the one who entertains the boy racers then ends up at the house some how i dont know why but if you see a red nova sr thats me
  • Is Bob Barton Still hanging out by the skew arches in dover road, with his super tennants or special brew, very drunk but a decent man whos life did not work out how he exspected.
  • Not so entertaining really! The mad one-man band bloke seems to be around quite a lot but he's rubbish.
  • There was old guy who used to wear a sort of silver space suit. Had white hair and supposedly came from Scotland originally. Claimed he was James Bond and used to walk from Folkestone, through Sandgate and on towards the marsh. One of the many F'stone loonies.
  • I like the lady who plays the accordian badly.
  • I miss Mad Harry
  • I like body popping... electic boo ga loo. I also took my dog to the high street one day and fitted an old pair of loosely fitting roller skates. Pushed him round for hours... kept falling over and yelping. Got loads of cash.
  • "The Shuffler" was, as far as I can remember, the most entertaining thing about Folkestone. He was the 'gentleman of the road ' who hung around the bus station smelling of wee.
  • Sometimes there is an old man in the town centre on the weekends with a drum on his back and covered in instruments I think he must be quite old as I can remember him from years back
  • Mad Harry was the best street entertainer. But he's dead now.
  • Mick Valentine guiness book of records.
  • You know the mexican buskers sketch on the Fast Show - Well they perform live in Folkestone every Staurday in the town centre.
  • Life just isn't the same since 'Mad Harry' passed away

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