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Skateboarding Spots in Folkestone, Kent*

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Skateboarding Spots
  • Your breaking the 'No Skateboarding Here' sign but the best place is outside the Leas Cliff Hall.
  • Jolly roger
  • Ramps at folkestone sports centre.
  • along the leas is gd for sk8ing or asda car parks
  • I've just remembered this little-known fact of law: Whilst there are some signs around (pretty much everywhere with a flat surface nowadays) which say 'Do Not Skate', this is merely a by-law enforced by the local government and is only enforceable within the local authority's jurisdiction. There is, however, a current law which was made in Victorian times which forbids '...any perambulation of craft/vessel with four wheels at its corners to mount the pavements...'; I've paraphrased, because I can't remember it exactly, but in short, if you're told to stop skating on the pavement, the same NATIONAL LAW which denies you permission to skate on the pavement ALSO forbids push-chairs, buggies and prams; so if you're ever pootling along the Leas on your board and get reprimanded, simply quote the above law and say unless they're going to uphold the law to-the-letter i.e. ejecting people pushing babies, then they're just simply acting upon pre-formed prejudice by singling out skaters as law-breakers. Ha! Knowledge is power.
  • Don't even bother boarding in Sainsburys car park now! There are CCTV camera so they see us and kick us out straight away!
  • hythe green has a local skate board park which the council has made for the youths
  • avoid the folkestone skatebard park, its just a funbox
  • outside hop kweng, sainsburys, harbour, skatepark
  • folkestone sports centre has just built a cool skateboard park
  • Sainsbury curbs are super fun. Best place for beginers because of the smooth surface and grindy metal curbs. Folkestone park is good too, but expensive.
  • Dat 1 nr da Sports Centre, only just been finished!! Loadsa ranps n grinds 2 try out1!!! Take a look >>>>>>.
  • The Sk8 Park next to the Folkestone Sports Centre. Its only recently been finished, and there's all sorts of ramps, and grinds to try out! Take a look!
  • the new skatepark at the sport centre is really good, the radnor fountain used to be good, thers a really cool flatbank round the back of iceland, nice curved marble benches in town centre, sainsburys carpark, leas carpark's got some nice ledges, magistrates court, marborough court has a nice 6 set, kingsnorth gardens has some 6 sets and nice rails, check em out
  • Well, then ure a fucking geek then aren't ya mate!!
  • I work in sainsburys and its not really the staff that are that botthered about the skating (unless they cause damage) i must get 5-10 complaints from people a day about "those damn kids skating up stairs" one old bloke came in to complain so i said to him that "im sure you got up to mischeif when you were their age" so he then decided to ring up my manager to complain about my rudeness!! when they do complain i just say that i will tell the security guard but i never do.
  • Herdson Road near the Harvey Grammar. All the Harvey and Girls Grammar grungers+sk8rs meet on this corner.
  • the skate park at the sport centre is good to learn tricks and practice they still havent finished it though.
  • sainsburys car park!
  • golden valley put the ploke in da while chair shop get grupy if u jump da stairs
  • Loads of big empty car parks in the evening.
  • sainsbury's is still cool to skate if u use ur head about it! only use it in winter (i mean who wnats to skate indoors when the sun is out!!!) and dont go in there with about 50 mates, if u keep it minimal leave it till 7ish and avoid the cars they pretty much leave u to it .........that aside its still shit!!!! but the new curved benches in town look nice. made of marble jus gotta dodge the pikies and scum bags!!!
  • It would appear according to Asda that they have no further plans to build a Asda store in folkestone!! And You can check the planning permisson info on the council webiste, there is nothing on asda!!!
  • It turns out that the lights in the Sainsburys town centre car park will go off at 9:00pm anywaym so we might as well skateboard in the leas cliff hall cark park!!
  • DO NOT SKATEBOARD IN SAINSBURYS, they are getting soo annoyed with us doing it that they are most likely to start calling the police now!!! Go somewhere where its safer!
  • Regarding the Sainsburys car park in town for skating. TOTALLY POINTLESS now that some moron decided to go and cut the bar off the fire exit so that they couldn't lock it at night has made them worse than ever! There is a brand new thicker, stronger bar in place which gets locked with an anchor point lock now, and if you insist on staying when they are locking the car park, they will simply lock you in!! Better to goto elsewhere so you dont get thrown out or locked in!
  • Don't even bother going to the Sainsburys in towns car park, they chuck you out well quick now, and they lock the fire exit at night so you can't even sneak back in!
  • The majistrates court - 2set and 4set Top of bouverie rd west - 6set (oaps home) b quick coz u get chucked off Sainburys Car park 1st floor The leas (good 4 cruisin) Leas Indoor car park (Up the road from Activ) Radnor park fountain at central station
  • SAINSBURYS in folkestone is not great for skateboarding! It pisses the staff and security off, and you get chucked out when the shop closes!!
  • Sainsburys (in town) by Hop kweng
  • Nowhere. You have to go to the skatepart in Ashford or somewhere.
  • There is talk of a skateboard but it's all got bogged down. STay off the Leas and the West End -the police will nab ya!
  • Sports centre.
  • Folkestone Magistrates court. Very good for grinding etc.
  • Victory's House curbs. Sainsbury's banked walls. The bollock banks and mini, mini, mini, half-pipe.

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