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Sports Clubs and Facilities
  • White horse youth fc
  • folkestone sports centre, has skateboard ramps.
  • kickboxing at harcort primary well its more like MMA tuesday nights 7-8
  • Folkestone's 'Sunny Sands' beach (named without ANY hint of irony) is sometimes good for surfing if there's been a storm in/from the south-west. It's mostly wind-swell, but you can get good days there every now and again.
  • well the sports centre now has a new roof .... errm, yeah
  • folkestone sports centre
  • The Stadium on Church Road in Cheriton or The Polo Field are the best places for football and rugby, they also house the cricket ground and astroturf.
  • Radnor PArk, loadsa space 2 kick a ball round wiv ur m8s, n ders no chance of breakin ne1s windows, And Sports Centre, quite cheap prices actually!!
  • sport centre has everything you can think of, but some things cost a lot
  • Folkestone Sprots Centre. Classy.
  • Lots of sport, the sports centre is the hub, they have sqaush, swimming, golf 5-a-side football, tennis, badminton and much more! to watch it there are Folkestone Invicta! for playing for clubs, there are the Folkestone Optimists Hockey club, really good fun, great social life! and Folkestone Cricket club!
  • Folestone Sports Center has a nice swimming pool does other activities such as squash dry skying etc.
  • the astro turf! hockey club great place for cheap drink! find yourself a mate member and go!! worth it!
  • Radnor Park
  • Two local swimming pools, a sports centre, dry ski slope and of course the sea!
  • There's a great running track, it's called 'Cheriton', I've managed to run many pounds off, just by running away from ruders chasing me
  • Folkestone Rugby Club --- erm they play rugby there!
  • watching the guys play volleyball at the sport centre after swimming
  • Folkestone Sports Centre

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