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The Worst Things
  • Puppetry of the penis, puppetry of the rectum and any of those repulsive shows they have at the Lees Cliff
  • P of the P again
  • the puppetry of the penis show is just terrible & not in keeping with the town. just a load of old guys masturbating & thinking they r clever
  • Puppetry of the penis coming to the lees cliff hall. Onanism is not entertainment. Grow up people
  • I used to like the lees cliff hall but they are showing filth like puppetry of the penis now so if things are really that bad you might as well demolish it. Honestly, grown men playing with themselves on stage and they call that entertainment. Sick and wrong,
  • The fact that the lees cliff hall show filth like puppetry of the penis. Warped and sick. Why would anyone want to see that? What is this town coming to?
  • Sean methvin stop wearing loafers with tracksuit bottoms you pikey cunt
  • The whole place is a dump, full of lazy, grey tracksuit wearing scum! The sooner I can get away from here the better. If you're thinking of moving here, DON'T! Its a living nightmare!
  • The silly little mumma's boys that think their tough , big men lol
  • carl baley the little drunking gob shite
  • Tontine street is just full of immigration now like your in a foreign country!What is happening to Britain
  • folkestone is full of crackheads n murderers. grasses n pussys. there all meantined before on this page fanks
  • not enough pizza shops
  • KCC and Shepway councils neglect of the local area and especially the closure of Cheritons ambulance station
  • All of Cheriton ...dispiriting and depressing even on a bright day
  • the fag end nazis making money for the council
  • The old-man pubs pretend to be bars, the bars pretend to be clubs and the clubs are nowhere in sight.
  • everything written previously i agree with! it is a shithole,but i did have some great times as a kid! and some legendary nights out in my early twentys, but i wouldn't bring up my daughter there now, the place needs nuking!
  • Asda & Bouverie Place in general
  • The closure of the harbour / Ferry link.
  • There's too many blinkered, narrow-minded, get-pregnant-live-off-benefits, big brother loving, gene pool diluting inhabitants who detract from what could be a much better town.
  • The State of the town
  • run down houses that let the houses down in the area
  • The local paper, Folkestone Herald, sucks up to anyone in power, got the Lib dems elected to the District Council where they set about distroying what was left of Shepway. Can I be the first to say the new town centre shopping area is an eye-sore?
  • M20 towards Folkestone
  • La Pariz and Tontine street on friday and saturday nights... Is Pipers still there??? That place was such a dive when I was younger!!
  • BORING shops. Couldn;t even find Wethespoons on the day I visited...
  • Folkestone Girls! most of them are just a bunch of slags who are looking for a quick shag!
  • Filthy ASDA! It's not even built yet and it will be the worst ugliest building in folkestone! even worst that the poxi Saga building. We might as well have another Lidl in town, the quality between asda and lidl are pretty much the same!
  • Not much just needs a good clean up around the old funfair.
  • The way that this town has been allowed to go through a slow and painful death. And the people who have been in a position to make things better but can't be bothered.
  • All the rubbish. Some of the idiots who come to Folkestone don't bother to help keep it clean. They just drop all their litter, for someone else to pick up! Oh, one more thing . . . . there are soooo many CHAVS! (those stuck-up prats who go around town as if they own it, and swear at everyone, and nick old people's money)
  • The Sainsburys store at west park farm! The staff are so miserable and rude! Town store is way better, and its getting a refurb next year too!
  • sooo many blood thirsty rudeboys
  • The worst things about folkestone is that a lot of people who live and shop there are a bunch of arseholes, they are poor and walk around in cheap crappy clothes, acting like they own the place, when they are quite frankly, nothing but filth and scum.
  • The worst thing about folkestone is FOLKESTONE....i lived there f 36 yrs and ave now moved, y i didnt do it yrs ago i dont know.The town is dyin no decent shops or clubs or pubs!!!!!The only time it looks ok is in the summer (durin the day that is)at nite its full of pissheads,smackheads and bloody so called rude boyz who fink they run the bloody town!oh an as f the bloody channel tunnel it killed our town off BIG TIME,lettin coach loads of immigrants (all male)so if ya finkin of movin there dont do it its a hole!!!!!!!
  • The worst thing about folkestone.....Is folkestone its self,And before you all say OI stop slaggin off our town, sit down and take a good look around you!!!!!I do come from Folkestone i was proberly one of the last ones t b born in the RVH where as most of you r now born in Ashford. FOLKESTONE is a ghost town... duff shoppin centre...naff clubs...dodgy pubs... and too many drugs!!!!I like many others ave decided to leave my home town...(sad i am really NOT) My reasons...are too many to list but the fact that the channel tunnel has killed off our town is at the top of the list....MANY THANX MR HOWARD!!! What jobs are their for our children...owwww, chamber miads, workin in Mc Donalds or the Amusements great choices a......Im sad to say that our town isnt worth visiting not unless its summer time and the sun is out....sunshine tends to mask all the crappieness..................
  • Nothing here. Especially nothing for kids and teenagers. Too expensive. Shops rely on tourists, old and rich people. Even though most shop in charitiy shops anyway. Locals cop the overprized stuff. Sports Centre needs a lot of improvements. Few jobs, again especially for youngsters. Some pretty stuck up people (and no they are not the rich ones).
  • Club Indigo, Pipers and Party Bar!! rubbish! and rough aswell!
  • the people who seem to have a bad attitude because they want to make a name for themselves.Its folkestone not London people so get rid of that stupid bruv accent.
  • most old people,shop workers are gurumpy if u are biking/skating out side
  • Seagulls.
  • Rude Boys!!!!
  • i always thought folkestone smelt of fish coz it is so close to the channel.but realised its just the local birds perfume!!
  • Too many rude boys and skate boarders
  • The sad little muppets who think it is cool to hang around in sainsburys car park woth their crappy little skateboards and roller blades! GET A LIFE!
  • Folkestone Police do not have enough man power!
  • rude boys!!!!!
  • Club Shitty Indigo, and The Beach!!! Go here only if you are absolutley desperate for a shag and are willing to pay over the odds for drink!
  • Despite being near worse towns, it's still one of the worst places ever.
  • Too many to name!
  • people who moan about SAGA but never speak of all the GOOD done by the company or how many people benifit from employment to charity donations!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The negative attitude of some whinging locals. If you don't like it - move!
  • Tramps, Piss, On the Dole
  • hmmm nither good or bad
  • the fact i am ashamed of where i was born and hate going back there
  • The negative attitutude of many locals - if you hate it that much, you can always move!
  • The small group of locals who protest against ABSOLUTELY EVERY new development that would get improve the s**theap that is Folkestone, and always win! Hows the place ever gonna get any better?! Glad i moved...
  • the council and the one way roads also the cossovans
  • A pint sized resident that goes by the name of Lucy Hyland, shes infected........enough said.
  • Damien and reuben daley a pair of twats who used to go about bullyin people until everyone realised wat little whimps they are a few more that mite tiggle your fancy, gary wilkinson (smack-hed) and of course everyones hero Shane sutton a decent bloke that hung wiv these divvs.
  • damian and reuben a pair of local pussy,s 1s a grass the other and faggot
  • How it looks today. Downtrodden, dirty, apathetic.
  • The East End; Marine Parade (disgrace but that is being redeveloped); the Rotunda funfair; the lack of confidence expressed by people about their town
  • The vibrant ever-expanding hard drug scene - One of the few growth areas in this god-forsaken hole. Do yourself a favour; either don't go, or leave if you're already there. simple
  • The worst thing about Folkestone is that all the saddo's that slag it off are sadly still there!!!!! Now who hasn't got a life
  • Grammar school.
  • waking up every day trapped here ---- AAAArrrrrrrrhhh!
  • Parking.
  • The rubbish strewn shingle beach during and after the dsunday market who is responsible because the council workers dont go down on the beach to clean it
  • the council offices
  • immigrants, squaddies, drug addicts, inbred freaks, street drunks and thugs
  • There are so many derelict houses and rough areas. The houses along the seafront by the Rotunda used to be so lovely but now knowone lives in them and they are a mess. More money needs to be but into re-makeing Folkestone!!!
  • Everything!
  • The sea i think it is all polluted and it is disgusting. All the homeless people on the street. Criminals think it is good goign round breaking into cars, smashing windows,mugging old people,burgerling houses etc.....
  • No nice men WHAT SO EVER!
  • Seagull squarking and thier crap!
  • gays
  • Folkestone rude boys, little kids who drink white lightening and smash up cars and break telephone boxes,they r so hard!
  • The boring shops in the town centre
  • 12-17year old townies on friday+saturday nights
  • lack of good pubs.
  • Cliquey Grammar School girls
  • The Folkestone Herald Newspaper...written by idiots for idiots
  • Waking up sober in the morning and realising you are in Folkestone.
  • youth/yobs who think they are hard but crawl under the nearest stone when confronted by anyone. They like to intimidate people mainly women and the elderly and the police do bugger all about it
  • Winters
  • That bloody great tunnel and its eyesore of a terminal which now spoils the view from the hills
  • Drunks, drop outs who hand around the main shopping area. Harbour area very run down also violent late at night
  • No nice girls.
  • Living there in winter

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