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Looking for Robert John Dixon by JUILE WILKES (Member 10320100) on 25-Mar-2018
Robert John Dixon if you are out there please get in touch with me Julie Wilkes from Telford. Now Living in Birmingham.
We had four lovely children when we were together. but we had to part for reason. we lost contact and you never saw your children.
They are looking for you and want to meet you. and also you have grandchildren.
Robert please call me on 07393938071.
Sam ( Sambo used to call ... more >>
Cranbourne Childrens Home by Neil Taplin (Member 10308863) on 13-Nov-2016
Looking for any-one who worked at Cranbourne children`s home during the 1970s.
I lived in Brockman House and my brother lived in Haven and Hilltop as well.
I went to Pent Valley school until I left the home and moved to Maidstone and Howard House.
If any residents or staff read this please get in touch as it would be nice to hear from you.
Neil Taplin
Still looking by Ray vant (Member 10306075) on 21-Jun-2016
Sill looking for Sheila Sands, Keith Norris, frank shorter,
Susan attwood,
1975. Miss Jackie Snell by Alan mccall (Member 10302525) on 31-Dec-2015
I was stationed at Folkstone in 1975 and met a young girl called Jackie Snell ,years later I worked at the tunnel and asked about but to no avail .just wondered what became of Jackie I'm from Sunderland I'm just curious as we were all kids back then ?   
Cranbourne Children's Home by Mike Pearce (Member 10301445) on 31-Aug-2015
I am interested in making contact with anyone who has lived or worked in Cranbourne Children's Home. This was a very significant part of my life and I have lost all contact with those people I grew up with. I was in Brockman House in the seventies. It would be great to hear from anyone. Many thanks, Mike   
  • Re: Cranbourne Children's Home by Neil Taplin (Member 10308863) on 17-Oct-2016
    Hi Mike,
    I think I was at Brockman house when you were there too. I was there during the mid to late seventies and then transferred to Maidstone around 1979-80.
    My brother Nigel was also stationed at Cranbourne.
    The supervisor was Brian Franklin and also Derek(Dickie) surname eludes me at moment.
    Wonder if you remember me?... more >>

1965-1970 Folkestone by tom peek (Member 10300844) on 28-Jun-2015
I am looking for anyone that lived in the area at this time, you would be 15-17 years of age at that time. a couple of names l can remember are David Norris, Katie Dean(e), Marion Kennet, Chas Ruler, Cristine Looker, Veronica ??, Sylvia Toman, Jessie Parsons, people using the VC Coffee Bar or Caprice, and as Michael Aspel said: and anyone else who knows me!   
Looking for old friends. Gloria and Colin Thomas by Lynn Kelton nee Day (Member 10297889) on 18-Nov-2014
Hi there, just wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of Gloria or Colin Thomas, we all went to Wrotham sec mod, Gloria nee Driscoll lived in Wrotham and Colin Thomas lived in West Kingsdown they got married earlish 60's and moved I think to Sidcup or maybe Swanley cant quite remember that was the last time I saw Gloria I was then living in Guildford, it would be great to catch up.   
Merlayne Reilly nee Baker by Clare Williams nee Record (Member 10296040) on 6-Oct-2014
I am trying to locate Merlayne Reilly nee Baker . We were
at St Mary's Convent Shornecliffe Road Folkestone , years
1955-7. I have found a message dated July 2012 from her
but am unable to reply to date. I live in Australia and
think she must have been on a visit to Folkestone at the
same time as I ,at the time of the messsage.
  • Re: Merlayne Reilly nee Baker by Mandi Turner (Member 10300744) on 17-Jun-2015
    I believe you were also looking for my mother Josephine gallop , I have her details and she also has the email left on this web site . Feel free to get in touch with me so I can pass any other information onto her .she is thrilled you are all looking for each other !

  • Re: Merlayne Reilly nee Baker by margaret seager (Member 10302901) on 20-Jan-2016
    When she finished at folkestone art school Merlayne (Baker,then)kept in touch with my mother with whom she had frequently stayed. When she married, she moved to Canada. I can give you her address if you leave an email address.

  • Re: Merlayne Reilly nee Baker by margaret seager (Member 10302901) on 20-Jan-2016
    Also see member no: 10275952

Looking back by G.S. (Member 10286009) on 31-May-2013
Having moved from Folkestone in the early 60's I would like to hear how some 'old friends' have fared over the years. John Curtis, who used to live in Cheriton and Maureen (Thornton) are just two names that come to mind.   
Clare , Josephine and Jean. by Merlayne Reilly (nee Baker) (Member 10275952) on 3-Jul-2012
Would like to find Clare Record, Josephine Gallop and Jean Flisher. They were classmates of mine at St. Mary's Convent Between 1947 and 1957 ( may well have different surnames now )Clare lived in Folkestone, Jean in Elham and Josephine's parents ran The Plough Inn on the Folkestone/Dover road. We all loved horses. If anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of any of them please let me know - Thank you!   
  • Re: Clare , Josephine and Jean. by Clare Williams nee Record (Member 10296040) on 25-Sep-2014
    Hello Merlayne ! I've just found your message whilst messing
    around on the computer - I didn't know of this site! What a
    lovely surprise to see your name. I know it is rather late in the
    day, ie 2012, but hope you receive this???

    My email address is: claredav@iin... more >>

  • Re: Clare , Josephine and Jean. by Mandi Turner (Member 10300744) on 17-Jun-2015
    Josephine is my mother . Please feel free to write to me , but I have also forwarded your email details to her and she was thrilled you were looking for her and your friends .

david stonebridge by robert doubleday (Member 10274606) on 9-Jun-2012
Looking to find out about David Stonebridge last heard from him a couple of years ago We where bests mates at Morehall Sec Mod School PRE 1962   
Thomas (Nobby) CLARK by Dee Leyland (Member 10270673) on 14-Feb-2012
I'm tring to track down Tom Clarke who worked with my dad in holiday camps and hotels in the Kent area in the early 1960's. He was from Liverpool and had a scouse accent.He also worked in Germany as a chef too. My Dad last saw him in Folkestone in 1962 and would love to make contact again. Does anybody know what happened to him???

Dee x
Joanne Harrington or Whibley by Wendy (Member 10083752) on 19-Jan-2010
Hi, Just trying to locate a Joanne Whibley (possibly Harrington) as her name may have been changed, she is about 28, think she may still be in the Kent area.

many thanks
family Ties by Shell (Member 10233211) on 20-Jul-2009
find your family/ancestry by joining others researching your tree.
Cimid Park Farm Ind. Estate 1973-75 by Ron Cox (Member 10234401) on 16-Jan-2009
Any people out there that worked at CIMID and wish to contact others this maybe an opportunity.   
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Would Extra Income Make A Diiference to Your Life in 2009? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 31-Dec-2008

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  • Re: Would Extra Income Make A Diiference to Your Life in 2009? by D Bewsey (Member 10101410) on 17-Sep-2015
    is that y u vote tory

John Willams by ray (Member 10217198) on 7-Sep-2008
I'm looking for John Williams he was the signal man at Folkestone harbour in the 70s   
John Tobitt by Jan Macfarlane (Member 10230771) on 20-Aug-2008
We are really really hoping with this site (we have just discovered it!!)that there is someone out there in good old Folkestone will have SOME/ANY info on our friend John Tobitt, He came to see us in South Africa(on his bike!). We emigrated in 1981, after he left SA we did keep in contact for a while, he settled in France with his partner Emmanuelle & had two boys Eric & Arthur..... he does have ... more >>   
cranbourne by marcia (Member 10228842) on 9-Jul-2008
first time i have been on this site. i am an original folkestonian. i was in cranbourne childrens home in cheriton in 1960. does any one know if it is demolished, as i cant find it anywhere on the net.
i noticed social services for families has an address which is called BROCKMAN as i recall that was one of the names of one of the cottages. i was in ARDEN AND SOUTHSIDE. when it was governed with ... more >>
  • Re: cranbourne by martin craig (Member 10246394) on 2-Apr-2010
    i was in cranbourne for a fewyears in the mid to late 50's... its still there as it was and now a family's resorce centre, the old green hut and the brick shed has now gone,i last went there just a few months ago. regards , martin.

  • Re: cranbourne by martin craig (Member 10246394) on 2-Apr-2010
    i have just got my personal data from K.C.C. from the time i spent in care at cranbourne, i am sure you will also be able to get the info you require under the data protection act,thy must give you any information thy hold on you under the terms of the law, i hope you will take the time to contact the K.C.C. as i did .regards martin.

  • Re: cranbourne by steven lee (Member 10231225) on 12-Jul-2012
    m thanks mate ry to get the information kcc have on me its going to be hard i know because a lot went on in those days and a lot was covered up

  • Re: cranbourne by Derek Ramsay (Member 10314516) on 8-Jul-2017
    I was at Cranbourne Children's home in 1979 was aged 14 was in Brockenhurst House hope the spelling is correct? Whilst the majority of the staff actually cared and gave me sound advice, their was one member of staff who abused his power and assaulted me not just once but several times. As I said before the majority of the times I was happy, went to the local Secondary School the name eludes me I... more >>

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