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Hookup Spots
  • The best place now-a-days to go so that you dont get caught wi yer skeg or MD, is the wee island near the yella tunnel . . . jist hae ti watch fur the crazed farmer, cause its his land, but the polis dini mind yeh sittin ther haein a wee bevvy. . .
  • charge up clarty road, then take a dawnder ti the skeme, shit hot, good times
  • The zetty park oh those were the days!!!
  • skeg bench next to the pumpy at zety park on a fri night where we all drank a 1 bottle of white storm (2 for 1.50) add some blackcurrent to be classy. guaranteed tammy and andy, lynne and marc, jacqui and danny, gibby (Scummy tramp) and abigail, stef and ross would all split and get back together next day, drama!
  • the old bird cages which arny there
  • pauleen glens house at the weekends what a rush and you will prob get a ride
  • None, why spend a glorious evening in Grangemouth, im surprised theres houses there!
  • Doon the zettie git steamin on yer buckie or m.d n the go up the scheme for a fight wi the scheme teem!yassss!
  • the zettie park is a gr8 place to hang round n get drunk place is a shit hole but we did nae really care back in the gud ol days
  • The Ashley House Hotel at 6am on a saturday morning was always a good spot to catch up with the dregs of Grangemouth's underbelly!
  • the high school,the Zettie,shali_d shops an the scheme!
  • the community centre and shali_d shops,loads i youn 1s pesterin u 2 go into the shop 4 their drink on fridays an saturdays.
  • hook up spot... well that had to be the pumpy didnt it. sadly its not there anymore. those were the days, sitting watching the footy with ure bottle o bucky.
  • how long has that person been away from grange mouth of course there was nuts drinking them selfs stupid like charlie d then away down for there broo money he makes grangemouth sound like something out of the gangster films i have taxied hear for 30 years come on pal kep off the drink or get the chip off your shoulder start all they bums are old and some go around the elwin outside picking up paper to get a pint all the bad spots are now wiped out the old town if you need help they were allways the first to help you every town has their nut cases but that does not stop the decient people who go out for a dance drink and a good natter where the legion/dockers/railway club pitleoch(isr club)old toll whit a difference in the years i could go on i only found this site and no doubt i wont again stop running down your home town i am only a stranger here only been here 32years so good luck to all you grangemouth toonies
  • Down near the trees,tucked away behind a motorway thereis a fishing club.Worth visiting.
  • j rips of coarse. pills dished oot by the booncer on entrance
  • "The Bowhouse"
  • well the gringo id still jumping.and nice to see the young yins still hang aboot the social work department at the back of charly dee had some good nights ther and in the blue huts and they called it a youth club
  • The tit watching the sun rise after a few stawberries! Yum. Spiders web and big chute! Boating pond hut and bench.
  • The "tit" doon the park
  • what aboot wee mcglynn dont forget him fae the auld toon disnae live here butliked his sweeties
  • Hanging around the wee kiosk in zetland park in the mid-nineties smoking solids,drinkin fine wines and pickin shrooms!
  • every weekend hooked up at the pole shop to get drink then went to the perk to get pissed
  • Has to be the beanie, many a time been chased from there by the polis and always got away via jumpin the wall over to the garage's behind the community centre, you all know what i mean cos you prob done it too! doon the park was good, everything down there was illegal, under age sex drinking and the usual joint getting passed around, but hey those were the days!!!
  • got 2 be the G UNIT 4 a couple of swedgers and a riot yall know what im talkin bout
  • we hook up doon charly d itz gr8 fun aw the drugs lol
  • beanie park was the place to be chilling having a puff waiting for someone like iain to get a hoose.
  • i remember the days when you could hang around the old dundas school n no be bothered wi the polis!!! - the k.c.p rules
  • gsc great place to b 4 talent on a mon,wed,or fri.the beanie or wood street flats great times there
  • wood street red square area woo hoo
  • the auld toon is amazin for hangin aboot most folk hink its a dive but itz no if u walk aboot ull nae doot bump in2 cooper or martin
  • doon the dundas getting stond wi the boys
  • The Green Lane that runs behind Bo'ness Road,oh what good times in the 80's
  • Banana Bridge,pole shop then doon the park to drink yer skeg !
  • Try the Grangemouth High School Playing fields, alwys likely too find a drunken person/murdo lying crashed out on the grass
  • Compton Road - Very Scary Notrious Area for Gangsters, Drive by Shootings and Drugs. Let Alone the Famous Philosopher! Pot Holes Dodgy Kerbs, Garentee you a rite laugh too!
  • The zettie park is the place to be, just be careful you don't get caught by resident park attendent david "king o'the perk" forbes.
  • the avongrange is very popular with local people selling freshly grown produce
  • the telephone box at lime street on a sat or if ur desperate doon the park!
  • keiaggys and j rips! THE PORTALOO DOON THE TOON!
  • It used to be the bowhouse disco but that was when I was young enough to go there. Don't know about now though.
  • Zetland park, the banana bridge,Rannoch Park, Bowhouse shops, a meeting place for for drugs and rock and roll.
  • Well around this time of year (June), the place to be if you're young is the shows down in the Zetland Park.
  • The Green Baize snooker club is now shut!!!. But the Rondevouze in the town center is ok. pubs to avoid are The Ship and the Ellwyn seriously lod on the snore score but the Oxgang and the Mahratta are ok.
  • the bathes,i had many a laugh throwing you toerags oot,when i worked there
  • A good spot in the early '80's was the Murray middle school, were the faithful would gather to indulge in a few cans of "super" lager before heading for the "Bowhouse" disco or the "town hall" disco
  • Nice ladies can be hooked up with, at the Dockers, The Docks & The Legion.
  • Wow I hung out in Zetland Park in the 80's, pretending to be a casual and pretending to fight the FBI, anyone remeber those hallowed days of pods and burberry? Good to see Zetland Park is still a buzzing venue for under age drinking and rebellion of the most depraved!!!! We all grow up eventually, thank god!
  • the only spot worth mentioning in grangemouth is the famous bench in the park probably loved for decades bit made famous by paul o'neil and his popes eleven back about 87.big ads and the lads sharing a finely crafted honker or 2 of a friday night.
  • Zetland Park on a Friday night, or Argees at Central Avenue. Always a good place to go to find inebriated 14 year olds. Beware though, some are hostile, and may throw their chips at you.
  • Please remove my name from your list of credits, i have submitted no information to your site. i think someone must be playing a joke on me.
  • The Rangers Club
  • the docks!
  • Hook up to the net at the library, 2.00 for half an hour
  • Green Baize Snooker Club, very cheap, a bit tatty, often dangerous, but friendly enough with very entertaining bar-staff. (Don't get chatting to the owner, you'll be there for days).

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