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Cheap Food
  • Asha Dial-A-Curry is the best value Indian takeaway in Malvern. Try the 'Chef's Specials' dishes, they're amazing!
  • The filling station but you pay cheap prices you get cheap crap and greasy food
  • Leigh's Kebabs is fockin' shite. Don't eat dat shit unless you like raw chicken. The owner is fat, bald twat
  • No chippies in Great Malvern unless you count the sorry affair in Graham Road. but Cod's Kitchen do very good chips and burgers a mile down the road at Barnard's Green. Loads of Indian, Chinese and Thai options locally. Anupam does amazing curries. Have yet to find a decent pizza. Pizza Fiesta (for instance) charged us sixteen quid for two BIG wodges of bread with some thin and tasteless stuff on top that looked a bit like cheese but tasted like - nothing!
  • The Green Thai Flamini Plifer in Wood Park is good for getting battered, chinese style
  • Pies from Newton's House
  • Zam Zams - the local cheap Indian Restaurant is fantastic - and like every other Indian restaurant in the country, Carl Kennedy from Neighbours has visited it.
  • Charlies.,., formerly D n' A.,.,., the guys there rock!! Go buy em out!!
  • There's a great curry house in Malvern. Think it's names after some spice like paprika or something.
  • i think there is a secret battle going on between cods kitchen and barnards green chip shop, both thier specials are good, im a bit undecided.
  • Bengal Brazzerie We are still waitng for a Dominoes
  • Best restaurant in Malvern is Benedictos.
  • so bad, didnt realise how bad till i got out of the town. 1 kebab van at the lighty and everything else closes early.
  • Plough and Harrow... v good food!!! v good chef, and v fit staff!!
  • Bengals Indian is wonderful, still serving at 2am!!!! and the red lion does fab pasta!
  • Kwai(best chinese), Anupam, and Spice Cottage best Indian. English - haven't found one yet try Worcester, Norton or Kempsey
  • i would like to mention that Cafe Zam Zam (off Church Street) is an excellent place to dine. It has friendly atmospher, friendly staff, and above all great indian food. you could also bring your own beer&wine whic is good...during the day you could also get full english beakfast and lunch...its an all-in on place...
  • No food in malvern. too bad. gutted.
  • Maccy d's for the fat fockers... about 56,000 pizza take away shops
  • The old butcher's shop by Abbeyway Gate is now "La Boucherie" top class/quality restaurant. Well worth a visit, especially for that special occasion. We took ourselves (from Halesowen) and a cousin from Glossop. Everything was great. Another good reason to visit Malvern ! [01684 562676]
  • is also shite e.g burger star even though this has recently closed due to health issues
  • Kebab van outside the Lighty, pukka.
  • THE GOLDEN KITCHEN, i love thier greasy chips.
  • golden kitchen, open til 12 on friday night, very useful after the pub
  • Agra for indian (purely cos of the generousity of the owners) Pizza Fiesta (overpriced, but the deep pan is very good) There was some sort of organic pancake shop up town for about 3 weeks, until they realised that no-one eats in great Malvern any more cos McDonalds has opened, and there's a far bigger car park for everyone's souped-up nova down there.
  • Try Crusty cob near the Red cross charity shop, won't go in there again (red cross) the old bag bit my head off!
  • Passionata restaurant in great malvern railway station is amazing
  • I'd rather starve but I can recommend Macdonalds.
  • MACCY D's
  • red lion fantastic. good food at good prices.really nice bar can see ian the pervert, boring paul,know it all duncan, the millionaire that only has a bowl of chips for 1.50.
  • cant beat a Kwai takeaway
  • scallywags has excellent food and very friendly service. not always non-xmoking depending on how busy it is. the pizza takeaway in barnards green (the olive tree??) is also very good
  • Well I suggest the New Macky D's down by safeway for a cheap, nourishing meal however it's not so close, or for an expensive and not so tasty pizza-'Pizza Fiesta', or if you're feeling brave and ready to be overcharged,-be daring and try-'Spar'-for your out-of-date snacking needs!
  • Pizza Fiesta along the road from electronique dungeon
  • They are building a Macdonald for 2000, somewhere opposite Safeway near the Link
  • dunno. Some good chippies...
  • Mellbreak (Malvern Wells) super home-cooked food at reasonable prices, Rily's Balti (top of town) cheap & cheerful, Anupam Tandoori (off Church Street) expensive but excellent.
  • Pizza Fiesta are a good dial a pizza service, also have a shop in Graham Road
  • Planters, Malvern Wells, is Thai/Indonesian (-ish) and excellent. Medium price.
  • Frog Crepe Restaurant Ajanta Indian Quisine Rileys Tandoori Le Croc en Bouche Planters Kwai Chinese Food
  • -Frogs Cafe - Church St. Good snacks and best Coffee. -Pancake Place - top of Church St. Delicious! -St Ann's Well Cafe - On Hills above town, vegi comfort food, and spring water straight out of the Hill! Limited Winter opening hours

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