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Computer and Games Shops
  • woolies is about all ur guna get!!
  • One really Crap one on Graham Road.
  • The electronic dungeon is the only place in Malvern to get good computer games and software. Tony has done a great job in making sure the place is well equipped to deal with this heavy burden.
  • eletronics dungeon
  • WoW Tony Had a shave and 'is hair is shorter, has he abandoned Rock for MOR? Toad is still rocker but gone green. shop is hummin, Games Workshop, DVD's cube Xbox its all there. Any dodgyness is refuted. Err the still got WWF glasses!! Those aging rockers but the mid in mid life crisis and the bop in be bop a lula. Rage for the machine not against it.
  • Electronic Dungeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the dodgy geezers uptown sells all sorts of crap, but it smells like a waste desposal site. Classic quote: 'Well you know, we don't really have a lot of demand for Gremlins 2 on the game boy but i can get it you by thursday...'
  • The Electronic dungeon, or 'Dodgy Geezers' sells about 3 games for the sega megadrive...
  • Gameswork shop
  • Electronic Dungeon has computer games and those D&D thingies.
  • Electronic Dungeon run by two dodgy old rocker blokes, tony and toad I belive, they have long hair and have a variety of iron madien t-shirts!
  • Electronic Dungeon run by tony, and toad they are well cool, but not as cool as john, he's left though so its no good now. they all have long hair
  • Electronic Dungeon (known affectionatley as the Dodgy Geezer's)
  • ElectronicDungeon is the best with Coll Figures and lots of the latest games at good prices and you always get money off your weekly GamesWorkshop fix, check out their web site
  • It has a good game shop in great malvern with playstation games etc.
  • whatsit near the golden kitchen full of kids so you cant actually get to the counter
  • Electronique dungeon
  • Electronic Dungeon, Graham, Road. Small, but cool.
  • Far too serious in Malvern.
  • Computer Games etc in Graham Road

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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