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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Usually the odd bloke playing the violin outside Waitrose. Drop a nickel to help the poor fella out. o|-<
  • litze southall teh dapper don of all the rough areas
  • the skaters give them money there fukin awesome!
  • The guy on the corner of somerfield who pisses himself shouting 'aaaarrgghhhbbbbffeecckk' *cough* smackhead...
  • The Asian couple in the fish and chip shop are awesome 'You wan salt and vinegar, you buy now!!!!!!
  • Smiffy the skag smackhead hangs about down chance lane, Tommi Freer likes punching his head in, naw mean?
  • Sky - the local tramp. The man who walks up and down Avenue Road - with a wind-up radio.
  • there was a jamaican dude that hung around on the common for a while that we used to share a J with... he was really sound!! Other people to avoid are Jake Quin (lanky dumb fuck with an attitude problem and a knife he doesn't mind using!) And generally avoid any smith (jus to be safe) and the Biddles.. unless you want a visit to hospital!
  • lez!! he sings and dances with his radio for money
  • The landlord in the lamb. Vodka and orange from a yard of ale. I take my hat off to you darling!!!
  • Forget SKY hes old news, besides he's got a house on the elgar and just pretends to be pissed and homeless to make friends. The real deal is Caleb Clarke hes progressed through the ranks of homeless street urchins strumming guitars to earn a bottle of cheap cider to the post of chief entertainment fodder harrassing the ranks of inebriated post modern delinquents with tall stories and half arsed sonnets purely with the intention of milking the crowd for every sip of the good stuff he can before being evicted from the premises inciting a riot and moving on to the next gullible crowd. Good friends with Nigel K too, Malvern salutes you Caleb, fair play. DSB
  • Sky has died. RIP
  • all fools,none deserve praise-always drunk-someone for the skatera to talk to tho
  • sky, justin lamb
  • there was a sign saying 'no music' on Chruch street but SOMEONE chavved it,hahahahahah, fockin local government, fuck em and their law!! Malvern fockin rules!!
  • sky
  • Sky's loaded and he's very entertaining!
  • Absolutely nothing in Malvern. There are even signs saying that singing, playing of instruments or any other kind of busting is banned on this street.
  • skye
  • skye
  • Skye, avoid him at all costs or he'll nick all your booze, the cheeky pisshead rascal. The guy with the flute...LEARN A NEW TUNE.
  • SKY, he is the man. But shouts at me and my mates.
  • sky, he scares me
  • that lovely blokey and his dog who sell the Big Issue on Church Walk.
  • There are the occasion ones but they dont hassle you.
  • They smell
  • SKY! the local tramp, scavs ur fags, robs ur drink and scares the sh*t outta u!
  • Loads. The bloke in Barnards Green who bashes out tunes on the fulte come hell or high water, but always slightly too slow.
  • Tramp outside somerfield
  • ooh, quite a few in Church street in the summer. Ranges from the lone piper, to a production of Grease
  • -The "Theatre Of Small Convenience" - probably smallest Theatre in the world, established in a disused public toilet, Edith Walk, behind Church Street. -"Paescod" - Rascally Medieaval players and musically overtallented folk.

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