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Live Music Venues
  • Trinity
  • The rugby club, and the con club are about the only ones.... Nearest big venue is wolverhampton or B'ham!!
  • The lamb,great local talent...something for everyone
  • Many Pubs have little circuits of regulars
  • The Great Malvern Club has the most diverse range of musical events and clientele in Malvern one week you will be listening to a bunch of hippies reciting poetry the next week you wil be wading through a "crew" of chemically induced beaus listening to techno. Look out for the owner he's usually pissed by noon. DSB
  • con club has drum n bass from time to time but not enought
  • The JAM at The Lamb on Thursday nights!!! Real talant!
  • don peds sometimes has bands but if you wat a good gig, go to brum, wolves.
  • The crown in Worcester, moved to da youthy now and just has punk shit like nerf herder but back in da day there was landmine spring, snub, lostprophets, stampin' ground, matter, spine, primate, decimate, dbh. only decent bands recently have been thisGirl and The Blueprint. it's gone downhill way badly... There's also the bandstand at the winter garderns if you wanna impovise...
  • Marrs bar in worcester The crown worceter
  • The Great Malvern Club and Malvern Youth Centre have had some really good stuff on recently, especially if you're into dub, reggae and folk and come highly recommended.
  • The witch pub occasionally plays easy by faith no more but generally only if Martin tilley is there
  • Don Pedros occasionally. The Theatre. The Youth Centre. No-one good ever comes sthough.
  • Chasew High School
  • in the park at the back of the winter gardens they hold lots of concerts and lots of bands play in the winter gardens.
  • Too young for the Winter Gardens.
  • bolly and bass monday night's i think ( foley hotel)
  • Lots, actually. Scallywags, Frogs, the Youth Centre, the Grove (not the school), so on, so on.
  • Brunswick Arms, go watch Monkey Boy, Puffin, Dead Lock or Snub! they are so great, Not!
  • Frogs, Scallywags, The Youth Centre (Albert Road South)
  • Lamb Inn West Malvern has lots of local bands. Concerts at Winter Gardens.
  • The Fringe put on occasional gigs at the Youth Centre and Oddfellow's, Colwall
  • The Nags Head MYC Er . . thet's it
  • -The Fringe Festival used to be massive with year round events centred on the "Fringe Theatre" (youth centre). After a rather low patch the Fringe seems to be growing again. -"The Winter Gardens" (also known as the Elgar Hall or, by a credulous few "New Space.) Long ago major gigs used to happen here... There seems a possibility of this happening again. -Frogs Cafe, all sorts of things go on there.. - "The Spectater" listings mag (print and online) is good for Malvern area happenings. ( -Lots of local music in a variety of pubs.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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