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Looking for Alan Hawkins. by Michael Jones (Member 10298944) on 29-Jan-2015
Does anyone know Alan Hawkins, last known to still be living in Malvern? Dyson Perrins class of 83. Michael Jones, Roger Carter, Andrew Dean, Gareth Evans & Stuart Phillips are looking for our old classmate.   
Fir Tree Pub. by Michael Jones (Member 10298944) on 28-Jan-2015
For me the best pub in Malvern was The Fir Tree on Worcester Road, especially around 1987. Frank Dean sadly missed.   
Denise Nee Smyth by Ian Berry (Member 10298284) on 11-Dec-2014
Hi I am trying to find an old girlfriend (and now I realize my true love)who used to live in Malvern. I last saw her in 1996 when she moved to Leominster. Her maiden name was Denise Smyth and she lived in Langland's avenue. Any help in finding her would be truly amazing.
Thank you - Ian
sylvia by keith underwood (Member 10289270) on 12-Nov-2014
i am trying to locate Sylvia an old friend of mine who worked in the bakers shop in church st and reception in the abbey hotel.She will be about 68 now   
  • Re: sylvia by Ian Berry (Member 10298284) on 11-Dec-2014
    I do remember a lady called Sylvia who used to work with me in the reception at the Mount Pleasant Hotel when I was there in 1998. Ian

  • Re: sylvia by keith underwood (Member 10289270) on 1-Jan-2015
    thanks for your reply ian,it is possible sylvia went to the mount after the abbey would she have been about 55?

  • Re: sylvia by Ian Berry (Member 10298284) on 1-Jan-2015
    Hi Keith, yes she was about that age, married to a chap called bill I think, Ian

  • Re: sylvia by keith underwood (Member 10289270) on 13-Jan-2015
    Ian,it could well have been"the"Sylvia you worked with but it was such a long time ago,she would be retired now,but thanks any way and there is nothing wrong with your memory!

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find!! by tom smith (Member 10256946) on 20-Jan-2011
if anyone knows a sam beale please let me know, lost contact a while ago, cheers   
  • Re: find!! by jack (Member 10258531) on 27-Feb-2011
    I know Sam Beale, I go to college with him, how do you know him?

gay boy? by Bill Bear (Member 10236234) on 20-Mar-2009
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Great Malvern Winter Gardens - What happened? by John Hackett (Member 10230042) on 4-Aug-2008
I loved Malvern as a kid - used to come with my parents for days out. I loved the old Victorian Winter Gardens building with its fountains, sculptures and glass roof. The gardens themselves were magical for me as a child - lots of little places to play and explore, the lions on the steps down from the terrace, the noise of the teacups and water running from the fountain inside - fantastic.

Went... more >>
  • Re: Great Malvern Winter Gardens - What happened? by J C O'Mara (Member 10247579) on 9-May-2010
    John I read your comment on the Victorian Malvern Winter Gardens. I met my lovely wife at a dance there in 1955. Dennis Wheeler and his orchestra played at all the dances. His band was one of the very best in the country but he chose to remain in "residence"
    I have to agree with you, my heart nearly broke to see the monstrosity that has taken it's place.
    One has to ask where did the beautiful ma... more >>

Valerie Philpotts - Shuckley, Greater Malvern by Roger Jones (Member 10218145) on 22-Feb-2008
I'm looking, in conjunction with Cathy Futrill, for a work mate from the Royal Worcester Porcelain during the years of 1966 - 69. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Valerie Philpotts? We know she lived in the village of Shuckley, Greater Malvern, and somewhere along the line she had a son. She will remember Cathy from those day's and both of us would love to get in touch with her again. Please re... more >>   
West Fest 2007. West Malvern Live Music, Food, Arts, Crafts and more by Jonathan Ward (Member 10134390) on 25-Jul-2007
West Fest 2007
Monday 27th August at West Malvern Playing Fields

http://www.west- uk/ more >>
Wendover Auto Bodies by Usera6451 (Member 10192622) on 2-Sep-2006
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urban running by Rob Wintrip (Member 10186158) on 30-May-2006
hey im interested in doing that urban running as a sprot in malvern, you know were you jump off/over things and run for miles and miles etc. if anyone knows were i could maybe do this, or if anyone else is doing then that would be cool   
Family name Cotterrell lied in Malvern Village late 1800 early 1900 by Theresa Cotterrell (Member 10182629) on 22-Apr-2006
I am researching Malvern village and my family name of Cotterrell. Any information greatly received.   
  • Re: Family name Cotterrell lied in Malvern Village late 1800 early 1900 by Colin Cotterrell (Member 10207328) on 27-Apr-2007
    Hi Theresa,
    My name is Colin Cotterrell, I can not give you any info about Malvern Village, I am looking for help myself. I was born in South Africa and am a full time missionary working in Swaziland, I have for some time been trying to trace my family roots beck to the UK. My father died when I was 13, I am 59 now, the last time that I saw the Cotterrell family was at his funeral, my mother is ... more >>

  • Re: Family name Cotterrell lied in Malvern Village late 1800 early 1900 by Colin Cotterrell (Member 10207328) on 27-Apr-2007
    Hi again Therisa,
    I am not sure if my email address will be available for you on the notice board, it is

Matt or Alfie!! by Rhian Barker (Member 10182154) on 16-Apr-2006
I'm looking for Matt or Alfie as he was so affectionately known, the manager of olivers 2 years ago (don't know if he still is) if anyone knows of his whereabouts let me know, and tell him winnie was asking!!!   
Patricia Evans by John Mahoney (Member 10162788) on 25-Oct-2005
Trying find the whereabouts or any information on Pat (nee) Evans. Pat's family home was in Albert St. Kidderminster, Worcestershire - she lived there during the late 1950's and early 1960's.
Pat was the only child of Bill and Mary (nee Gwilliam). She was a ladies hairdresser by occupation and during early 1960's worked in an upstairs Salon at the junction of Blackwell and Coventry St's, in Kidde... more >>
Does anyone know Carole and Gerry? by Linda Martin (nee Newman) (Member 10166984) on 19-Oct-2005
Does anyone know Carole (nee Mutter) and Gerry, both teachers? Carole and I attended Prendergast Grammar School between 1957 and 1963 and remained friends until she left teachers training college, Avery Hill, Eltham, married Gerry and went to Canada. I understand that she has been asking old school friends what happened to me and I have tried to contact her without success. I would very much like to hear from her.   
WANT TO BE ON TV? by cath (Member 10166728) on 18-Oct-2005
I'm a BBC video journalist. There's a new TV programme being piloted for Worcestershire and Herefordshire. I'm after interesting people, interesting stories or anything you want to get off your chest. Please contact   
Need a little help.... by Nezzy (Member 10150417) on 6-Apr-2005
I am from Canada, although I once lived in the Welland/Upton Upon Severn area. I am looking to find some old friends that I once knew. I used to have contact info for all of them but as per usual I lost them. So if anyone knows Kerry Smith, Richard Lawrence or Jon Patterson, can you please just let me know how they're doing.

Thank-you very much!
  • Re: Need a little help.... by Kritis (Member 10163579) on 10-Sep-2005
    What is your name, I might know you, got a funny feeling your first name may begin with an N???????

  • Re: Need a little help.... by Nezzy (Member 10150417) on 30-Sep-2005
    My name is Marie.

Mutter Research by terry eric clive Mutter (Member 10133203) on 2-Oct-2004
Mutter family At great Malvern worcstershire england   
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