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Hookup Spots
  • london is the best
  • Big-up harrow !@! hueva says different must be on some of harrows finest crack ! big-up cunningham park place to be all day every day. hook-up point = harrow bus garage/Fosters off-licence by cunningham ! HARROW 4 LIFE ! braaaaaaaap x P.S Big-up Heartless Crew from back in da day
  • The best place to be in harrow is roxeth park at the top of parkfield road. You gt everything you want withint about a 2 min walk and a park full of wild life aka dickhead youths to amuse you what more could you want.
  • we used to love the siler trumpet when jeanie and paxo did it on a thursday, they both put a lot of effort into it.
  • It always used to be the Green on harrow hill. Now when i walk to the pub i see local chavs hanging around in Harrow Rec smokin dope etc.
  • We go to Harrow on the Hill common in the long grass.
  • main road of eastcote, just outside station proper indie kid hangout. good pubs and a few good clubs generally cool. as no one knows much about the area
  • The Green on Harrow on the hill with cheap beer and white lightning also the field out the back of my house in noth harrow
  • You've gotta go hang out on the roof on Maccy Dees on the high street: tak it from me, the view is beautiful, and it's great cos you can buy 20 Budweisers from Icelands across the street for a fiver and demolish em all up there. You feel on top of the world
  • The Hill. We had bonfires up there.
  • me and my mates used to sit up on the hill by the church. cool times!
  • harrow is full of wannabe wanksters. do not come here...ever. you will get mugged. and there arnt alot of white people so if you are while, you will get looked at funny, i should know. the little paki-gangtas are everywhere.
  • I used to move in harrow bus station tuff, though originally from wembley. Kenton had some nice spots like Queensbury park in the summer, or Woodcock Park even Headstone lane.
  • Wembley Rugby Club on a friday nite, full of drunk and stoned 14 year olds but good for a laff and for a random pull
  • The steps leading up to the tube station opposite St. Ann's have been the venue to a good many Friday nights and Saturday afternoons spent falling unconscious or just hanging out, giving the rudeboy chavs in the bus station evil looks and intimidating passers-by by wearing black, sporting facial piercings or blue hair.
  • Theres nuff places about in harrow for the yoof to hide. im wealdstone, but i must know every alley from northolt to northwood and everywhere in between. harrow is so shit, and for many is inhospitable and uninviting but to those of us who havn't quite made it out the ghetto yet, piss off an leave us alone. p.s anyone wanna buy a mobile, on the downlow, you get me?
  • tha bus station loadz rude gyalz dat fink they're tuff an cut ure eye at u if u luk good, and loadz rudebwoys aswell lukin 4 a fone, number or sum ova pointless fing
  • Harrow bus station
  • The underpass beneath the roundabout.
  • Gayton Library, maaaaan. It's where it all happens, innit? Books, newspapers, toilets, computers, CDs.. what else could the youth of Harrow want? The hip 'n' happening Poetry Night on Wednesdays is particularly popular with the rudeboys looking for a nice juicy love sonnet to lay their dirty mitts on.
  • Harrow Bus Station bare buff manz in there afta skool from around 3.45-6, Harrow Park tha 1 slightly behind st.georges shopping centre near the hill.
  • Harrow-On-The-Hill didn't get its name from no-where you know. The hill is generally the best place there.
  • The food court is a cool place to meet, spit on all the passers by below in st anns, st georges in the center circle, the bench next to woollworths and boots is the most comfy. Esquires if you are rich, outside if your not. (if you like two'sin fags the train st is always good, (but in my opinion thats crap)
  • Under the underpass ain't too bad, you get to have a good chuckle at all the wannabe skaters going tis up on their boards. Plus it's quiet, so you can have a kick about in peace, and it's somewhere to go to after a night on the tiles, for a smoke and a talk.
  • Esquires is a good place, we meet there for mmmm goood toffe coffe frappe! or of course there's the old KFC in St Anne's upstairs and Millie's downstairs or the old "see ya in the pissa in st georges"
  • benches in st georges, kenton rec, the floor of any shop
  • benches in st georges, kenton rec, the floor of any shop
  • The best place in Harrow is the train station so you can lea
  • The most peaceful, secluded spot has to be the graveyard near St Mary's Church up on the hill in Harrow. Perfect for escaping the screeching of the rude-boy gangsters, pikey slappas and moronic Ali G wannabes who infest Harrow. Me and my friends spent hours inside the church itself, and to our horror we heard a loud banshee-style scream! There was no-one inside that church except us. The truth is out there...
  • Has to be The Hill!!! U will never have a lonely night up there!
  • it has to be kenton rec or boxtree park
  • ahhhhh...let me see. Harrow Bus Station is where all the little squadies and crue's hang around and 'cotch', looking v v dodgy, so you're probably just as well to meet your mates somewhere else, cause that lot will probably try to jack you. Mmmm...personally I prefer to loiter on the steps up to the Train Station. Many a time have I sat there half asleep, half hungover on a Saturday morning laughing and taking the piss out of the People of Harrow passing by. May I add, it may be a public place but those steps are the territory of the local grunge scene. So 'allow-it!'
  • er......harrow good place 2 get pissed b4 ppl strtin gettin mugged. The Hill-evry1 knows bout dat! memories!
  • we tend 2 meet outside salvo, or we go kenton rec, or jus chill on the hill
  • Well its gotta be the graveyard on top of the hill. Has suffered a slight goth infestation from time to time, but petrol and matches take care of that....... Yeah, a wicked place to hang without the, shall we say, "dickier element" bumping into you. Skate down the hill.....scary man!!!!!!
  • Its got to be the Junction. I have slowly made my way through every female (that is of legal age of course) that has either worked or got drunk there, as have most my mates! So if you want to sample some of my leftovers then go take a look. Yates's is full Ben Sherman wearing, underage losers that listen to mind-numbingly rubbish music, although the toilets are good for a stolen moment with a loved one.
  • hook up in harrow.well i dont normally but the main hook up seems to be harrow bus station,where u get all the rudeboy wannabe hoodrats who reckon there gangsters so watch out because they will probably try and start on you.but their only young so dont worry
  • The Tesco round the corner from The Matrix. Their coffee is only 60p if you get cold.
  • Harrow is alrie i go there wit my mates and hang out checkout local talent and shop its alrite so stop dissin it!
  • The front of the hill facing West. many a picnic, chill out, snog to be had in the summer.
  • The hook up spot has to be the Hill, if you live in and around Harrow and you don't know the Hill well you just sad!! Even though it was better before they took away the stone seats at the top (Why did they do it???). Or if you want a cool chat go in hip parade and talk to the dude in there. Lots of groovy conversations.
  • The bus station. Ensure wallet and all valuables are well hidden though. Or if you are feeling really brave hook up at the train station. Don't worry about hiding your wallet here, but full scale riot gear would be useful due to the proneness of gang-fights.
  • With us it was Harrow Town Football Pitch, just opposite Rayners Lane Station, lots of Police Cars abiout though so you often have to hide your 20/20 or Thunderbird!
  • The park on Headstone Lane with bottles of cider and Martini ..... ah, those were the days!!
  • local yoof in north harrow like the public toilets...strange
  • Headstone park in North Harrow- I need say no more!!
  • The Green (Smackrat City)
  • Harrow Rec -
  • harrow met for all ur dating needs!!!
  • Wealdstone High Street, where old and young alike, come to have large fights and then run from police. also bus station, where this time its only rudeboys and rudeboyhaters come to fight or rob each other.
  • The loading bay (back of Iceland in harrow)... find people there almost every night of the week. Especially after popping to the off licence next to the 4 in 1 burger joint :)
  • when i was but a lad in harrow (well i`m a Wealdstone lad) i used to hang out on top of St Gorges center in harrow (untill we got moved on that is) also go up to the spot next to "the case is altered" on the view when i first took...well yes thats all i need to say... anyone rember "cow dragons"???
  • Harrow bus station is quite popular. For all the wrong reasons
  • at the bottom of Harrow on the hill by the school St Anslems. Was a great place to go on a friday night. Many nights spent there smoking and drinking and generally getting up to no good!
  • Harrow is the only place in the UK which is such a boring, sad and antisocial area to be, your individuality will be sucked away and you'll just be another speck in the background. In fact, it is so boring, our "out of control" fires soon go out by themselves. I meet my friends at Harrow bus station where you'll always find the gangs hanging out here because of the excitement of watching different coloured buses go in and out, and the prospect of one of them inevitably pulling one of the many teeny boppers fresh from high school. P.S. We need The Edge back! P.P.S. Please!
  • Woodcock park, where all the little scallies from st gregs go to smoke and play footie in the summer. Ah great times they were!
  • I am another sad person who used to Hang around the Multi-storey car park!!! Days I do not want to remember. Just wondering who wrote that??? Must have been someone out of our old group!! Maybe Julie, Angela or Sandra .This is Lisa.........hello!!!
  • THE BUSSTATION/ST GEORGES endless time wasting is done here and you are guarenteed to see at least 90% of harrows youth there or in SAMS CHICKEN in wealdstone
  • all the little minors of harrow that think they're all that, hang around everywhere. u cant hide and nor can ur phone.
  • A classic place in the summer to sit down and sip your 3 litre bottle of White Lightning is just outside Harrow-on-the Hill Sation, go out towards the car park (not towards the bus station) and up onto the grass where there is an abstruct art, or big lump of bent metal. At the top of the path there are a few benches in a tasteful stone circle motif
  • I have lived in Harrow all my life and although I have travelled to other countries, nothing beats coming home to my own town. The parks used to be a great place to hang, although I can honestly say I don't envy the youngsters these days, as nowhere is safe for them. To all the would be hoods that hang around the Bus station and go looking for trouble in Harrow...Remember one day unfortunately you will be a parent, do you want to worry about your children every time they walk out the door, incase they get beaten up, mugged or worse? My parents were lucky they didn't have to worry about living in Harrow but now we have to because of the likes of you. Grow up and put your spare time to more use.
  • Cedars youth centre it rocks.... well it used to when the old youth worker Matt was there, he was cool. Now it is a load of cack
  • Harrow has always beena cack-hole, but that's how we all like it I guess. Especially the gangs of 15 year old twats. If only we could set out full contracts for them, but they're all outside the assassination range and code of practise. Shame.
  • Harrow fo life, you know how we run it baybee, we goin worldwide!!!!! Harrow! we run dis shit. come down cunningham 4 sum greenz G. indian rydaz! bring it bring it. WESTSIDE. HARROW. THUG LIFE
  • Either Harrow bus station or St Georges, a word of warning though , steer clear of the bus staion when u see gangs of 14 & 15 year olds lurking around, they may not be hard but they ALWAYS have 6 ft friends waiting near who are only too happy to give u a good beating!!!!!!!!
  • I don't know why your all contemplating if O'neills is better than Trinity because they are both cack. O'neills is cold and i know the beer is watered down, Trinity is full of dirty old men and slappers looking for a late night you know what. Get down to Yates's Wine Lodge, just down the road from both of the venues. This is your pub/club. Everyone goes there and the beer is very cheap. Also on Friday and Saturday nights you can get the pub to club(Destiny in Watford) bus for 7 and that includes your ticket. The bus even brings you back. What a bargain. Anyway Warner cinema rules and so does Harrow Peace out!!!
  • The tramp-laden streets of thw town centre amongst the mouldy discarded cabbages and tea-stained boxes.
  • Oh how we all miss The Edge... (WHY BASS??? WHY?????)
  • everyone just hangs around the's, the superbowl, the park, SHAFTESBURY CIRCLE AND THE McDONALDS THERE!
  • The best spot for me when I was a youth growing up in Harrow was the old Safeways multistory car park in Wealdstone it offered shelter in the winter and in thedown in its subway the kind people from safeways left a spot open where you could hang out and even connect to a phone line which we used to do I think we rang Australia for four hours once however we finally got evicted when we came down one day and found a large padlock on the door but not before one of my drunken mates had fallen asleep and burnt it down with a ciggarette. He managed to survive.For all the good memories Harrow, and especially Wealdstone multistory car park I salute you.Rock on Harrow. By the way the evilist teacher belongs to Sacred Heart school for girls wealdstone her name is Miss Quinn.
  • Just thought you should know The Edge closed down 2 years ago and is now upstairs part of Woolworths! The "hook-up spot" is now Harrow Bus Station, or it is if you are bunking off school, looking for a fight or want to gain or lose a mobile phone! Also, there is no Budgens in HArrow.
  • The Trinity Bar in Harrow is the best place on offer. Far better than O'Neils, which is a load of old pants. The Trinity is open later than anywhere else in the area, has live bands, DJ's, lovely young women and is run by two fine upstanding members of the community (even if they do support rubbish footie teams). Jerry - the best barman in the Northern Hemisphere - always has a smile on his face and his glasses are always clean. A pint of this mans finest is one of the great wonders of the world. Finally they don't mind if you talk bollocks when pissed, play throw the fag but in the pint glass or wind up the bouncers (although this is often far from advisable). Trinity, to know it is to love it.
  • From Hatch End Pnner Middlesex I found this page by accident whilst looking at the Weald College Page. Well if anyone is reading this I am at present in the Sir James Matthews building part of Southampton institutes University Campus and Im locked in the building. Honestly the time is now 2.2.0am and the security guards forgot to check the building or something like that. So here I am sittting in SM011 thats the lecture theatre typing this message away. Im tie and miss Hatch End where I was born studying Russian Banks and used to go to Weald College. Have made excellent progress completing my HND and Degree. Anyone from Nower Hill between 1990 and 1991 email me why not Take Care Hatch End Josh
  • Outside William Hill's in Harrow Weald, usually 11-17 year olds dressed in sportswear in anticpation of drugs, a fight or a kebab at Kempe's. The disabled parking area next to Argos, adjascent to the St.. Georges Centre is used by everyone from drunk's to OAP's with shopping.
  • Old Reading Car Park next to The Cases Altered. Where 16/17 year olds hang to smoke wacky backy. Couples go there to get into the backseat and do some rocking. Not that I ever did that kind of thing!!!
  • The St. George Centre, especially McDonalds and The Edge,
  • The Hill, go out south of the station, and there it is (only good in summer...
  • Bench outside community centre
  • o'neills pub in harrow is the coolest thing in the world. Apart from anything else it stays open till 1am - fantastic!

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