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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • few anal porn stars and jeremy kyle stars
  • mc energize - smackhead but hartlepools number 1 mc
  • Meat loaf almost became resident a few year back. he was on telly sayin how much he wanted a house in the pool
  • des barns from corrie
  • that one out of iron maiden i think he's called janik gers or summat like that
  • That bloody monkey.
  • philip someone who was in corrie once
  • the one and only meatloaf is a Hartlepool United fan!
  • didnt timmy mallet live at the marina for a bit?
  • Bill Murray. Meatloaf.
  • andy green, who broke the land speed record used to go to high tunstall school!
  • Fizz from cora can often be spotted in the town centre as her gran live in Pool!
  • Robert the Bruce- a long time ago.
  • Arfur Brayne, or rather Judge Arfur Brayne. Famous for ridding Hartlepool of an evil,short,skinny,smelly,hairy man.(If you can call him a man, rather an animal). Mung Kee was his name and he was hanged by the neck for the heinous crime of spying for the French. So if anyone asks who hung the famous Mung Kee? You all now know the answer.!!!
  • Jeremy Spenser [guitarist with Fleetwood Mac] lived here before fame/fortune & stupid cults came his way. Ridley & Tony Scott did go to the old Art College [the one that was burnt down in 1965 on the site of the present one].Their first film of "boy on a bike" was shot in Lynn St,Church St subway near the old Skeleton pier.Rumour has it that they went to Rosebank school too & their parents house was in Elwick.Why they came here from South Shields is another question. The footballing Lineghan brothers all went to English Martyrs along with Phil Middlemiss , Jannick Gers & actor Paul Brennan[originally Mason]. Author Phillipa Gregory has mysteriously bought a house here--but at least she has taste in the place she chose. Mike Heatley [major executive with EMI & Beatles Expert] used to live in Masefield Rd. Compton McKenzie was only here long enough for his mam to have him.They were in Sunderland by the time he needed a clean nappy!![Which says something about S'land]. The bloke from the 70's band Motors ,who wrote "Airport", is from Seaton.
  • Aparently Wincy Willis the ex weather girl was from Hartlepool, my mates dad used to go out with her at school.
  • Wayne Sleep
  • Ridley Scott was born in South Shields. Hartlepool's claim to his name is that he attended the Hartlepool College of Art in the 1970's.
  • Mallets Mallet or wateva u call him!
  • Fred Ellis once lived here, he was father to the famous hacker Paul Ellis
  • Peter Egan,Actor.
  • Don't think you mentioned Jack & Brian London(British Heavyweight Champs, World Title Contenders etc)
  • William Romaine, 18th century clergyman and theological writer, friend of the Wesleys, though he himself remained C of E, was born on the Headland. From his time at University he was known as one of the scruffiest individuals around; in a time when men wore wigs every day of their life, he only got round to changing his twice in a lifetime. He became a professor of astronomy in spite of having no qualifications, and teaching in all his lectures that Newton was wrong, and all astronomical problems could be found by reading the Old Testament.
  • Billy Purvis the 19th century clown is buried in St. Hilda's churchyard because he died in 'Pool and none of his relatives could afford to transport the body to Tyneside which is where he wanted to be buried.
  • Apparently Cilla Black's parents are from Hartlepool. Also Paul Daniels disowned son lives here.
  • Des Barnes from corrie and Wayne sleep(the ballet dancer)!
  • mr p mandelson should move away and leave us alone PLEASE
  • Phil Middlemiss.'Des' off Coranation Street. How SAD is our town?!!
  • Gary brackstone falklands hero
  • peter mandelson, i dont know him , personally i dont care it does effect me
  • tons of famous people from this crappy "Hicksville" town
  • Cilla Blacks mother and father, ughhhhhh, dosnt bare thinking about
  • reg smyther (god rest his sole) crator of andy capp, unfortnatly died :(
  • Teddy Gardenar the famous boxer who was around millions of years ago, used to live in my street!
  • Obviously the creator of Andy Capp, Reg Smyth
  • watch out for peter mandelson and his gay blokie...leaving their house on Hutton Avenue!
  • Scenes from an episode of the television series 'Spencer' were filmed in the Hartlepool dock land area. You know the one, that program with Jimmy Nail in.
  • Ste Wright!! he was with OLLY REED when he drank himself to death in Malta, in a bar called "The Pub" which changed its name to "The Olly Reed". He was in the sun, picture and evrythin'
  • James Cameron went to the Art College ie. Terminator etc director
  • Wayne Sleep, went to Murial Carr's dancing school in King Oswy
  • Some guy out of Grafters Went to Hartlepool Sixth Form College. Des Barns opend Clarks in the shopping centre.
  • michael brown (man city player) was born and raised in the Pool.
  • I just want to say that everything about Hartlepool never mentions we have one of the best guitarists in the world who hails from Hartlepool. Jannick Gers of Iron Maiden is from here, still visits her and goes to see Hartlepool United play whenever he can.
  • the bloke in the shopping centre always shouting about the poll tax
  • Local author and artist Joanne Benford. Severely underrated renaissance woman type. 4 books published. email her at She's a friendly soul to boot. Also, look out for her art work in Cleveland Art College end of year show this summer.
  • Joanne Benford - local author and artist Reg Smythe - creator of Andy Capp That bloke who played Des Barnes on Corrie
  • Paul Mason (where is he now?)
  • If anyone out there watches "Grafters" on a Tuesday night (9pm)with Robson Greene in, the lad who plays Simon (Darren Morfitt)is a thorough bred Hartlepudlian and he used to go to my college (H,pool 6th form)
  • Famous people to come from the town include dancer, Wayne Sleepe, and Coronation Street actor, Philip Middlemiss, who plays romeo Des Barnes.
  • Didn't the fella who does Andy Capp come from Hartlepool? Or is my Mam lying?
  • Reg Smyth, creator of Andy Capp. The character of Flo was actually based on his mother Florence. He still lives in the Caledonian Road area. Andy Capp is syndicated all round the world - you see it in newspapers in the USA, Dubai, Karachi - all over the place.
  • The author Compton MacKenzie ("Whiskey Galore") was born in Hartlepool when his parents, who were travelling theatricals, were visiting and performing in the town. It is not known what his impressions of the town were!
  • Ridley Scott (bloke who directed Bladerunner) comes from Hartlepool and his first film was made here. It was done when he was a student and features him and his brother riding round the old docks.
  • Has to be Middlemiss. My mate David Parker went to school with him. he said he was a prat then also. (Middlemiss, not my mate.)
  • Wayne Sleep, Phil Middlemiss
  • It appears that Ridley Scott is claimed by the people of Stockton and Hartlepool as a native son. Ridley was born in Haverton Hill which is/was a place in its own right. If you went there up until the early 70's you would have seen the landscape of Blade Runner.

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