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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • nicky graham
  • nicky graham
  • Shane Richie used to live down Long Lane, George Orwell was a teacher at the Fountain Hotel in Church Road when it was still a school. The Ruts. The child actor who played the Artful Dodger in Oliver.
  • Greg Dyke, BBC Director General, George Orwell, a bloke that sang in sweet, Family Affairs on Ch 5 is filmed in Hayes
  • Ray Wilkins, The Ruts
  • Talest man in the world lived in the area and is a lovely man. He obviously goes out like everyother human being, doing his shopping etc and has a really nice personality.
  • George Orwell taught in the school that is now the Fountain House Hotel in Church Road.
  • mr.bean pops in for a swim every now and again...
  • Hey...Heinz Ketchup, what about the Ketchup, up until recently came from Hayes, now moved to Stockley Park (outside Hayes)
  • Ray Wilkins (ex ManU Capt., ex Qpr Manager etc....) Born, raised and schooled in Hayes. (Okeedokee Butch!!)
  • Greg Dyke The big boss man at the beeb went to Hayes Manor School GLen Hoddle was not the only famous footballer to grace Hayes. Les Ferdinand and Cyril Regis have both played for Hayes FC (Terry Browns Red and White Army). Not to mention Steve Perryman who used to own a couple of quality sports shops, which have sadly demised as the place is now full of townies who only go to the big JJB sports store down the road.
  • even the Z list celebs consider this craphole as too naff to have anything to do with.
  • There have been large numbers of celebrities that have come from Hayes. However good P.R has ensured that the public never find out about it.
  • FYI!! - Glenn Hoddle comes from Hayes and despite his slightly off beat views about disability, he proves successful folk can emerge from the home of EMI.
  • Screaming Lord Sutch used to shop at Giggled on the bridge close the railway station and George Orwell started 1984 there (Christ, the town will NEVER live down the shame!). Several well-known MP's have escaped and some bloke which vanished in the STAR TIGER in 1947 lived there as well.
  • Hey - the Sweet used to live there - i even delivered milk to steve priest, and andy scott
  • george williams out the love affair 1970s
  • David Wilks (ex-Man Utd player) used to live here. Hillingdon Hospital is often used as a location shoot for films/ TV progs, eg. Inspector Morse, Family Affairs.
  • Hayes, Wheeze, Cheese, the famous experimental Punk band from Keggers Hill came from here. Their seminal album "Nose Whistle" was recorded in Big Tits Studio in St Polo Street.
  • Sean Maguire's cousin lives near Hayes Town (Wahey)...can you spot her? Some famous drummer out of Deep Purple used to live there (obviously he had the sense to move away)

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