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  • On a full moon, when the wind is blowing in a north easterly direction and the humidity is low, you can almost hear the love in the air all around hemel. I just finished reading the biography, Nadia Siekierska, 'Foe or Ho' and in it she says that Hemel was the best place she visited on her world tour. We're all a real credit to our town!
  • What about a John Lewis Shop. Better than debenhams
  • we need more gay/lesbian venues in hemel like pubs and clubs because there isn't a single one.
  • Hemel needs a lounge sort of bar where bands can play and i can get away from my family. No 'youth club' efforts though please
  • Jobs in Hemel I hope no-one's upset by this, but I work for a company operating on a bit of an advertising shoestring... If you want to look for jobs in the Hemel area, I suggest you try us at this URL: Unlike other sites, we're trying to get a useful number of jobs, not just 4 within 50 miles. You can sign up for regular job list emails at Even better (for us!) if you're trying to recruit around Hemel, please try or just go to and click 'Advertise Job', just 25 to advertise a job. -Rob (
  • People = Shit
  • The modern history of Hemel: (may help you understand some other comments!) Most of Hemel was built to house overspill from London, the newer developments house employees of the numerous big companies based here that have been shipped in from elsewhere. That means a lot of people in Hemel are here because they have been "put" here. Thats why there's so much attitude and nothing to do!! If you can afford to go out elsewhere you do, if you can't, you don't and you're pissed off about it!!
  • How about something for the Youth. We are a Scout Troop in Hemel Hempstead. You can find out lot's more by going to our website at Thanks John Crispin SL 3rd Boxmoor Scout Troop.
  • I have lived in Hemel Hempstead for over a year now and although it is very scenic place to live it can be very, very boring for 18-25 year olds. There only seem to be 2 or 3 decent pubs and the average age of people in nightclubs seems to be about 15-19. Although Jarman park is a good idea in theory (encompassing Nightclubs, Ice Rink, Swimming pool, Pizza place, Cinema, Bars etc, etc.) it is full of dodgy boy-racer types and 'Sharon's'.
  • If you think Hemel is bad, check out the Stevenage site!
  • Do you know that the tourist information office in the Marlowes actually sell postcards of the magic roundabout? Says it all really.
  • Hemel's not a bad place really. Okay, so there's a few shitty clubs dotted about, but the new ones at Jarman Fields aren't that bad. I like the old town - nice pubs, nice women, and all round top place. "The Rose and Crown" was the pub I use to go to, but then I started going to the "Basement Bar".
  • I lived in Hemel. I lived in Norwich. Compare the two entries in the Knowhere guide and you'll see what the difference is. Say no more.
  • Who decided the colour scheme for Jarman Park? Are they colour blind or just have no taste or sense of colour? It's just an eyesore. The only good thing about it is, I can stagger home within 5 mins, (negotiating with the Dual Carriage Way) and where else can you get a M'Shake at 4.00am in the morning in this part of town??
  • If (like me) you're a BMXer who's found this page, then there's dirt trails in Potten End (a village not far from Hemel) which are cool. Little Heath Woods near the nursery/garden centre.

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