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Hookup Spots
  • Eat Street, I mean East Street. Horsham only entertainment
  • Matt is a pig + has no friends, go die in a whole, or maby before that go try find a friend
  • der nut enuf bantr :C
  • not enough banter
  • as the company THERMOFISHER shafted me and sacked me probably for being an out of towner I have no regard for anybody who works there anymore so want to expose a few facts. They turn a blind eye however to any dicrepancies by their own. The warehouse manager Ian was coked up to the eyeballs operating dangerous machinery and the senior mnagement knew this anyway he was a well alright bloke so feel bad writing this. There was another less desirable character in one of the admins in the DSA office called Kim who was 20 years his senior and her husband would work away rom home for long periods of time on oil rigs and these two would be at it like rabbits in any spare room in the car park all over the place I even saw them meeting like a couple of teenagers in Broadbridge Heath tescos late nights in their cars in dark corners of the car park. I truly hate this company and hope it burns to the ground along with inbred Darren from the warehouse smelly Nelson and to a cetain extent Sean the manager although he is not a typical racist narrow minded horsham scum and a London boy he turned a blind eye to everything so fuck him too
  • Anywhere out of town, if your after a good time - don't go to Horsham.
  • secret gardens out side the bowlin alley is always a larf
  • Shelleys nightclub
  • me luvs it in shelleys, proper classy joint. i is always on the mac in there. i like to pull total mingers, coz i is totally blind. i also cannot walk. i is black tho so i is like stevie wonder, like i can sing but can't do sweet Fa! i is always wearing my bling, my 2 earing which i got in tescos. it is proper ice man! that helps me pull wen i is ON THE MAC!! what up my shelley bitches!! keepin it real! also big what up to my inspiration and lover Ali G! I luvs you man! yeah what up blud! Us wiggers are the coolest!
  • There are always ALWAYS plenty of all sorts hanging round the back of sainsburys. Especially in the summer. Persoally I think Colours under the bowling alley rules.
  • Teenagers also seem 2 hav fun trawling home drunkenly from parties in the early hours, unlikely 2 awake snoring residents as they all have their hearing aids out. Although there are some annoying boy racers who try to ram you down up near the Tesco express by rusper road!
  • shelley fountain place where all underage cider drinking teenagers sit - right next to macdonalds where you can sit on the wet evenings for a few hours if clubbed together enough money for a happy meal with other skint teenagers. actually a lot of people on wet evenings also gather in the wonderful carpark level 3 occasionally level 1 but not since john (RIP)...
  • The Beat Merchants the 60s R&B chart group, were discovered at the Unitarian Church Hall in Horsham by Cary Smith a local pop manager, dance and show promoter. They were then Peter & the Hustlers and a recent book by Mike Reid says he paid them 7.7s.0d!! A couple of years later under his and Bob Gaitley's guidance they were in the charts and earning 175.00 a night. Immaturity and the loss of lead vocalist Chris Boyle alas were their downfall, but Cary Smith who was spotted in town at Christmas went on to stage dances and shows all over the area including a big charity event at the Capitol featuring Heinz of the Tornados. He appeared on radio and TV with Beau Brummell and then had his own radio programme for many years. Parents still live in Horsham.
  • The back of sainsburys, denne hill in the summer, horsham park most of the year really.
  • outside burger king opposite the Crown is very popular god knows why
  • The Bowling Alley!
  • Of cousre the park has to get a mention, but only in the summer, when the grass is dry and the birds are singing. If u want to have a laff just sit outside the station between 9.00 and about midday on Saturday and Sunday, watching the individuals attempting to catch trains home after havin got terribly drunk at some party and then sleeping on a mates lounge floor until the parents chuck them out. I suggest makin friends with sumone who lives in horsham and chillin in their garden, its more enjoyable than standing on street corners and getin into fights.
  • Petrol station at the BBH roundabout - great selection of porn and overpriced sandwiches but if you don't like boy racers then just fill up and get out of there before your challenged to a race by some prick in a Nova. town centre'll do until PC Milner moves you on, Coot pond used to be my local - And the duck with hair is quite renowned!
  • The maze in horsham park is a great place to get busy if u no wot i mean.
  • after dark out side da cafe in da park lots of townies.
  • used to find the porch of st marys' on the causeway very convenient for a quick bong (communal facility hidden in churchyard) and to roll a doob for the long hike across denne hill back to southwater at stupid-o-clock sat and sun mornings
  • The park is pleasent enough to meet chums and oft I have wondred the diminitve shores of it's little lake, pondering the pretty clouds and the softly swaying trees.
  • There's a bench outside my house where I sometimes enjoy a beer with my next door neighbour. Not telling you where it is !
  • During the daytime, Collyer's students always seem to be milling in the alley between the hospital and the fire station after the senior teacher Mr Nichols kicks then off the benches outside the college. Otherwise known as "Smokers Alley"
  • There are a few around Horsham, the Gardens behind Sainsburys are always good for a sneaky blifter away from the prying eyes of local do-gooders and the ocasional copper.
  • Lol. This is hilarious! The christian bookshop btw is a free cafe from 7.30 on Friday nights so thousands of townies hanging round like the scroungers they are. And it's the only place where you can get any drug you want for a price. Also for some reason, Millais school for girls seems to be a popular place to hang out at nights. don't know why.
  • outside the library on the wall
  • that bench near the pond merryfield drive (popular with the littl'uns) anytime after 9. have you seen that new duck at the pond with the hair? check it out next time you go by.
  • the new skater park by the swimming pool attracts those who cannot wash.
  • The Bandstand, great for 5-12 year olds to run in circles screaming at the top of their voices, especially in half term, aah!
  • The burger van in the service road opposite the station seems to attract all the scallys, and what a lovely bunch they are. Look out for the two gorgeous girls working there, and if you are lucky enough to catch them on the right night, it is possible to admire all their gold jewellery - especially look out for a gold necklace with a miniature robot on it, it's almost good enough to eat, unlike the food.
  • Shelley Fountain
  • HORSHAM PARK: by day, it's full of Collyers students, people walking dogs and parents with kids. By night, its a good place to hide out if you're underage drinking with some mates. And you're extremely unlikely to be attacked/raped. THE REC: located over the westside of town, lots of big groups of 11-14 year-olds pretending they're 'ard. OUTSIDE MCDONALDS: where the "denim jacket brigade" seem to hang out. People just seem to stand around or sit on the benches talking and thats about it.
  • Round the corner of Wilko, where you think the doormen at the Lynd cant see you, while you plan your tactics to try and get in (although they have a special sixth sense about that sort of thing)
  • Out side Maccy Dees a selection of skat-ers and other Pepsi Max style "dudes" seem to collect. Often I could do better but occasionally a good show. I have seen one guy manage a handstand on his board for the best part of 50 meters. Very impressive.
  • Lots of muppets by the christian bookshop(???) at night. Hundreds of the buggers
  • The giant bollock shaped fountain in the middle of horsham is where you can get run over by about 30 people on BMX`s (the Horsham Street Sport Association) Responcible for splinters in your bum if u sit on any bench in horsham!
  • Lots of poeople seem to congregate around the bus shelter along north heath lane by the shops. They are quite sad
  • womens bogs down the highstreet, properly reeks of fish, n crabs
  • Outside MacDonalds among the litter and unwanted food debris.
  • The town centre is covered in police cameras, so there is no descrete hang-out left.
  • Horsham Kebab shop, Brighton Road, it will make the morning after a lot more bearable(not)
  • The park by the school in roffey. Forest Youth wing. Sunday evenings for summers of softball and five-a-side.
  • THe Rec - Small cricket ground. Also some swings and slides. And a wendyhouse designed for the purpose of smokeing marijuana.
  • In the summer its definitely in the park around the tennis courts.
  • Multi-storey in evenings, or in town, or the ramps.

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