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Arts, crafts and such
  • Sodem and Gomorrah this is Hounslow guv
  • 'Mist Opportunity' - the scented candle and jostick emporium next to Greggs the Bakers. Tremendous.
  • Much of the population is crafty in a duckin' an' divin' kinda way.
  • World Of Wood - 4 High Street. Everthing for the advanced whittler. Chisels start at 4. Nice display of Brazillian kayaks. Shop dog unfriendly.
  • There is a shop near the Elvis/red indian shop which has blue neon around the window. I think it sells furniture and ornaments in a style favoured by recent arrivals from the subcontinent (there's also one of a similar ilk down bell road) - notable window exhibits being 3 piece suites with massive wood bases and garish fabrics - they look so uncomfortable, beds again with massive thick wooden bases, and a four foot high white and gilt shapeless china blob topped off with a pineapple.
  • Real people live in Hounslow. We make our own art.
  • If plastic storage containers were considered an art form, Hounslow would be the London equivalent of the Left Bank in Paris. The Red Indian/Elvis shop sells things like those dragons holding crystal balls in their beaks - everything you need to complete your trailer trash home decor DIY kit.
  • We, the people of Hounslow, are it's Art.
  • Wishy Washy Watercolours - 153 The High Street Everthing for the budding Warhol. It`s the Pollocks!
  • the shop who and sells "elvis and red indians" opposite shannons is called GALLERY GIFTS and do very well as they have award winning displays and collections of collectable items, And is very popular worldwide. so whover said that no one goes in there please get your facts right. Thankyou "the Informer"
  • Theres a fair few of those wooly fluffy shops that sell scented candles, wind chimes, throws and little carved wooden boxes that could only be used to stash your gear. Oh wait a minute, that was last week...they've probably metamorphasised into something else by now.
  • Cheap crepe paper can be purchased at both Woolworth`s and Wilkinsons in the excellent Treaty Centre.
  • The shop opposite O Shannons sells a range of must have ceramic figures and plates such as Elvis/Red Indians etc that you usually get advertised on the back page of the sunday people magazine. Who goes in there and even more incredibly who buys anything.
  • Spliff rolling, Flesh Carving and race war a speciality

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