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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Someone, probably from Hounslow, cannot seem to stop posting everything twice. We know what you think, no need to repeat it. Thank you.
  • No cunt wants to put there name to this place There all feltham or isleworth
  • No cunt wants to put there name to this place There all feltham or isleworth
  • one of the Rubettes lived in Wellington Road near the Warren. Blackfoot Sue came from Hounslow. Some of the train robbers (who weren't caught) used to drink in the Warren. Elvis Costello (aka Declan McManus) and Patsy Kensit both used to go to St Edmunds, Nelson Road. Rick Wakeman used to gig at the White Bear
  • mostly dead
  • the beatles filmed a part of :hard days night: on greenhams field.
  • GeorgeBest was spotted by a scout for Hounslow FC kicking a ball about in Greenhams field. He was signed up but released when the club found out he was only over from Belfast for school holidays and staying with his Nan who lived in Whitton
  • The duke of Cambridge pub by the bus garage is so named because the real duke (b4 william) got on a thirty seven bus to Hounslow using his red rover ticket and when he got there he wanted a drink so they built the pub for him, TRUE.
  • Another well known fact is that the Red Lion pub that used to be in the high street was named after the legendary red lion seen by many residents wandering around Lampton Park. This was in the days before mobile phones so there are no known pictures to support this but it is said to be true
  • The idea for the film Gladiator came about when Ridley Scott was having a drink with local character Julius Ceaser in the Chariot pub
  • Little known fact is that the Queen used to live in Hounslow and met future husband in the Black Horse at Lampton. He lived in Kingsley Road
  • Vic Elford F1 racing driver in the 60s lived in Heston... Ian Gillan lived on Whitton Road... Chris Slade (drummer Tom Jones and AC/DC etc) lived on Whitton Road in the 60s while with Tom Jones... Jack Wild lived in Munster Avenue off the Staines Road nr the Duke of wellington pub... John Edwards of Status Quo grew up on Nelson Road, Whitton... Dave Lambert of the Strawbs was a Hounslow boy... Charles Hawtrey of Carry on Fame was a local resident for many years... Rex Brayley of the 'Love Affair' live just up the road from the old police station... Im sure that Rod Stewart also lived a while just off Whitton Road...
  • Don Partridge(lovely guy) with No1 single Rosie ex Spring Grove Central,drinks in the six bells Brentford,Lonnie Donegan lived Brenford Dock,Stan Bowles lives Brentford,Richard O sullivan lived Brentford,Jack Hawkins son Brentford,
  • Jack Wild did not live nr Henleys roundabout. He lived in Munster Avenue off the Staines Road nr the Duke of wellington pub junction.
  • Jimmy Page(guitar god),Ian MacLaughen(keyboard player in the best band ever),Van Gough(earless impressionist)as well as Turner and Hogarth.Shane Macmanus(the other Elvis,Costello that is)and my Hero Jack Wilde(dodger oh so Artful). On a down note Cheesy wotsit(or destroyer of pop groups Patsy Kensit)and the unforgivable Phill Collins,we all have our crosses to bare.
  • Peppa Pig and family live in Ivybridge flats ever since Daddy pig went off with Susie sheep's mum.
  • Professor Wallace Pitcher 1919-2004 Born in 1919 in Acton, west London, Pitcher attended Acton Central School then Hounslow School and Bulstrode School. Apprenticed at 17 as an assayer to George T. Holloway and Co., he enrolled concurrently for a part time degree in chemistry and geology at Chelsea Polytechnic. During the Second World War Pitcher served as a sergeant medical orderly in the RAMC. His studies, full-time now, resumed at Chelsea after the war with graduation in 1947. There followed successive appointments as Demonstrator, Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer in Imperial College, London. From the outset Pitcher discovered that his expert amateur knowledge of London Clay fossils, steadily acquired from age 10, and wish to study Tertiary faunas were deemed inappropriate in a department concerned with metamorphic and granitic rocks. The eminent Professor H.H. Read was involved internationally in the granite controversy and, on recommendation from R.M. Shackleton, sent Pitcher to look at the interesting granites of Donegal. His early work on the Thorr Granite earned him a PhD in 1950 and placed him at the cutting edge of granite studies. For almost 25 years he led granite research in Donegal involving about 40 scientists. Appointment in 1955 as University Reader at King's College, London, gave Pitcher an opportunity to study granites in northern Nigeria, thus improving his understanding of granites' large-scale tectonic settings. Pitcher was appointed Jane Herdman Professor of Geology in Liverpool University in 1962. National and international recognition grew as his Donegal work continued and saw publication of The Geology of Donegal: a study of granite emplacement and unroofing. (with A.R. Berger), Wiley, 1972, including a colour map compiled with M.O. Spencer. He initiated new work in Peru where the three dimensions offered by the granitic Coastal Batholith of the Peruvian Andes attracted his attention. For almost 20 years a large team of scientists mapped and studied a 1300km long segment, relating their findings to subduction of the Pacific plate beneath South America. Collaboration with local scientists as well as with E.J. Cobbing and his team from the British Geological Survey proved extremely fruitful. Pitcher was a key member of the Circum-Pacific granite group, led by P.C. Bateman, and the group once visited Donegal. Retirement in 1981 provided time for further involvement in Donegal and Peru and the writing of more papers and three more outstanding books: Magmatism at a Plate Edge: the Peruvian Andes. (with M.P. Atherton, E.J. Cobbing, and R.D. Beckinsale), Blackie, 1985. The Nature and Origin of Granite. 1993, (2nd edition, Chapman and Hall, 1997). A Master Class Guide to the Granites of Donegal. (with D.H.W. Hutton), Geological Survey of Ireland, 2003. As well as books and papers on the granites of Donegal and Peru, Pitcher, with others, also produced important papers on aspects of the Late Precambrian metamorphic Dalradian country rocks of Donegal with their well-preserved glacio-marine sequence. His productive and legendary career continued throughout his life. Wallace Spencer Pitcher, geologist. Born London 3rd March 1919, died Upton, Merseyside, 4th September 2004. Imperial College, London; Demonstrator 1947-48, Assistant Lecturer 1948-50, Lecturer 1950-55. King's College, London; Reader in Geology 1955-1962. University of Liverpool; Jane Herdman Professor of Geology 1962-1981, Leverhulme Emeritus Research Fellow 1981-1983. Geological Society, London; Lyell Fund 1956, Bigsby Medal 1963, President, 1976-78, Murchison Medal 1979, also served as Secretary and Foreign Secretary. Served on the Grants Committee of the Natural Environment Research Council 1974-81. Founder Member of the Institution of Geologists. Married Stella Scutt 1947 (two sons, two daughters).
  • phil collins! patsy kensit. jay sean.
  • Hayley Mills apparently lived in Norwood Green and was known to be a hopeless driver. Jack Wild mentioned above (Oliver) lived near Henley's Roundabout. I thought Phil Collins was from Brentford. Ian Gillan used to sing in the choir ar St Pauls Church at Hounslow West. Wasn't Richie Blackmore from Chiswick? Aldo Watts jazz musician owned the Granada Hotel in Lampton Road and lived nearby.
  • John Leslie ex. This Morning and Blue Peter
  • "Gino Washington and The Ram Jam Band" along with "Jimmy James and The Vagabonds" regulaly played The Ricktic Club above what is now Nandos in the High St. Gino is the "Gino" mentioned the "Dexy Midnight Runners" song of the same name.And Dexy's or heart's is what we took when we went to see them in the mid Sixty's
  • Ras Kwame - Radio 1 Xtra DJ lived in Lampton Village.
  • Hell Is For Heroes used to play gigs at The Rifleman pub. Hundred Reasons also did the circuit round here too.
  • madonna, britney spears, tina turner, jesus, mother theresa, lenin- all born and bred in Hounslow.
  • Thunderclap Newman's hit was 'Something in the air' (I believe). Covered by Tom Petty!
  • Ritchie Blackmore of deep purple went to lampton school, he truly was a hero & inspiration to SPINAL TAP.
  • Jimi Hendrix played his first London gig in Hounslow in The Duke Of Cambridge Pub. Steve Marriott and Ian Maclagan of The Small Faces, David Bowie, and Georgie Fame all played The Attic Club - 1A High Street - opposite the bus garage. Local bands like the DeBae Four also played there , as did The Downliners Sect and The Yardbirds. Eavis Priestly - The most approximate Elvis known to man. Described in his grammatically incorrect promotional brochure as "...Elvishly yours...". His versions of Hand Job, Weighed Down, and A Little More Compensation are usually met with howls of derision and showers of bar snacks. Plays regularly at The North Star.
  • I was on holiday in the States and happened to be watching the tele, I recognized an old Bulstrode School mate, Johnny Booth, he was hosting an automotive show restoring classic cars. When he was back in the U.K. I remembered he had been " capped " by England twice to play baseball for the " London Allstars " in the European and North American leagues. I will find out more about him later.
  • Maria Whittaker came from Heston
  • Owen O'Neill, ginger Irish stand up comedian lives off Kingsley Road, but I cannot see him getting much amusing material from the population.
  • Re the ex "Bulstrode boys hanged for Murder"........Nearly, but not quite right! The two who were hanged were Francis (Flossie) Forsythe (Spring Grove Central school) and Norman Harris (Cranford I think) for the murder of Alan Gee in Hounslow on the footpath leading from James street near the bus garage. Chris Darby got life and Terence Lutt was setenced to hang but was too young so sentence commuted. They were hanged at Wandsworth & Pentonville, November 61. ..and they werent the last... The last hangings in Britain took place in 1964.
  • Michael Jackson
  • I know that Phil Colins, Elvis Costello, Tommy Boyd. There is a playwright, Parv Bancil. And a band called the Blue Tones (I think!)
  • Anyone aged 58 may remember that ThunderClap Newman (one hit wonder with a hit record I cannot remember) attended Bulstrode Boys School, Hounslow. I remember it because he was in my class around 1957. Another major event of Bulstrode Boys School was it educated the last kids who were hung for murder in England. Can't remember the two brothers that were hung but the one guy that again used to be in my class was Terry Lutt. Terry - because he was under age - got life in prison or as they put it in those days. Only to be released at Her Majesty's Pleasure. I tell you - I survived a Bulstrode education and am alive and well in Australia. Hail to the chief............
  • A little known fact that Mick Jagger was actually born in the beautiful surrounding of hounslow and is often seen coming back to his routes checking out the local pubs, especially and rather surprisingly the Yates. It was even rumoured that about ten years ago he and lovely wife Jerry were going to move out here
  • There is a guy with a soapbox and a big grey beard who tends to shout about God and Hell and stuff like that most Saturdays on the High St...
  • Lounge rockers Vincent.The De`Bae Four - ace sixties beat group - winners of major talent contest in 1964 held at what is now the Gala bingo hall.The Dylan Rabbit - foppish comic popsters in the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band mould. Jimi Hendrix played his first British gig in the Duke of Cambridge pub next to the bus station. TRUE!
  • Jimi Hendrix played his first Uk gig in the Duke of Cambridge pub (by the Bus Station) immediately after landing at Heathrow.
  • Bearded funster Uncle Albert from only fools and horses
  • Dick Turpin, Highwayman and inspiration for today's thieving toerags Dodgy started off here The Bluetones are natives Andy Myers, footballer at Bradford City I think Rufus Sewell, Hollywood actor hung around with my brother for a while. He once came round and drank all my dad's whiskey, then suggested we all go for a curry and after eating dropped the bombshell that he had no owe us Rufus!
  • The Bluetones
  • Sixties Pop Stars from Hounslow: Ian Gillan (Javelins, Episode Six, Deep Purple), Ian McLagan (Small Faces, Faces), Vince Taylor
  • Charles Hawtrey (Carry On films) Jill Ireland (Actress and wife of Charles Bronson) Jack Wild (Actor, HR Puf'n'stuff and Oliver!)
  • Patsy Kensit - I mean, where else could she have learned such morals from?
  • Nothing unless you watch "Neighbours from Hell" or "Young brainless vandals"
  • Jimmy Page is from Heston
  • None, but they all think they are ice-T
  • Phil collins who would now rather surprisingly live in Switzerland instead.
  • Dean Gaffney (AKA Robbie Jackson) occasionally seen.

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