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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • Millions of barbers
  • Primark
  • Fat face, ideal for ageing seamen, and others, head off for a day out gunwarf keys portsmouth. jsut got to be done, and a vist to the mary rose.
  • I used to be the buyer for Wack on Hounslow high st when it was a cool fashion emporium,now it's proper Bo.
  • If you fancy buying clothes at 3 in the morning you could always go to the 24 hour ASDA...
  • outlet!
  • 'Cantankerous' - militant surplus and 'glamoflage'. Friendly atmosphere. Short walk from Greggs the bakers.
  • Has anyone been in 'Fandangoes' the Latin American dancewear specialists on Kingsley Road? Can be pricey so shop around.
  • Moda Italiana, the High Street, the style never begins.
  • Blue Inc. For the sartorial punjbi excellence with an excellent bhangra soundtrack. Innit.
  • oh, just go to the high street
  • SPANK THE NAUGHTY WARDEN 4b High Street. Adult clothing emporium. Popular with lollypop ladies and bizaarely the staff at Halfords.
  • Allsports for the provision of sportswear and trainers which seem to be the habitual mufti of the majority of the population of Hounslow. It is strange that given its devotion to the apparel of those who would pretend to pursue healthy sporting activities, the typical Hounslowite is either an overweight slapper with three illegitimate children by the age of 18, or a beer bellied moron with the IQ of the cow he eats on a weekly basis in the form of MacDonalds hamburgers.
  • Maurice`s Bri Nylon Empourium 222 The High Street - Everything for the discerning fop. Clothes for that special soiree. Clients include Mike Read and that camp bloke in the Dreft advert. Free tea and coffee.Earl Grey.
  • Wack on the high street. Go and ask Shiv for a discount when buying something and he will sort you out.
  • Ace collection, at least you can bargain a little. Wack, not nice, all staff love themself, give you dirty looks before you even get in the shop. Nice one!
  • Rockers may purchase leather jackets and ripped up denim from a variety of charity shops in the area.Please don`t rummidge through the bags left otside the shops - wait until they open, it`s much fairer to everyone.
  • Release The Stoats, The Treaty Centre - comedy attire for misfits and ne`erdowells.Owner Greg Davies is always on hand with a warm welcome and a sporting haggle.
  • Polyester Pylon - Everything for that trip to the discotheque. Special!
  • Fashion standards in Hounslow have gone sadly downhill following the closure of Mr Byrite & CJs, lets hope retailers of similar high quality return soon
  • Some dreadful sub-80's clothes shops, which clearly are still used, as the proof is on the streets..
  • Ace collection for authentic Mugabe shirts
  • Loads of budget shops. The clothes look good, but they're the same clothes everyone wears.
  • High Street includes: Etam, Mark one, Topshop, Oxfam, Cancer Research and Factory outlet. Treaty Centre: Bay Trading, Active Venture, Debenhams, River Island, First Sport, Burton's and Dorothy Perkins.

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