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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • when you find one in hounslow let me now, but you can get a civalized coffee in debs. The coffee pot on the london road, but not evening.
  • Noshery on London rd and the cafe by Isleworth fire station.
  • tchibos at the entrance of the treaty centre, inside the treaty centre, the cafe in the library
  • Many unofficial dutch style coffee houses operate in the back rooms of people's houses.
  • 'Buns of Steel' - Anarcho/Industrial cake and coffee shop opposite Dolcis. Recommend the Anti-Imperial biscuits.
  • Gardenia is a superb Lebanese cafe opposite what was the TA centre in Hanworth Road. It used to be Mr. T's kebab house. Delicious and absolutely spotless.
  • Crystal's is a new Middle Eastern cafe which has opened up near the old C&A building. It's quite good bit maybe a tad pricey. L'Etoile near the Mecca bingo hall is also good and very reasonably priced.
  • one french cafe..and the usual costa,etc
  • Frothy Frolics - Coffee shop next door to Woolworths. Frequented by beatnicks and barbarellas desperate to be taken seriously. Poets and sketch artists mingle with buskers and pyromaniacs in oblivious harmony. Special.
  • Sandwich at the Library cafe is hideously expensive (2.20 for a bacon sandwich alone), instead go to Woolworths where you can get a cooked breakfast - 5 items for 1.55 or 6 items for 2.05 (that's in July 2001)
  • Edwards and Yates's... Boo!
  • Theres a decent little cafe just down the side road near trinity church.
  • Busty Rita`s Hermaseta by the Bus Station serves hot drnks and pies of all descriptions. Very homely but can be noisy at the weekends.
  • The Station Cafe opposite the Bus Garage do great bacon sarnies and hearty brekkies. The Turkish lads who run are very friendly and efficient too!
  • Woolworths Cafe (great fry up on a sat morning) Bakers Oven

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