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Hookup Spots
  • Someone, probably from Hounslow, cannot seem to cease posting everything twice. We know what you think, no need to repeat it. Thank you.
  • Kurdish drug dealers near hounslow bus station
  • Any old dirty street that u want it's open season for hanging around like a loser if that's your choice of activity
  • Any old dirty street that u want it's open season for hanging around like a loser if that's your choice of activity
  • In the old wheelhouse car park,it's always been good for drinking and hanging around unseen
  • my front room
  • the bowling alley staines rd hounslow. the purple hearts were always reasonably priced.
  • Never mind hook up spots. Isn't Hounslow just one big Drop out spot??. Should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself stuck in one of the more entertaining zones of this 'Entertainment capital' of Europe, observe the following etiquette rules and you'll be fine. 1, Spitting on the pavement at a fellow citizens feet, is compulsory and considered a high form of wordless greeting. 2, Offering 10 or 20p to a street beggar is considered offensive. The going minimum is 69p....the current rate for a can of White Ace cider (or similar) 3, When shopping in Hounslow, it is wise to carry a wad of Indian Rupees, as this currency is slowly becoming more widely acceptable than sterling. 4, If you run short of cash at the till, offer to trade in your youngest daughter / son as a sex slave to pay the difference. Don't expect to see them again....except on Crimewatch 5, Of the 25,000 curry and other style restaurants, only 5 are genuine. The others are Money laundering centers for the huge population of drug and extortion barons who masqurade as Popadum and Kebab munching law abiding citizens. 6, Invest in a full (legit) passport, take the tube or bus to either of 5 terminals and take a flight to anywhere over 5 hrs flying time from Heathrow. Enjoy your new life !!!
  • is this ageist propaganda?
  • The alley by the side of my house seems to be where a fair section of local youth gather for a chat and a smoke. Ok but I wish they'd stop lobbing empty cans into my garden.
  • The Bus Garage
  • who dissed hounslow so bad? saying it's full of filth, slapper etc.. thats a completely stupid, ignorant, stereotypical thing to say. hook up spots: behind debenhams at the big bus stop, bus garage [as has been said!], tube station, next to "mecca" bingo hall.
  • The bell, bell rd, hounslow east tube stn (just up from bus garage)or Bus garage
  • Lampton Park - bench by the start of the Sri-Chingmoi mile. No wannabes,chavs or lemons thanks.
  • Outside the shops on the Beavers estate watching the Rats run riot!
  • freddie mercury from the scenic Feltham
  • The green at Maswell Park. NEW bench recently installed !
  • the Bulstrode, unless the innit crowd are in in droves. the waggoner used to be good for karaoke until the cleaned it and took away the sticky carpets.
  • Bus Garage, although if you fear for your safety at all i advise you not to go there after dark. It's not the friendliest of places.
  • We all go down with those crazy cats to Yates on a Friday lunch time for some wicked nosh and flies buzzing over the heads of pissed, smelly tramps. why oh why are there no decent sandwich shops in Hounslow- as we are not all like the inbred local scummers who eat their filthy poor mans food. i especially hate those fetid old men who stare at my voluptuous lils and dribble when they drink their cheap pissy beer in the moon.
  • Bus Station Any Street Corner
  • Outside the DHSS / Dole office. Those young Feltham mums, 3 kids, earrings as big as the London Eye and tattoos with Darren on their arms. It's ok for you lot, we have to live here!!
  • Hounslow is a hookup spot. For, it seems, the youth of Kosovo, Serbia, Algeria etc
  • Meet outside the tube station. You wait for hours outside Hounslow West gazing in wonder at the variety of nationalities of the locals. Then you realise you shuld be at East or Central.
  • yep seems to be the bus station!!and really anywhere u tend to be walking.the hounslow cafe corner seems to be a hot spot too!
  • The Treaty Centre, Hounslow High St. Once a swimming baths and library, the Treaty Centre is Hounslow's Americanised shopping Mall. Inside you'll find the hip (NOT) Asian youths saying "innit" every five seconds!
  • Some people hook up at the bus station.. But considering theres been 2 murders down there in the last 2 months I wouldn't do if I was you
  • There are none. Who would want to hook Up with anyTHING from Hounslow. Filth, Scuzzers, Slappers, and more Filth. The most horrible place I have ever been. Why don't the unemployed, wan'a'bee rappers (Hood of jacket over Baseball cap????????????????. What is that all about!!!) SCUM that hang around the KFC & and Tesco's on High Street, GROW UP, get a job, stay out of Madison Hights and generally F-OFF!!! You are social parasites. People in that block pay lots of money to get away from the likes of you. Blowing smoke from a spliff through the door so it stinks up the inside of the building is'nt funny. It's the act of someone living out an insane, pointless, and pitiful existence. Do us all a favour, crawl away under a rock somewhere and DIE!!!
  • Outside Macdonalds or the treaty centre, innit
  • Outside the DHL Building/Bus station is the hook up spot for all the scum of society in Hounslow - Don't they have anything better to do?? (Clearly not!)
  • The Streets. It's that kind of place.
  • Outside the bus garage, little raggas sit in a line on the wall waiting for the call from London transport
  • Hounslow Bus Garage is the place to be on a friday night, full of young un's out on the pull and er.... buses.

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