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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Lots of them
  • This place is rich in society's down and outs,every next corner is home to another group of alcoholic migrants or a few crack wheeling and dealing drug addicts
  • This place is rich in society's down and outs,every next corner is home to another group of alcoholic migrants or a few crack wheeling and dealing drug addicts
  • The guy who used to walk down the high st with a placard saying :The world will end in 1997: And for him it did.
  • when i was at school in the early sixties we used to see charles hawtrey in the street.we would shout out oi charlie and he would take of like arocket. we didnt mean any harm.
  • when i was at school in the early sixties we used to see charles hawtrey in the street.we would shout out oi charlie and he would take of like arocket. we didnt mean any harm.
  • the man who used to ride a bike around with a monkey on a chain.
  • puruvian panpipes on the high st and a friendly old duffer who sits around the war memorial in Heston,and Chicken George(as my sister calls him),who lives under the flyover before Chiswick roundabout.All friendly enough so respect their lifestyle.
  • What's happened to Michael Jackson? I miss him!
  • there's a man who walks around the high street speaking in gujarati to people.
  • Bang on- the best drummers in the world. International acclaimed drummers dave n kate, cant miss em, drum on junk.
  • Please tell me whatever has happened to Michael Jackson! I haven't seen him for a long long time. A great loss for Hounslow.
  • Carl Buckley of Soulounger fame (a top upcoming band from Hounslow) & Billy Gallup a superb Kickboxer on the amateur circuit (for now)
  • Joining the blind accordianist in a tribute to old style street buskers we now have a blind whistler. Actually he's rather good and makes me smile with his rendition of 'The Skye Boat Song'. Not sure his spot outside Etam is the best.
  • Michael Jackson, crack addicts outside Boots, lucky heather woman outsie the Treaty, the Kosovans, white trash pikeys, trogs in central on a sat afternoon who can't walk in a straight line, shite drivers- ther's never a dull moment!
  • The one and only OAF!
  • you used to get preachers outside mcdonalds
  • Now we have an acoustic John Lee Hooker type geezer near the Church.Man.
  • Some bloke with Northumberland bagpipes and a bird who sits at his feet playing the flute seem to have added a sort of folky celtic feel to the High St as one exits Woolworths.
  • The Peruvian "fast show" band is now almost a resident act under the trees next to the pikey kiddies roundabout outside the treaty centre. Who would have thought that the purveyors of ethereal pan pipe music could ever make a living in a place like 'Ounslow.
  • Much more commonly appearing in High Streets in earlier years Hounslow proudly boasts one of the last of the great blind accordianists.Rakes in a fortune outside Primark every Saturday.
  • The "stupid twat who jumps around with his guitar and mouth organ", is Mark Handley who now has his very own website:
  • Michael Jackson strutts his stuff every weekend. He's great! I saw him in fancy dress in a Tesco uniform recently.
  • JERRY! Jerry is an Asian Michael Jackson. He's sometimes seen singing and dancing to his Guru's music on the High St. Ex- Beaver's Park underling.
  • The Michael Jackson "stars in their eyes" lookalike actually moonlights as a cleaner at the civic centre. I hope his cleaning is better than his singing though.
  • The Michael Jackson guy, who let him out.
  • Don't know if this qualifies as entertainment but there is this one man who climbs aboard his milk crate and rants off about how we are all sinners and should fear the wrath of God (or something like that, I've never actually stopped to listen too closely.) Come to think of it I haven't seen him for a while, maybe he's died.
  • Oh my god - Hounslow seems to attract the hardcore type of mental street entertainer not found elsewhere. Michael Jackson is the big one - The only reason no-one has given him a good kicking yet, is that he so mentally unstable that even the psychos give him a wide berth. Then there is the old guy mumbling incoherently and strumming his guitar - largest amount of coinage seen in his case - 25p. There is also the stupid twat who jumps around with his guitar and mouth organ, following you if you have the misfortune to walk near him.
  • The Michael Jackson impersonator is a star. He must be seen to be believed - "Mental!" (Dave Cack, The Sun) "On medication!" (Tommy Smeg, The Richmond Rag)
  • Michael Jackson's very convincing double appears regularly on the high street and always draws a crowd of appreciative music afficionados, other than that the old tramp by Safeways but he is more into conceptually artistic body poses.
  • A nutter which regularly parades outside Woolworths on a saturday afternoon, who is convinced he is the Michael Jackson. (sad...but funny!) Outside the Trinty Church stands an old boy, with his guitar, bopping around to the latest in Country and warned he has a tendency to follow you!

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