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  • Someone, probably from Hounslow, cannot seem to cease posting everything twice. We know what you think, no need to repeat it. Thank you.
  • Are you kidding me ????? Go anywhere else
  • Are you kidding me ????? Go anywhere else
  • Earl Russell
  • used to be the jolly farmer on lampton road hounsow, Now along the river strand on the green
  • the tankerville is much better now. since it was demolished.
  • the tankerville is much better now. since it was demolished.
  • ah :the tankerville: i remember it well. it was mentioned at my trial.d
  • Whats happened to all the gay pubs in Hounslow ? I remember when I was a lad we used to have a right laugh going on a pub crawl !!
  • Avoid Hounslow High st unless there's a few of you and you can handle yourselves.Nice pubs in Islewoth like The London Apprentice(by the river),a favorite of Charles Dickens as was The Coach and Horses on the London rd(in Oliver Twist yer know.Instead go into Richmond or Chiswick.
  • Sadly, the Earl Russell has ceased to be. Once the friendliest and most civil of locals, it has gone the way of all brewery bean-counting. The building is now an Asian bar of some sort, but never seems to be, shall we say, exercised in this capacity.
  • We sadly mourn the loss of the Tankerville. Such sweet memories.
  • What happened to Hounslow's burgeoning gay pub scene? - The Queens Arms now gone as has the one opposite it with the rainbow bricks. The Albion also defunct.
  • the Lord Clyde - sit outside on a balmy summer's eve and watch the crackheads going into Inwood Park for their supplies
  • Shannons Hounslow More likeley the Kosovan Klub Hey but we are all europeans Now !!! dont ask for a beer you are unlikely to get served unless you can translate into Russian or sit with your mobile phone speaking to your mates all night what a waste of time DONT BOTHER !!!
  • The Cross Lances. Got to be the best pub in Hounslow. Huge portions!! Was shortlisted for the Hounslow and Richmond CAMRA group pub of the year. Always a good pint. Always gets a mention in Fullers beer garden competions. Very friendly locals - no skinheaded NF types.
  • The Queens Arms has now closed, much to my disapointment!! It was my 1st experience of a gay pub, where i spent most of my evenings as a young lesbian. I miss that place sooo much, if anybodies got any sense they'll re-open it!
  • The Sun pub in hounslow centralis the best pub ever built!!Health and safty standards are good and its place for the children to take, it has a huge garden which is beautiful and on hot days there are sometimes cheap bbqs!! The landlady (and owner) Helen is wonderful and all the staff are always cheerful.
  • The best value for money Sunday Roast ever is by far The Cross Lances's on Hanworth Road.
  • THE SUN ... GREAT PUB ... Good for a quiet drink, bar food and Thai (restaurant attached). It has a big garden for summer drinking and open fires & leather sofas for boozing during the winter.
  • The Saucy Jack - rather unnoteworthy if not for the fact that the likes of VINCENT and TV comic GREG DAVIES have made it their local. Mods are banned as are traffic wardens and that useless girl from POP POP. House ale PUGWASH is , to be fair, putrid.
  • Windmill, full of strange and interesting people, with some drunker than others! Cross Lances, fab food + Sean + Jane are very capable hosts.
  • The Queens Arms - Friendly Gay Bar
  • The Sun (behind Treaty Centre) and The Windmill (Bell Rd) are decent locals. The former has a great beer garden.
  • Some of Hounslow's pubs are the hidden gems of west london. So well hidden I have yet to find them. The Cross Lances pub - I visited there when "stuck in the middle with you" (remember the ear scene from Reservoir Dogs, I certainly did at the time) was on the jukebox and everyone in the pub that sunday afternoon was having a good old Hounslow singalong to it, even the little children.
  • As Shannon's is in limbo (new manager Sean is waiting for a refit by Fullers), can I reccommend the Coach & Horses. The new manager there has turned the place around and it's now nice busy local. Only complaint is that broken aircon which means it's the smokiest pub in town.
  • The White Bear in Kingsley Road - Excellent pub, brilliant jukebox if you hate Robbie, guaranteed a good laugh if you don't mind extreme sarcasm (Sarcasm was invented in this place!!). If you do come in, don't barge into the conversation pit (we hate that!!), wait to be invited and get the urine extracted from you at a rapid pace!! No food but lots of good beer and largers.
  • the Bulstrode - the smokiest pub in London. Ideal & convenient for a refreshing pint after a fulfilling day's hard graft travelcard touting at Hounslow Central Underground station.
  • Excuse Me. All this talk about how crap Shannons is when everybody knows they spent their entire sixth form life in there and it was the heart and soul of social gatherings. The Rifleman was always the dive for those who couldn't get served in Shannons!
  • The North Star. Attracts an eclectic mix of erudite sophisticates. Shire Horse. The big St Georges Cross flag is fantastic for community spirit. Queens Arms. For those of an alternative lifestyle. Come to the Cabaret.
  • Marius has long left Shannons and so has the no hoper that tried to follow in his footsteps. Yates now is the place to go to admire the street fighting skills, although should be seen from a distance. The Tankerville is about to receive its third manager in the space of six weeks because they believe there continuity is poured into a glass and served with ice. The Sun has maintained a good Thai restaurant and has cleaned its act up in the bar since the old managers came back a year ago. The cross Lances has gone up in the world since their extension and Sunday lunch is a must. The Windmill is ok as long as you dont lodge there when tired as it rumoured to be haunted with drunken ghosts who only know how to work the juke box at full volume. Yates has its very own fresh face as manager(they dont come much fresher). Edwards still smells. Friend in Hand still practising for when they get their late license. I have loads if you want it but you do need a regular update on who is where doing what
  • I rember drinking scrumpy in The Bell pub when I was still a minor(under-age) It was a pretty cheep drunk back then in the late 50, I rember it was about 6pence a half pint. I know the money has changed since then. Is The Bell still there? I was shipped off to the United States soon after that. Still I too survied Bulstrode School,I think it toughened me up,for when I was drafted into the military I found it to be a snap. Mr Dennis was the princaple when I was a Bulstrode. There was a teacher called Mr Carpenter who had a great influance on me & my class mates.Does any out there rember him? or know if he is still in the neiborhood? If you have any info. it would be appreciated. My e-mail is Thanx.
  • Too numerous to mention. The Tankerville seems a bit better now that it has had it's name changed from Big Hand Mo.
  • The Earl Haig in Hounslow West. Notorious for barring all the local Beaver's Park mafia in the late 80's. As far as I know, they're still barred.
  • The Friend in Hand! A great pub, best in Hounslow by far..
  • shannons is the best pub around and you can get a free web based email address at the shannons hounslow web site WWW.SHANNONSBAR.COM
  • The County Arms has the smelliest beer garden (could be disputed by the Royal Oak though) in England due to its proximity to the vast expanse of the Mogden Lane sewage works.
  • Shannon's is ok but I wish Marius the landlord would get rid of disco. Too many fresh-facers now that's there. Mind you, have you ever seen a foetus sup a pint? You might do in the Rifleman!
  • The Beaver is a nice friendly pub. Just follow Beavers Lane down to the little village community of Beavers and engage the locals in pleasant conversation
  • Range from dreadful to dreadful. Actually, a good night out can be had in some of them. The Bell- Very cheap, bizarre music on jukebox, full of mental cases - regular stabbings. But in the day, it's OK. Moon Under the Water - V.Cheap, not quite so many mental cases - full of hardened northern alcoholics. OK, some mentalists then. Yates - Huge food portions - again, not bad in the day, but rapidly descends into Kevland in the evening. Other pubs -Avoid - full of mental blokes and dog rough women. Unless you are one of these sub-humans, and then it may be your idea of a good night out.
  • The Earl Haig in Hounslow West has characters/(creatures?) who bear an uncanny resemblance to those in the pub scene in Star Wars
  • Yate's slappers. (Fresh faced..hmmmm, yes, well). Yates is awful. O'Shannons which is worse. The Bell which is full of skinheads, or Edwards which is too expensive, and stinks.
  • If you have ever been to Madame Tussaud's chamber of horrors you will feel deja vu if you go in the Bell. There appears to be a brothel running out the back of the Shire Horse. The London club has a full Indian menu as well as Indian beer what a brilliant idea. The Tankerville if you like to excercise feet and clenched fists
  • The pubs here ain't actually that bad, thats not to say the people are ok. Next to the Bus Garage we have 'Duke of Cambridge' dubbed the old man's pub!Here you can find friendly service (they are usually pished), two pool tables, and a fantastic jukebox. Then you come to 'Shannons', excellent pub, great atmosphere, buzzing with laughter. Saturday sees a live band, Sunday is weekly Karoke. Tankerville (opposite C&A) - have never ventured in there for fear of getting knifed, heard from my mate on the local estate it is pretty good though. Rock and Fodder (formerly the Noble half), always blasting out the latest hits. Strict on id. Yates, 2 minutes from Hounslow Central Station. One word, brilliant.

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