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The Worst Things
  • The twit that keeps posting twice. Hopefully gone now.
  • You start by getting off your rear end and positioning it on a bike and cycling away.
  • Polish people who think they own everything.
  • Where the fuck do I start
  • Where the fuck do I start
  • The Warren closing down
  • Labour candidate 'tones down' £3m home and double-barrelled name (in the Feltham and Heston by-election) to avoid losing votes (Daily Mail, 4 December 2011): 'Insiders say there was a dispute overwhether to declare Seema Malhotra-Suma’s address – just off the fashionable King’s Road in Chelsea, West London – on her candidate’s nomination form as requested under electoral law.' 'But horrified officials realised that would have meant putting ‘Kensington and Chelsea’ on her form. It was decided that ‘The Vale, London SW3’ sounded less ostentatious.' 'Ms Malhotra is thought to earn £100,000 a year with City accountant PricewaterhouseCoopers. Although known as Ms Malhotra in her role as a Labour activist, the 39-year-old declares her full married name on the electoral register as Seema Malhotra-Suma.'
  • In the 1950s getting stuck in the tram lines on your bike & having to cycle all the way to Chiswick before falling off.
  • People mostly but not all, cars, noise, airport
  • All the rough women:The stink of b/o and tena lady in the air.
  • All the rough women:The stink of b/o and tena lady in the air.
  • memories of the urinals at junction of bell rd/high st. scene of many an urban myth.
  • Cold winds blowing down the A4,Leveling my BMX track,lack of cool shops (Too many pound shops on high st)No decent bars/pubs,missing Hounslow cos you live in Toronto.
  • Its a multi cultural area and often there is trouble. I'm not a racist but would prefer for the ethnics to live like us & not impose their own cultural beliefs on us all. You come to live in England, you should follow our rules and live like englishmen and not expect us to adjust to your cultures. It should be them adjusting to ours!!
  • the perverts. just ignore them!!!!
  • Can't bear the jazz festival. Attracts the wrong sort.
  • That dreadul, scary bus station. The Asian teenaged lads who act 'ard think they're Tupaq, but would in reality be terrified if they ever came across a real-live black gangsta or drug dealer. Rude, unhelpful clerks in stores.
  • Pound shops. Everything you don't want for 1.
  • dog shit, litter,travel card touts, wannabe rude boys,rats the size of shetland ponies
  • the lack of police, and the increase in yobs and muggers. (urm, I wonder if you plot that on a graph weather or not you see some sort of correlation between lack of police (or at least see-able police ie. bobbies on the beat) and rise in street crime) F-ing twats of muggers who by the way police, (in case you didnt know) usually hang around hounslow bus garage, outside kfc (both of em), near lampton and inwood park and other shithole of places. So police, HELLO, WAKE UP, do something about it, start some sort of F-ing operation or something. Hounslow Council - crap for sports, dont seem do be trying to make hounslow a safer place, just dont seem to be doing much at all.
  • The fact that it is the worst place in greater smells, its polluted, no decent shops, the people are rude and i feel ill everytime i go there.why would anyone choose to live there!!!no wonder the houses are so cheap.could the young mothers actually get an education, learn about contraception and stop infesting our country with more of their brats who will undoubtably turn to crime.could the residents please not spread your grime into the few decent places we have left such as richmond and're not wanted!!!!
  • The Gypos, Refugees, Unemployed and any other group of individuals who suck off the state that seem to turn up here.
  • Scruffy "gateways" East and West to the town itself. Otherwise it`s a pretty nice place to live.
  • Litter and dog c**p.
  • The massive litter problem. A combination of an inept street cleaning team (fellas still with carts and brushes. Hello! this is the 21st Century!) plus local braindeads who if applied their litter throwing logic to the rest of their sorry lifes would have very dirty pants.
  • Although upholding the Hounslow tadition of waylaying passers by, the marauding hordes of charity Nazis in their bibs accosting people walking down the high street to try and get them to sign their lives away. Do they not realise people in Hounslow only have one place to spend their spare money and that is at the local off licence - check out the recycle boxes on weekday mornings - the amount of empties would do Glasgow credit.
  • Being close to Heathrow when you flight goes from Gatwick!
  • The amount of new houses being built on areas the size of a postage stamp, traffic lights (Too many), road humps (Too many), traffic road engineers with pea-sized intellects that don't even live in the borough, but decide what happens to all the roads (Except repairing all the pot holes!!!!!) Bastards!!
  • The Council - smug complacent arseholes. There is meant to be a new cinema/shopping complex being built known as key stage 2 (key stage when) but as the developers have offered insufficient bribes to the planning department the land by the tube line will remain derelict for the forseeable future.
  • The litter - it's everywhere - I would suggest Hounslow Council provide more bins but unfortunately I don't think that would make a difference.
  • that most people cant speak english in hounslow!"!
  • The rats. My cat brings in about 5- 10 a week......... The litter, no one seems to care these days.
  • Hounslow.
  • 95% of the people - Moronic mothers who swear at their small children, moronic youths looking to rob and acting hard, old alcoholics, psychotic buskers.. Hounslow is a nice place full of mental people! The wanna-be yardies should piss off to Hackney if they want to act hard..
  • The mentality of a large part of the population which stops Hounslow becoming more of a night spot
  • There may never be another War.
  • It exists
  • People who`ve never been to Hounslow slagging it off.
  • Traffic jams of fat blokes in barbour jackets and red faces whenever there is a rugby match on at Twickenham. The exceedingly low level of intelligence of the majority of the population, which really verges on cretinism. Indian shop owners (always the women, never the men) who try to short change you or charge you for something you haven't had, and then act as if nothing has happened.
  • White, Asian, and Black trash. GO AWAY!
  • The councillors of the 50s,60s & 70s who decided what a good idea it would be to cover almost the whole area in social housing! Thanks for that chaps!
  • The general mood of menace that pervades most of the pubs with more than a couple of people in them (the Bell in particular).
  • Definitely some of the people. NOT all as obviously there are some decent types but the majority suck. Large groups of kids - Asians acting hard, yardie wanna be's acting pathetic, NF skinheads acting thick - all the dregs of society across all social groups/races gather in Hounslow after dark. Don't walk down the high street after dark - not unless you want to bet set upon. Now full of Kosovan refugees, who look dodgy, but on the whole, do not bother you as long as you do not bother them.
  • People who say innit all the time. The people who go in the Bell.
  • Ticket touts at the tube station are a pain in the arse. Why can't they go and bother somewhere else. The smell of shit from Mogden Lane that lingers some times.

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