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Hookup Spots
  • St.Helier is thankfully full of landmarks and tourist spots so choosing a meeting place is pretty easy and easily located. Most people tend to meet in the main town square, otherwise known as Royal Square which is located about half way down King Street. Other spots include the Bus Station (the Weighbridge near the tunnel), Liberation Square which is right next to the Tourism office, The Cow statues in Westcenter and the statue at Colombrie.
  • The glass lift park on the waterfront is the main place to find active skateboarders. The glass lift is the general 'meeting place' for multiple skate groups on the island, and any youth will be able to give directions.
  • the very best bookies in Jersey is in Le motte street Ladbrookes. Barara the boss is Ace* How they would get any one as good god only knows,and the place is always a happy place to go win or loose the staff also are great alway helpfull and smiling
  • any where which sells chips and pies
  • the cabige patch is realy cool
  • Bean around the world, but that gets a lil crowded.......park benches are always popualar as there are hardly any other place to go in winer times. In summer Howdavis park is nice
  • Liberation Sq
  • Whitelabel records,colomberie
  • around the harbour/bus station area. that's the most likely place to see skaters & the best area for skate spots.
  • lib square, the weighbridge, people park (the sweedish all meet there!!! the splash (if u r a sk8er/surfer)
  • Down in Gorey. Yeah, I know it's a long way from anywhere for most people, but you can go down the pier and there's rails and stuff to grind down, or if you go to the top of Devon Gardens (that's that big flower bed type thing half way up the hill) then there's some benches there which are getting a bit rickety now but only from people ollieing up and sliding down them, and there's some of those little parking bump things you can just mess around on. Okay, so just about nobody goes there, but try it yourself, you might start a trend. On the other hand the buses go from the pier quite regularly so catch one into town and go to the skatepark.
  • It changes .. it used to be Snow Hill .. last year was Liberation Square .. a few years ago it was West Mount .. think it could be there this year too ..
  • The best hook up spot is probably at Fort Regent leisure center where The Works skate park is located. Other places to hook up might be Snow Hill or The Weighbridge/Liberation Square area.

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