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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Elmo's on a weekend for a sniff of someone's armpit as it's so packed. Cheezy house/chart crap Red Lion for a fight as the bar is laid out so there's a bottleneck in front of it when trying to get to the dance floor
  • Only go to these places if you want take the piss out of the inbred locals,don't let them anger you, just laugh at how they think their nightlife is fantastic!
  • Leek has (AT LAST!) got a propa club/dance night provided for us by the Anthemia group. ChrissyB, D'Borah, & Nick Sheldon. Their oldskool event on May 29th was a corker. Brilliant to see so many old faces out. The music was class. Canna wait for the next one. They're going to be monthly with Oldskool one month, then an 80's night, then oldskool (oldskool is going to be every two months), the inbetween months will be themed nights. Oh, and if you want to go, you have to contact them for tickets. No-one can just turn up, its exclusively strictly ticket only.
  • Oh come on, there never were any worth mentioning. Mind you, how can you forget, either?
  • Lots of Pub's if that's what you are looking for. Some nice and traditional like The Swan / Quiet Woman
  • Country music night at the Winking Man with Don Keyworths Top Country Sounds on 3rd June 06 and yes its on a Saturday so theres no disco
  • Elmo's on a saturday dance music classics, Party and indie!!! Oh and cheap drinks
  • its got to be elmo's on a friday
  • its got to be elmo's on a friday
  • The Winking Man. no not a rude thing but the best club just outside Leek, Live DJs every Saturday, Monthly Classic Rock Nights, Under 18s Discos sorry no booze at that one, Its better than any club in Leek
  • if you have a life, don't go to trops
  • Ha. Metropilis. Hazzardous place but then everyone goes there
  • Leek Rugby club
  • Metropolis AKA Trops... bloody shit hole They knocked Olivers down... thank f*#k for that
  • Oliver's was a dive selling "Red Stripe".....and ..... "Red Stripe". I liked the way you couldnt keep your feet still in the place..because if you did, they would become stuck to the carpet around the bar due to the adhesive nature of the mix of Lager, blood, vomit and semen that was never washed out of it. Oliver's was mysteriously razed to the ground.
  • Metropolis is it, good for a fight with those drugged up wippersnappers ;)
  • Metropolis is the only night club, but i wouldnt really like hanging out with the remarkably old looking patrons, and listening to the remarkably cheesy music. However, it serves a purpose if you want to continue with the drinking.
  • metropolis - previously the RBL with the walls painted black. The smoke from the drugs rises up the chimney
  • olivers has shut thank god. only metropolis left and thats shit
  • Alas, Oliver's is sadly closed and gone forever, but she'll still still live on in the hearts of us sad fookers who used to worship the dive, Now we've got Metropolis - shame they had to close the Legion, Mild was only 76p a pint.
  • Olivers has now closed - hurrah!!!!!!!
  • Motropolis, the worst shitole on the face of the earth, run by a complete turd, dove.
  • Metropolis - lots of fighting by underage drunks, and sub normal overage drunks
  • Metropolis and Olivers both complete shitholes
  • Olivers Night Club, Southbank St. The Metropolis Night Club, Russell St.
  • Olivers The Metropolis

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Last updated: 2015-03-29

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