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Hookup Spots
  • WONT FIND ANY AFRICANS IN LEIGH ON SEA TRY HAROLD HILL ROMFORD NIGERIAN GALORE bushmeat all there crap suits on a sunday you in wrong area leigh is respectful no gay scene no of respectful family area
  • SARAH BEENY id like to take her over two tree island for a take out and a joint shame she lives in reading berkshire i can think of plenty of fun things to do get her on the sniff go nice meal then have some fun id blind fold her in back of work van
  • two tree island its great for nite time activity with the misses getting stoned im from romford i fell by this spot by accident tranquil views peaceful old boy in is caravan great dogging place im there every weekend
  • The Switch Skatestore in the alleyway behind strangeways hairdressers.
  • leigh library gardens. its sooo peaceful.
  • the graveyard
  • Recently, Pall Mall and the surrounding areas in the evening are bursting with kids too young to be in a pub. The other night it was like walking through a film called "Night of the Living Chav".
  • OKAMI Karate Club - Kids Karate Ages 5-15 Tuesday nights 6.45pm 7.45pm St James Church hall Elmsleigh Drive off Blenheim Chase . Qualified 4th Dan Black Belt Instructor.30 years experience.
  • the new place is the peterboat loadsa people go down there nowdays and the libary gardens there the places to be luv angie and molly xXx
  • hi this is molly and angie come to leigh on fridays its great hangin round near the elms or leigh libary gardens or if u are a grunger or skater the red shelter is commin more common for people who go to deanes shool biggup cranleigh drive the hottest happnin area of leigh.
  • hey all moldu$ and flange here hook up near da elms its great for kids to hang out and get p***ed up!!! or dwn near the gardens where the hard rudes hangs. if ur a grunge or skaters try da red shelter along near leigh beach im sure u will find it to ur satsticfactory!!! WOOODCUTTERS is another popular place where da deanes and belfaires hang its great for chillin and meetin but thos kids with pedz will have to learn to keep it dwn. bigg up to cranleigh drive da most hippest hapinig area!!! $afe and enjoy life *+*+*
  • Omg tarpots can get so funni at night, there isn't to much like shop n shit but the ppl down there r gr8 well most of them. i've lived here for ages n if your looking for a great night go down woodside n tarpots way!
  • The grand is shit. I don't know why you like it so much. Talk is better. KC's and Ali Baba's are better kebeb shops than the broadway grill. Southend is shit. Westcliff is dirty and full of tramps pissing on the streets. U are lucky to be alive if you live near a) the kursaal, b) southend high street or c) the palace theatre hotel as this means the kosovans havent a)raped you, b) mugged you or c) hacked at you with an axe. Thats my realistic view on "sunny southend-on-sea".
  • Moon corner outside The Grand pub-perfect place for comtemplation!
  • All Hook Up spots are now closed down, by order of Nick BURTON
  • All hook ups spots - indeed everything are rumoured to be under threat by proposals to demolish Leigh on Sea and replace the village with a giant temple to the Dark Lord in All His Splendour. Non-cult villagers are urged to write to their local councillor to stop the hooved git from wrecking the town's long and proud traditions of closeted homosexuality and line dancing.
  • Leigh cliffs, near gypsey bridge... yeah boy! um... moon corner by the Grand
  • Up at da shelter along marine parade
  • in the summer its gotta be belfairs woods, mind the golf bunker!(still got the bruises!)and of course the cliffs, the shelter along leigh cliffs, again betta in the summer but mite be someone around even if its pi**ing down with rain-not a problem- enjoy!
  • down cranleigh drive opposite moose hall. they all hang out down there, and the residents actually welcome it.
  • how could you miss out outside the library gardens and st Clements were you can always find annoying little shites.
  • Definately the shelter on Leigh cliffs. everyone goes there and has the odd underage beer or two!
  • Out side the Broadway grill! In the broadway superbowl

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