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  • As someone who was born in leominster ,i say to those sad soles who hang around the grange doing drugs and drink get a life theres plenty to do if you look for it.get a job ,travel,the world is a wonderful place
  • Its amazing how many people will dig Leominster a hole and bury it. Yet Im sure if those people concerned were to actually do something with them selfs. Like move out and see the world, live in a different area, then they themselves would see just how big and bad the rest of the country/world is. We have it good here. The place you deem as awful and druggies everywhere is nothing compared to the big cities like London and Glasgow. Leominster has the most beautyful scenery surrounding it, and some of the most picturesque villiages for miles around. The people on here that condem this place have either been too lazy or idle to get off their backsides and expirence new things, or have lived here all their lives and are reside to the fact they can make nothing of themselves. Maybe one day they will grow up. For generation X's sake, I hope they do.
  • Alot of teenagers meet up in 'corn square' a place in the heart of Leo with a couple of benches, chippy near by
  • Alot of teenagers meet up in 'corn square' a place in the heart of Leo with a couple of benches, chippy near by
  • rubbish
  • you havent got a clue about leominster if the council did somthing for the kids to do without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money they would not be stuck down the grange taking drugs
  • blue note cafe is the best place for music and livens up this dull place
  • People ust to use the dingle at the top of my street to do most of the drug abuse, but the council can and dug all that up, but a good place now to go and hang out with all ur mates in ue car is up safeways carpark, you gat a good few cars up there. and a cheep henry of gange.
  • old peeps place down the leisure centre, safeway car park or anywhere u can sit an slag someone off!
  • anywhere really where really, people will always moan where ever you are, you want drugs, go to the church graveyard or the grange
  • Under the stairs up that dingy lane down the side of lloyds chemists.
  • Minster School grounds (yard and tennis courts) and the Grange.
  • Skag head heaven, aka the grange. If you are a towny and want to look like a dick, go sit in spar car park in your car.
  • Corn Square or the Grange, the grange is a huge expance of grass and there are always people their, the Square is the main place people meet to go elsewhere!
  • Yea we have a lot of drug abusers down the grange so why doesn't the police do anything about it!!
  • Roy's Cafe, where the kids of the town can put all their parent's hard earned cash in gamblers.
  • The Grange or the schools, no doubt trying hard to screw up their lives with alcohol or drugs before they're 18.
  • some sad sad people have been to this town don't believe a word they say
  • the grange..has a full spectrum of drug and alcohol dependants. from cheap nasty fags to the highest class of buckfast and vodka. port for me personally but the dodgy reject types that will be either dole seeking or working at m&ms for their whole sad indescribably inbred lives.
  • There are two leisure centres in Leominster that provide facilities for young and older people. The local community centre is relocating in the future but at present provides space for young people to relax in. A youth cafe is being set-up to promote a more responsible attitude towards other members of the community and will include access to local advice groups.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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