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Record Shops
  • Woolworths sell generally trendy music crap, and some older music from the *real* genres, but dont stock rare items. Sketlons is ok, dont have too much, has alot of rarer items, but can order *anything* and have it for next day
  • The Dinosaw market is a brisk 3 hours walk from the center of town.
  • Skeltons, but you generally have to order the stuff you want.
  • There arn't any (well, you can go to skeltons if you like burt bacharac). Nearest music store... 15 miles away
  • If there is one thing that Leominster is crying out for, apart from a Police station that opens all day everyday, a cinema and some competition for the bin that they call Euphoria (Or is it Euthanasia??), then a record shop has to be it!! Skeltons is the closest we have to a record store, they will order CD's for you, but have a limited stock available to buy on the day!! Come on you business types, give me a reason to shop in Leominster that doesn't involve food!!!
  • woolies, skeltons

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