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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • lots of pooooo!!!!!!
  • if you see ANYONE with reebok classics keep your distance
  • Please note.. Leominster is in HEREFORDSHIRE. There is and never has been a geographical entity or postal address 'Hereford and Worcester' only a short lived council. Please correct this , as it is rather offensive and annoys the **** out of most folk in Herefordshire. Besides I would like to click on other Herefordshire places and not have to wade through tons of irrelavent Worcestershire stuff.
  • Number of skaggies per 1000:~ 996.2
  • I know its shite. I've lived there all my life.
  • The ever supreme coverage this website is getting in the Leominster Journal! Makes a change from the ever continuous debate about whether the local mayfair should be in the town or back in the gasworks! Personally i have no qualms with the site unlike most seem to i get it's tongue in cheek nature. As for Leominster being inbred, well i have to admit if people did their research they'd KNOW it is an A level standard textbook example of inbreeding with small towns...I promise you, that is a fact. Next issue the Drug problem au contraire to the councillor's comments and peoples general thoughts, drugs ARE a problem and Leominster has been catagorised as one of the worst small towns for widespread drug issues...i hate to inform everyone but there's a hell of a lot of kids out there who know how and where to get hold of drugs if they want to.
  • It is a pity that local residents feel to need to run down their own comunity, If they put as much effort into improving the situation Leominster would be a better place. There is of course the option to move to some inner city area but their moans and groans would not be heard there.
  • Beware while walking the streets on a Friday night - drug delivery night, although not much chance of a police chase.
  • one over zealous journalist in rural herefordshire and this web page is on the front page of the local rag. Even the mayor has had his comment to make! it's so amusing that this web site has been taken so seriously. (no offence like!) The internet is a mass of uncensored material, theres probably naked photos of your nan on it if you look hard enough, but seriously, if someone has landed on this particular site while looking up their fav holiday destination i think they might like to take all they read with a heaped tablespoon of salt.
  • A great deal of work has been done by a number of people in recent years to improve the town and make it a pleasant place to visit. More is being done to provide entertainment for youngsters, why not visit and give us a try.
  • Don't ever visit, there is a very nice bypass I lived here untill a year ago and I am not joking it really is not nice

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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