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First entry of 2016 by peter harwood (Member 10070983) on 3-Jan-2016
Hi everybody,Nobody used this site at all in 2015 so I thought I would make an entry in Jan 2016 hoping it might just activate somebody to use it.   
Denise nee Smyth by Ian Berry (Member 10298284) on 11-Dec-2014
Hi to everyone.
I'm trying to find an old girlfriend (True soul mate) who I last saw in 1996. She used to live in Malvern, Worcestershire and moved to Leominster when we lost touch. Her maiden name was Denise Smyth but I can't remember her married name although I think it was a polish man. Any help in tracing her would be gratefully appreciated.
Many thanks
- Ian -
  • Re: Denise nee Smyth by Ian Berry (Member 10298284) on 11-Dec-2014
    Further info. She was separated when we last met and had 4 children the youngest of which would be about 19 now . Thank you

Another visit to Leominster by peter harwood (Member 10070983) on 9-Apr-2014
I made another visit to Leominster last weekend. Walked around the town but did not recognise anyone (it was 38 years ago that I lived there, so it was unlikely.
The town has not changed that much , there are a few more shopping arcades and most of the shops are under different ownership. I was surprised at the number of antique shops in the town, in fact you could call Leominster an antique cent... more >>
J club by John Watkins (Member 10285888) on 27-May-2013
Hi. I am trying to find out which pop groups played in the J club in Leominster during the 1960`s,or any memories of that club.
thanks John.
Contact john.watkins4@btinternet.com
Save Money or Make Money with the Utility Warehouse by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 5-May-2013
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Ask me for more information.

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Authorised D... more >>
Play Games, View Ads, Listen To The Radio - Make Money - See My Blog by jerome sky (Member 10282652) on 6-Feb-2013

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Where is everybody? by peter harwood (Member 10070983) on 6-Mar-2012
I was the last person to write anything on this site 6 months ago, why don't people use it? It could be a great site for people like myself who used to live in Leominster and want to know what is going on.
So please somebody write something!!
Another visit to Leominster by peter harwood (Member 10070983) on 3-Oct-2011
Visited Leominster last weekend, first visit since 2008 and absolutely loved it. I lived there from 1976 to 1978 and really loved the place then, sadly for economic reasons had to move back to the London area.
Stayed in a little village called Kinnersley this time, near Weobley. You lot living there don't know how lucky you are, it's just so peaceful and the people so friendly.
Fed up living on ... more >>
long lost by mel garrett (Member 10238157) on 22-Jul-2010
Is there anyone out there from green lane secondry modern school,1950s+,Mrs Phillips class 4d get in touch
Leominster Youth Club by Darren (Member 10240560) on 13-Jul-2010
Hi, I used to go to the Youth Club in Leominster back in 1998 which was a small chapel. It was run by Orville Zichterman (he's a soul singer and is on YouTube). He also used to look after me as I was in foster care.

Just wondering if anyone knows if the Youth Club still exists. I miss Leominster, but don't think I could live there again, far too boring.

Also, if anyone knows Clair Kershaw (I... more >>
Saga Dating by Glenda (Member 10247636) on 11-May-2010
I'm a single lady in my fifties looking for a companion to spend some quailty time with. I'm not over the hill yet, and still young at heart. I can be found at sagadatingsite website just search for Glenda. Looking forward to hearing from you.   
  • Re: Saga Dating by dylan (Member 10252377) on 30-Sep-2010
    Hi I'm Alan in my fifties would like a frieind and lover

Adv Notice, Modern Jive (LeRoc)/WCSwing Social Night by S.B (Member 10184513) on 23-Mar-2010
Modern Jive LeRoc / W.C.Swing
Social Night
Whitby Sports & Social Club
(formerly the Shell Club)
Dunkirk Lane, Whitby, Elle... more >>
needy by gilf (Member 10245596) on 12-Mar-2010
Is there a man out there who can satisfy my needs? I am a widow in my early sixties, and I am still young at heart. I am looking for a local man to keep me warm at night. The best way to find me is via the www dateagranny dot com web site - I would rather you find me there than email me directly - I hope you understand. Sylvia x
  • Re: needy by dylan (Member 10252377) on 30-Sep-2010
    I'm your man I'm alan please get back to me x

Advance Notice, Star Studded Championships 2010 by S.B (Member 10184513) on 5-Mar-2010
WCDF Worlds Qualifying Event

Whitby Sports & Social Club
Dunkirk Lane, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, England
6th to 8th Au... more >>
Who knows these people? by Darren (Member 10240560) on 12-Sep-2009
Does anyone here know the Rose family? (Yvonne, Peter, Jason Rose etc)

I used to live in Leominster in 1998, moved out to live in North Wales to live with a foster family.

Some people in Leominster who I miss. Clair Kershaw (or something similar) I wish to get hold of... anyone know these people?

  • Re: Who knows these people? by sam duncalfe (Member 10245704) on 15-Mar-2010
    My Mum used to work for peter and yvonne at Alternatives they closed the buisness a few years ago and moved to Norfolk ,but sadly Yvonne recently died after suffering quite a long time from lukemia.

  • Re: Who knows these people? by Darren (Member 10240560) on 13-Jul-2010
    Hi Sam,

    Yeah I not long found out about Yvonne, Jason her son called me after I managed to get in touch with him on Facebook and he told me the news and that they live in Norfolk now. I'm so shocked about Yvonne, I miss her a lot, she was like a mother to me.

    Are you still in touch with them?

  • Re: Who knows these people? by Darren (Member 10240560) on 16-Jul-2017
    Hey Sam, you still around?

    You mentioned that your mother used to work for Yvonne (at Alternatives). What was her name? The only women I knew that worked for her were Ruth and Denise.

4 d by mel garrett (Member 10238157) on 11-Jun-2009
Anybody out there from 4d class in the 60s,mrs phillips. paul morris, ivor gillum, jacky jones,eddy banks +   
  • Re: 4 d by lizzie (Member 10244277) on 31-Jan-2010
    ivor gillum was my uncle and he died in about 1993

  • Re: 4 d by mel garrett (Member 10238157) on 4-Mar-2010
    Sorry to here about Ivor, we were good mates at school can you give details? thank you.

Do You Want to Increase Your Income in 2009 ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

Many people are worried about the coming year with redundancy, Credit Crunch etc. Would you like to join a business part/full time where these difficult times make your services even more attractive?

We are a Footsie 250 P L C Company and our distributors get paid for reccommending their services, not just omce, but ever... more >>
What is hoped to be the biggest free classic car display event is being held behind the lake in Llandrindod wells on sat 23rd August around 300 cars are expected hosted by llandrindod wells Victorian festival.   
  • Re: CLASSIC CAR DISPLAY LLANDRINDOD WELLS by Qtip (Member 10136528) on 26-Oct-2008

    New Chat Room

Modern Jive /WCSwing Workshops and Competitions 2008 by S.B (Member 10184513) on 22-Jun-2008
Dancers from across the Globe will descend on Cheshire to compete at the 'UK Star Studded Championships held at Northwich Memorial Hall on the 1st,2nd & 3rd of August.
This is the first time this venue will be used to hold this event, the Saturday evening includes a Modern Jive & West Coast Swing Freestyle.
The competition for the first time will have a Modern Jive category, 'UK Modern Jive ProA... more >>
A visit to Leominster after many years by peter harwood (Member 10070983) on 11-Jun-2008
I lived in Leominster for nearly 2 years from 1976 to 1978 and recently returned for a visit. It was great walking through the town after all this time. Most of it hasn't changed at all except for the bus station moving across the road and Morrisons moving in to Barons Cross (bet that upset the local traders). A few pubs had closed and there were many new names on the shops, but the heart of Leomi... more >>   
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