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  • Best alternative pub in the area is the Montague Arms which is on the border of New Cross Gate and Peckham (just in Borough of Lewisham). It has a great crowd, with live bands many nights a week and does an excellent Sunday Lunch. The best thing though is its bizarre interior (including antique stage coach, skeletons, stuffed animals, penny farthing and various maritime whatnots). The next best pubs are The Marquess of Granby in New Cross, The Royal George in Tanners Hill, Deptford (a very cheap Samuel Smiths pub), and the Amersham Arms in New Cross (which has live bands several night a week). The Hoggoblin in New Cross is the best chain pub in the area - it has a nice patio for summer drinking. Lewisham itself only has two good pubs - the Fox and Firkin (sometimes has live music) and the Hogshead (which has changed its name to ?) the rest are not worth a look except the Watchhouse (a Wetherspoons) if you can't be bothered to look further than central Lewisham. New Cross used to be even better for drinking however the New Cross Inn and the Goldsmith Tavern have been ruined by over-modernisation.
  • The Rising Sun In Loampit vale - certainly not a dive!!! A great place to go and meet down to earth friendly people who welcome even the most cynical of strangers!! The Landlady is indeed fresh faced and has even been known to break into irish song occasionally!! A true contender for the Angel's crown!!
  • ok well,if drinking in brockley all i can say is you are bound to be confronted by countless unbelievably attractive students from goldsmiths just up the road...and i am a student there..and i had much better confidence before i saw these beautiful freaks of nature(must be something in their admissions policy!)if all you seek is beautiful women and student priced beer go to any pub in new cross..just be careful if drunk and on way home..h ehe
  • Stonewalls is temporarily closed, being refurbished. 'Bar Phoenix' has arisen from the ashes of The Roebuck.
  • The Roebuck has been reborn as Bar Phoenix, and is applying for a strippers' licence. Shame to lose the name Roebuck, which has been a pub name in Lewisham since the 18th century.
  • The Queen's Arm, near where Couthill Road becomes Hither Green Lane, is gay again. Small old fashioned boozer. Seems to attract a more middle aged crowd. Good quiz on Wednesdays.
  • The Angel on Loampit Vale is now a pile of rubble (demolished earlier this year)while the Rising Sun is a bit of a depressing dive, but has been known to stretch the concept of closing time a little. God, i wish I didn't have to get a bus to Blackeath or Greenwich to find a good pub. Anyone know of any hidden gems?
  • If you are fed up with chain pubs check out The Woodmam on Lee High Road. It is has excellent Guiness and traditional Irish music every Sunday night. Also the landlord, an Irish guy, is usually fairly relaxed about drinking after hours.
  • The Watch Tower on Lewisham High Street is actually called the Watch House (Wetherspoons) and takes its name from Watch House Green which was once nearby. The Catford Ram at Catford is a good Young's pub (councillors or not) and the Rutland Arms on Perry Hill, Catford, is good for real ale and jazz. The 'Hobgoblin'on Lewisham High Street was actually a Hogshead but has now changed its name to Jordans, a fine free house with a wide selection of cask-conditioned beers ciders and country wines. The Dacre Arms in Kingswood Place (off Lee High Road) is a good local boozer with well-kept beers.
  • Gay pubs in Lewisham. Stonewalls, near the Leisure Centre, is OK in an 80s imitation sort of way, if a bit impersonal. The Roebuck, near Lewisham Shopping Centre, is dire, but has to be seen to be believed. It attracts a strange mix of 'fresh' and 'experienced' faces.
  • Lewisham drinking is now dominated by boring chain pubs on the High Street - uniformed staff, snotty bouncers, and at weekends packed with, er, young local people, some of whom give a convincing impression of not being able to take that fifth pint of overpriced lager. The Quaggy Duck is smaller than Yates's & has better beer. The Watchtower (Wetherspoon's) has good beer but is really, really boring (& the only one of them that doesn't usually need a bouncer) The Firkin pub at the end of the street goes up and down. There is a new one opened up but I've not been there. "Brockley Barge" near Brockley Station is a better-than-average chain pub (Wetherspoons) and worth a visit if you are passing but too out of the way for a special trip. The Brockley Jack is big & out of the way. Last time I went there some remarkably good-looking women. Maybe it was a coincidence. Hobgoblin at the Hospital end of the High Street is friendly, tiny, and has great real beer. Hobgoblin on New Cross Road is much larger and wall-to-wall students some nights. Which is fun if you like students. Most genuine local pubs losing money and dead quiet except on Fridays when often too noisy. The Rising Sun on Loampit Vale is the nearest you get to a normal local's local. Quiet, but not totally empty, especially early in the evening when people coming home from work bump into those having a pint before a night out. Mostly Irish and Jamaican. Later on you get the hard-core sad middle-aged blokes on bar stools & a few spectacular drunks. Decent beer. Duke of Edinburgh just on the Lewisham side of Lee Green is also a friendly local. Folk music on Mondays. Which will put off anyone who might be happier in Yates's. Mason's Arms on the high street great for a quick pint & a newspaper when shopping is too boring. Catford Ram in the boring Catford Shopping Centre is where you see the boring borough councillors get boringly rat-arsed after committee meetings. But it is worth it for the experience of seeing the Catford Cat whilst pissed. The Angel on Loampit Vale used to be a wonder of a pub. Best Irish boozer in South London. It had a reputation for never closing. But the landlord moved on, and it changed hands 3 or 4 times, and no-one has gone there for years. Even closed down a few times. Maybe worth a try to see if the Guiness is still as good. Most Lewisham people who really like pubs go to Deptford or Greenwich... Rising Sun on
  • Wetherspoons in Brockley
  • The best real ale in Lewisham is at the Watchtower opposite the library - a Wetherspoons pub with 5 or 6 different real ales on tap - Does decent cheap food too
  • The Fox and Firkin and the Hobgoblin (opposite Ladywell Baths) on Lewisham High Street are worth a visit. The Catford Ram is the place to eavesdrop on hot local political gossip as it is next to the Town Hall.
  • The Copperfield by Catford Bridge station has seen better days, but is good for a quiet friendly drink. The Quaggy Duck in Lewisham is worth a visit just cos of the name.

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