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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • Curly Music near central station is fab
  • There us a shop in Liverpool city centre Heneseys
  • Dawsons and Curly Music within walking distance of each other on Church Street (I think). There's another guitar shop just there, I think it's called Dolphin or something.
  • Dolphin Music - best guitar store in the North West. Great staff, independent and good selection. Next to Central Station pretty much, opposite Dawsons.
  • Curly Music, Dawsosns, The guitar shop all on ranlegh street
  • Dolphin music now has a shop in what used to be the Tiny computers shop - turn right as you come out of central station and it's on the right, across the road from Dawsons. They've got lots of high-end guitars and amps upstairs, and mid-range stuff downstairs. It's quite a small shop, but you can order anything from their website (they have a huge warehouse full of stuff) and they'll get it the next day. Also, the prices are the same online as they are in the shop (unlike e.g. ADC drums), in fact they're even cheaper since you don't have to pay postage ;) Dolphin is by far the cheapest of the 3 shops in town for music tech stuff, and a lot of other stuff - behringer pedals are about half the price compared to anywhere else.
  • The new Dolphin Music shop near Dawsons has a great selection of guitars. I haven't been there yet, but apparently they even have Gibson ES models!
  • Adc Drums in cheapside, friendly guys and great prices, great little place.
  • Frets
  • curly music
  • Curly music, dawsons, bell and crane, micro music. MORAN SOUND in Gateacre has a couple of good packages but the fella is quite rude.
  • There are several but I canít remember there names Iím tone deaf but there is one buy MacDonaldís near to the Adelphi Hotel
  • definately richard behrends on greenbank road, off smithdown road
  • Hessys
  • Rushworths is gone, Hessey's is gone, but MICRO MUSIC lives on in Smithdown Rd! All the best guitars basses and PA gear, with a cool attitude, and a laugh!
  • dawsons fukin rocks curlys aint bad too
  • Rushworths is dead and buried.
  • Curly Music is probably the best one around now that Rushworths is shut.
  • Can't remeber the names though there is a few in the town centre, one is opposite Central Station and that's a fair size.
  • The Beatles were made here in liverpool
  • RUSHWORTHS is now closed down
  • Curly Music, cool place a few doors down from Dawson's. Also, Bell & Crane Music in Hanover Street. Both have some good guitars. By far the best place has to be Micro Music on Smithdown Road, these guys have a large range of guitars and amps, at prices ranging from next-to-nothing up to thousands of quid.
  • dawsons suplies an exelent range of guitars and you can go in and play them without gettin hassled
  • Richard Behrends off Smithdown, near Greenbank Park. Good range of advertisements for second hand instruments. Also staff often accidentally undercharge you for musical paraphenalia.
  • How can you have an entry on Liverpool without mentioning RUSHWORTHS, the biggest instrument shop there (and the best place to direct people to to get them lost)

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