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Do You Want to Increase Your Income in 2009 ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

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Have you managed to meet anyone yet? by Phillip (Member 10227299) on 8-Jun-2008
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Davies of Llani by mark_k3 (Member 10218202) on 17-Dec-2007
I moved to Llani about 5 years ago only to find out last week that my family used to live here, I know of 3 generations that owned the old bakery on 10 LongBridge Street (its a art shop now) my grandmother Doris Davies, my uncle Ewert Davies and my aunty Elsie Davies. Also my Greatgrandfather and Great Great Grandfather used to own the place as well. If anyone has any info on relatives still livin... more >>   
sex by vicky (Member 10211918) on 6-Aug-2007
does anyone out there know on a website on how to earn money from sex text   
  • Re: sex by girlsmart (Member 10195087) on 17-Jun-2008
    email me on girlsmart@hotmail.com il telu more

LLANI FANCY DRESS by girlsmart (Member 10195087) on 8-Jul-2007
well another year of fancy dress has passed and what a year all them young girls displaying body bits everywhere love it   
WHAT A FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by The butler (Member 10192205) on 18-May-2007
Why so many speed bumps???????????
Why have they widened the path next to the old market house making it very hard to get lorries
round there??? All this has done is make the lorries move closer to the building or is this the idea so they can get more tax payers unecessary grants to fix it after its been hit???!!! WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY
Stan or Mair Reamsbottom by Ralph Rowlands (Member 10203879) on 2-Mar-2007
This couple worked in Llanidloes in the 60's before moving to work in Chester. I know they moved back to Llanidloes in the 80's. Anyone tell me their present situation?   
  • Re: Stan or Mair Reamsbottom by Frank Allen (Member 10206341) on 8-Apr-2007
    hi, stan and mair did move to llanidloes but sadly mair passed away last year, however stan is very much alive and kicking and sends his regards and his telephone number is 01686413856

Llani fancy dress by loopy (Member 10161465) on 12-Jun-2006
Hello, does anyone know if the fancy dress is definately on this year? And is it on the 8th July? Ta   
  • Re: Llani fancy dress by Mr_Reapers EX MISSES (Member 10152191) on 26-Jun-2006
    hi, llani carnival is on the 1st and fancy dress is on the 7th

Anyone in Crystals of the night of 23/24th Dec 2005? by Pablothehat (Member 10123663) on 2-Feb-2006
I am looking for information because my g/f was spiked and raped after leaving the club. Any info can be emailed to: spikedanddateraped.innewtownpoys@virgin.net and will be treated in confidence.   
sex in llanidloes by pippy (Member 10162650) on 5-Sep-2005
Does anyone know of any housewife or escort who offer sex in llanidloes genuine   
  • Re: sex in llanidloes by D . R (Member 10166296) on 20-Oct-2005
    call 0891 50 50 50

LLANI FANCY DRESS by ChRiStInA (Member 10154962) on 21-Jun-2005
Is it back on? It said it was on radio maldwin? can anyone confirm this???   
  • Re: LLANI FANCY DRESS by D . R (Member 10166296) on 20-Oct-2005
    well i spoke to Mike Baldwin and he says its on ,, apparently he's going with Ken Barlow >??

Barn Dance by SexyLegs (Member 10150413) on 10-May-2005
Whoz Going? Itz at Llanbister!   
venables by bumblebee (Member 10151902) on 24-Apr-2005
earth to llani anyone know mark venables just wondering how hes doing what hes up to etc.   
  • Re: venables by D . R (Member 10166296) on 20-Oct-2005
    he's now in jail, got done for child molestin

  • Re: venables by shaft (Member 10039490) on 31-Oct-2005
    are you joking

Fuck Sake!!!!!!!!!! by SexyLegs (Member 10150413) on 21-Apr-2005
Does any1 talk on here? Therez fuck all happening on here have a look on llandod and builth thatz more buzzing!   
  • Re: Fuck Sake!!!!!!!!!! by kermit (Member 10028714) on 11-Jun-2005
    well whats the gossip in llani? dont tell me there is none, I used to go to school there but its been a few years.

Wot do people think? by SexyLegs (Member 10150413) on 12-Apr-2005
who here like to go to Barcode? i havent been ere for a while!   
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Ghost Hunt Competition by mattp (Member 10136357) on 3-Nov-2004
If you're a fan of ghost stories and Most Haunted here's a great chance to win a ghost-hunting experience in Powys!
Self catering breaks Nerja by Holiday Nerja (Member 10124906) on 20-May-2004
I would like to introduce you to Holiday Nerja. We have a variety of one and two bedroom self catering apartments available for rental accomodation in Nerja Cost del Sol. All our apartments are fully fitted for self catering and have south facing terraces and communal pools. If you are interested and need more details please visit our website at www.holidaynerja.co.uk or contact us Peter or Kathy ... more >>   
ESCORTS WANTED by Dowie (Member 10077954) on 15-Sep-2002
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earn good money from home. by derek cummings (Member 10036758) on 3-May-2002
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