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Do You Want to Increase Your Income in 2009 ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

Many people are worried about the coming year with redundancy, Credit Crunch etc. Would you like to join a business part/full time where these difficult times make your services even more attractive?

We are a Footsie 250 P L C Company and our distributors get paid for reccommending their services, not just omce, but ever... more >>
Modern Jive /WCSwing Workshops and Competitions 2008 by S.B (Member 10184513) on 26-Jun-2008
Dancers from across the Globe will descend on Cheshire to compete at the 'UK Star Studded Championships held at Northwich Memorial Hall on the 1st,2nd & 3rd of August.

This is the first time this venue will be used to hold this event, the Saturday evening includes a Modern Jive & West Coast Swing Freestyle.

The competition for the first time will have a Modern Jive category, 'UK Modern Jive ... more >>
MURRAYFIELD LIVE8 TICKETS CLOSE TO STAGE COPY AND PASTE> by LittleLump (Member 10157743) on 30-Jun-2005
christine by tina (Member 10146536) on 23-Mar-2005
im looking for christine reid(maiden name graham)christine has a daughter called gillian,also christine had a brother called robert.   
How DED is this board? by SooZ (Member 10133550) on 6-Oct-2004
I mean, like, rigormortis dead, hehe :)   
Hiya Hen did you eventually get there? by andy (Member 10039317) on 16-Jul-2004
Hiya hen thats some distance to got for the night, how long did it take u to get there? lol

Take care hen!

Lorna n Andy
holidays by Paul Branton (Member 10098659) on 11-Jun-2003
I'm coming up to Lochinver in early September 03,stopping in a b+b for the week,does anyone know of any good places to eat and dine out at night? I've been chattin to a nice girl in Drumbeg for a while now thro' Yahoo chat and i would like to know if there are plenty of other nice people up there that will be willing to chat to me thro' yahoo?
See you all in early Sept 03.

Old acquaintances by chris (Member 10088717) on 30-Jan-2003
We spent 2 enjoyable years living and working in Lochinver,lovely place to live and work.We lived in the flat above Simons butchers. We found the locals friendly and very sociable,would like to take this opportunityto say hello and best wishes to the folks we knew back then.   
moving in by richard day (Member 10080719) on 24-Oct-2002
Iam a welsh guy (48)have been around and am looking to spend the winter in or around lochinver
Would appreciate any advice on work and digs.Ihear there is work going in the fish industry
Durness residents by Paul Bradley (Member 10047648) on 12-Sep-2002
Lochinver is the closest place to Durness that has a website and I am shooting in the dark in the hope that someone can help me trace Angus Mcleod who use to drive up to Durness every two weeks from Ford Motor Co. in Basildon Essex to see his Mother .
I remember him showing me a photograph of her house which was about a 100 yards away from the cliff-edge . I used to work with Angus some 25years a... more >>
  • Re: Durness residents by Elizabeth McCallum (Member 10106046) on 24-Sep-2003
    We visited him recently being interested in a common ancestor. He still visits Durness regularly and calls it home.
    He has moved in to a new home in the vicinity of Essex but I will have to look up the address as it has been misplaced

  • Re: Durness residents by Paul Bradley (Member 10047648) on 30-Jul-2008
    Hi Phil ,

    It is the first time I have been to this noticeboard in 5-years and I was very pleased to see that someone had replied .

    Did you ever find the Essex address for Angus ....I would still like tochat with him if he would like to do so !!

Lochinver by Judy Buranich (Member 10073145) on 14-Jul-2002

I'm an author from the US. I'm considering using Lochinver as the setting in my current novel because it is a small town where everybody knows everybody.

I'd appreciate being able to talk with a current resident of Lochinver about the town: normal everyday things like grocers, doctors, schoo... more >>
Lochinver Pies by David McGee (Member 10072804) on 10-Jul-2002
Hello all, Can someone please give me the web address, or e-mail address,phone number for the local shop that sells all those scrummy pies I had some the last time I was up there but I have lost the info thank`s in advance.   
  • Re: Lochinver Pies by Ian Stewart (Member 10073056) on 15-Jul-2002
    see website www.piesbypost.demon.co.uk or phone 01571 844356
    regards Ian

  • Re: Lochinver Pies by David McGee (Member 10072804) on 15-Jul-2002
    Thank`s for the information Ian

Lochinver Larder by Deborah Jackson (Member 10044351) on 15-Sep-2001
Knew the owners, The Stewarts a long time ago, does anybody know them, are they still around?, do they have email ? Would love to hear from them...   
  • Re: Lochinver Larder by Ian Stewart (Member 10073056) on 15-Jul-2002
    Ian &Debra are still in lochinver running the larder you can phone 01571 844356 or e mail Lochlarder@btinternet.com

LOOKING FOR GRANTS,MORRISONS, ULLAPOOL by w.geoff johnston (Member 10017323) on 18-May-2001
Pier /Jetty by ANDREW WILSON (Member 10028912) on 21-Mar-2001
I beleive that there's some major repair work being done to your boat jetty very soon and would appreciate some information on who is the main contractor.
I'm a Commercial diver from Liverpool and I beleive that there will be substantial diving work done on this project.
I've worked for many years up and around Scotland, recently putting a fresh water pipe in at Sconser, Isle of Skye and previo... more >>
Local Newspaper Details and Boats Sinking Details by steve garven (Member 10021612) on 9-Dec-2000
Could either the local newspaper for lochinver and surrounding area please contact me or could someone contact me with the details.

I am interested in finding out more information about boat sinkings in the area, particularly unexpected and unexplained events either close to the shore or harbour or offshore.

Any events would be... more >>
Unidentified Flying Objects by jonathan slater (Member 10020929) on 3-Dec-2000
Have you! Seen any mysterious lights or strange objects in our skies lately? A non-profit making scientific research group requires serious reports.   
Hello to family in Lochinver! by kay allan (Member 10018160) on 20-Oct-2000
Hello Lochinver! I have visited Lochinver many times always having a wild time there. Does anyone know my family who live there? Allan Munro? If so please say hello to him and his family and give him my email address if he has access to a computer,Cheers, Kay.   
  • Re: Hello to family in Lochinver! by Neil B (Member 10108546) on 1-Nov-2003
    Hello Kay
    I do hope you selected "email me when a reply comes" on this board.

    Im looking for Colleen Hendy in Ontario last I heard.

    Email me lukeiamyofatha@y... more >>

Millenium!! by Angie (Member 10011401) on 7-Jul-2000
come on into the 21st century.   
  • Re: Millenium!! by Angie (Member 10011401) on 3-Oct-2000
    LOL " I " get around???? Hello psycho

  • Re: Millenium!! by Angie (Member 10011401) on 12-Oct-2000
    Cos yer ah wanderer thats how!!!:)Hello!

  • Re: Millenium!! by Angie (Member 10011401) on 4-Jul-2001
    I don't think your typing "loch" in has anything to do with your state hon!!! hahaha

Self catering accomodation by Mike Oakes (Member 10003474) on 10-Oct-1999
I am looking for self catering accomodation for 8 -10 adults in June 2000 - near to Lochinver. (note we are all over 50 and need space, comfort and several bathrooms.

Can anyone help?
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