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Hookup Spots
  • No where, because every girl has already been drilled by every guy in this town. You don't "hook up" with a macc girl.
  • Snow Goose - a brilliant venue
  • sein peter crouch shag a granny!!!
  • tj hughes car park, macclesfield
  • Best hook up spot in Macc is the mighty Millstone for the simple fact that it truely is limbo, go in there whatever your age is and you'll find something to letch at and amuse yourself with, whether it be pissed will at athe bar, the mighty Forbes and his pits of doom or even kick off Kearnsy, it's always a laugh. Fat Jimmy is the Pie Master and the most robbing bastard known to man (it's the breweries fault) despite all this it's still one of the best pubs in Macc to go in regardless of age. No pretentious wankers and generally a sound crowd. If you're feeling minted go to MezzaLuna (If Selena will let you in, of course)
  • 15s....excellent..nice dark little corners and open if u want to be..great!
  • Best hook up spot in summer KINGS field....... lads get to play football and the girls get the BBQ on the go and catch a gud sun tan. West park if theres alot of people. Greenside and Henbury school at nights!!! Good piss up place
  • Lets all face it people if your not a scally in macclesfield you're stuffed so why don't you spend a few quid get on a train and go to manchester!!!
  • half pipes in west and south park, late shop on the moss, maccy ds, the underpass on the edge of town centre, st georges park, train station. All great places to hang around when there's fuck all else to do.
  • Congy Fields.
  • West Park. full of underage scallys with many a bottle of cider of lambrini
  • silver coin... pool n slot machines chillen on a saturday lol
  • sparrow park or spar on upton priory
  • ay up this is tink west park is 4 chillin dont dis it and dont dis us
  • Used to be the MIllstone and Macc Arms in the late 70s.
  • sparrow park. i have that on very good authority
  • The town hall . SPARROW PARK not been there since i turned 18. Both places are near to each other and a great place to hook up
  • loads of tangoed scallies hang around alldays- now coop! they sit ther and do nothin wot a nice life! please look in the mirror b4 u come out and use a lighter shade of foundation u scrubbers!
  • The half-pipe in South Park is a good place to meet-up. Me and all the scals meet there. I sometimes hang with the punks at the bandstand as well. We used to hang about on the roof of All Hallows school but they dont let you do that no more. Now we go to the nearby locations of dogshit alley, fermaine youth club, the church yard and the multi-story carpark.
  • any where in its full of slags
  • Best hook-up spot is the benches outside WH Smiths
  • Tarn Mount cul de sac, best place for squidgy black in Macc, ask for Malkin.
  • when i used to live in macclesfield the best hook up spot was the bench on broken cross, smoking a fag hoping ur parents wouldnt pass you in the car lol
  • Macclesfield is apparently the 2nd most desirable place ot live in the uk allthough due to its "scally" population that just doesnt seem right and as for music scene its hardly gr8 the local radio is so dire im quite sure it can be blamed for a fair amount of suicides in the area, south park skating ramp is good if u can pick a time to avoid the scum from the estate.
  • The bollin!noway!safe place to get pissed'n'stoned @ tha weekend!aint it? (every1 from falli say YEA!)
  • Back of bollinbrook shops (i was a regular!), the crem (god knows why), Maccy ds drivethou, the fav thou wud have to b 'the view', for lookin at the view of course!!
  • oooooooh...bollin riverside park.....great place to hang out gettin pissed on a friday nite!!
  • The grass next to the very very bad half pipe in west park. Not only can you catch a tan in the sun but you can get a good old eyfull of topless skater eye candy!
  • the scallies seem to think their propa bad hangin outside falli skule at 3:35 evri day, nice hang out guys ure propa bad boi yardies rnt ya!
  • the weatherspoons carpark
  • It had to be behind Thornton sq especially in the morning we'd all sneak behind Kwik save for a sneaky fag while we waited for the bus, great if you thought your parents were going to be driving past..... anyone remember graham the bus driver.... that was for those who didn't get on the e78...!!!
  • the west park where me and all me mates go skating, we all listen to slipknot and linkin park, that shit rocks!! and the town hall is pretty good aswell me mate james really likes it.
  • that old kerb outside of live and andy bradley's house!
  • If you're over 6 - it used to be the Millstone, but we don't go in there much, because it's tight on Wayman. If you're under 6 - The Indoor Market, or marvelling at the 'beautiful' staff in Don Millers.
  • kings school.... good for boarders and bladers especially.... roof drops ranging from 6 foot, flat ledges (smooth and fast), 3 set, 6 set, 10 set and 12 set, and finally the amazing 10 set ledges on both sides... california style. london road rail, low but quite short. waterside, curbs, 9 set, ledges and good kinked rail. multi story, good ledge, 7 set with rail. the infamous tesco gaps, big....
  • The grassy knoll
  • At the back of the shops on the Bollinbrook Estate. The WORST place to go! Lots of scallies used to go there, lots of scallies still DO go there.
  • there are other hook up spots like the under ground for me fellow metal heads out there. There is also the town centre at night just watch it for "meat hard" scallies.
  • "the wall" near south park gates.
  • The scallies seem to think the Tythy shops are a good place to hang out, where they shout abuse at no-one and let old grannys past with ease, we have dubbed these 'The Tythy Shoppers'
  • Tegi is the place to be especially if your on an E. Hard drugs aside the police as well as Maccs youth know where the prime smoking spot in town is located. Other top venues include. Liggitts lane - lovely view of the glory that is Macc. At night its just like looking at New York Rangers - middle of nowhere a few trees your stoned by this point, who cares? Prestbury Park - a higher class smoke by the few who are unsure of their evenings whereabouts a good starting point. Sir may wish to venture onwards to.... Anywhere near in the hills where sheep roam: normally associated with a police officer "lads please move on" erm to where exactly your arse or wilmslow?
  • The Internet
  • Mak-Snacks used to be good, next to the bus station, but it was easy to get barred, so the bus station itself had to suffice.
  • West Park if u ignore the young hooligans
  • West Park definitely, up on the YTS castle. A great place to get arrested when you're young. Chris, I think you know what I mean, eh? Otherwise the wobbly plank in South Park. Is it still there?
  • definitely sparrow park and the cenotaph on park green, crack out your bottles of lambrini and white lightening and enjoy the peaceful surroundings (or practice the art of seduction in either...)
  • Macclesfield is perpetuallly inundated by slappers and middleage whores. Don't worry though could be worse you could live in Wrexham.
  • Outside McDonalds or the Late Shop at Moss Rose.
  • That old favourite spot, West Park.
  • Remember the fields by chester road at the end of westbury drive? Ahhh the heap of gravel pounded over the years by BMX bikes, the sandpit that gave you a strange rash, the massive drainage pipes in which you could sit and smoke a fag, and now the bastards have built houses on it. Then there is the overflow carpark at the back of the Leisure Centre, a haven for bored sixth form Fallibroomers on their fag break.
  • purple palace
  • The Silver Coin
  • Sparrow Park, See some hussies. Lots of top tarts
  • no cinema, no clubs, a market that is not even in the market place, shite council and if you get arrested you get taken 8 miles to the next town. only good thing about macc is the road out, i should know ive lived here all my life.
  • Best hook up spot is tythy park - smoking dubious substances
  • the underpass near the white swan
  • Try Broken Cross, or anywhere on Greenside estate
  • West Park is OK, but full of little shits with attitude problems. Anyone with half a life ends up in the pub.
  • South Park: Watch out for the gangs of townies. If you can ignore them, then the Macc punks (what's left of them) lurk up there in the summer with the local alkys and so on. Good bunch of people. And South Park is just handy for Bargain Booze.
  • Macc forest on a quiet sunny day

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