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Cheap Food
  • Moroccan cuisine at Marrakech Takeaway offers the very best in Moroccan cuisine, which will appeal to all the senses. Our menu reflects a variety of dishes from North Africa - from delicious salads, chicken and lamb tagines, couscous and gourmet handmade burgers. Choose from classic dishes. Marrakech has a focus on well-sourced, freshly cooked ingredients at a great price. 1A Glynwood House, Bridge Avenue, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1RS, Tel – 01628 673655,
  • Take Aways:- KFC - new clean, big queues though Papa John Pizza - Top quality, decent service, excellent value - £6.99 for Xtra Large Pizza Kebab Elite - Decent Kebabs, good value Mac D - As per anywhere else Subway * 2 - Again, pretty standard Kebab King up by Smokey Joes is OK, but a bit overpriced Kebab shop near the Wetherspoons is Excellent, but they take hours to cook the food! Kitchen - new place near Mr Cod - is easily the best take away in Maidenhead, fantastic food, wonderful milkshakes too. Tennessee Fried Chicken - Not as nice as KFC, but good value. Steer Clear of:- Golden Bridge - Horrible quality of meat Herbies - Worse than a Tesco's own brand Pizza Burger King - Staff who are about as attentive as a blind mute Mr Cod - I'll have extra grease with my chips cooked in year old oil please Restaurants:- Pizza Express and Jonathans are excellent quality - good value (although not cheap), excellent atmosphere. Jasmine does all you can eat Chinese for £13.50 - no buffet though, you order - and it's all good quality. Noodle Nation is decent quality grub for bargain prices, gets a bit busy at weekends though. Thai Square does fantastic Thai food, not cheap, but their lunch/evening deals are worth a go. If you can stretch to it (and like Indian), the food in the Balcony is excellent - but take plenty of cash. Avoid:- The Bear - horrible, cheap stodgy rubbish. You get what you pay for. Francesco - The Mac D of Italian food. Dry pasta which is no better than microwaved food. It's cheap though. Mama Rosa - Food about as good as Francesco at twice the price. Madness that anyone goes there (although based on previous walks past it on Fri/Sat, no-one does.) Wetherspoons - Sure you all know that their meals are not top drawer. Cooking = Microwave. Que Pasa - Food actually the best of any pub, but service diabolical. Over an hour and often incorrect. Steer Clear.
  • mcdonalds, burger king, subway, kebab elite, mr.cod, tefc thats bout it.
  • The best place has got to be Jonathans! Cheap and dead posh for us hood-goers! Right opposite Pizza Express (also nice!) and the mother of all kebab houses in Maidenhead.... KEBAB ELITE! Or Munch 4 U!
  • Mr. Cod.. opposite Llyods bar.. greasy food to cure drunkeneess
  • Gregs
  • TEFC Queens St do halal fried chicken, also Munch 4 U. Not Spicemaster or Herbies Pizza. Also the Lobster Pot on Harrow lane does great fish and chips.
  • Fornos is great for cheap pasta. And the pasty stand rocks. Steak and Guinness...mmmmmm
  • Kebab elite!! By the hear hotel
  • Went to MAS in St Mary's Walk. Dead smart place, great food and service outstanding. Guest list for the bar at weekends but worth the phone call
  • the cornish pasty shop and gregs baby!
  • roof roof roof tuesday 2 4 1 pizza only 4.99
  • Kebab Elite! And they deliver indian, burgers and kebabs till pretty late/
  • Nabha indian , burger king (Take ya chance at burger king my friend got food poissoning from there!)
  • you should all try Mamma Rosa - the Italian on Queen Street - very friendly people/atmosphere and great food
  • Having moved to the area I wanted to find out what were the best places to eat after several nights out eating with my wife we staumbled on Mamma Rosa in queen street for a young couple we thought we would give it a try the cinema had just opened and i booked tickets to see a film and before the film we thought we would have Italian and are we glad we did with out a doubt the best Italian in the area. We have been going back ever since and that is two years now i have taken business colleagues from Italy and they all ask to go there now when they come over, So if you are looking for a nice place to eat before catching a film or taking out clients in Maidenhead two words Mamma Rosa.
  • The Bear Hotel
  • Jenny's takeaway sell's chips after pub kicking out time.
  • In your restaurant guide you state that The Farrier restaurant has long since closed and is now a Peking Restaurant. This information is misleading because The Farrier restaurant has been operating in Ockwells Park, Maidenhead since 1989. Please update your information and I recommend you add The Farrier Restaurant to your list as an excellent restaurant with an extensive continental menu and delicious seasonal specials. It is well worth a visit.
  • Jasmine peking. although extortionately expensive the food is pukka
  • Loads. Chef Pe King the best in Berkshire. Costs, but is a place to impress your bird. Don;t forget your wallet or they'll Chop Suey you!
  • Nice Italian restaurant up Queen Street.
  • Jennys best burger in town!
  • I would just like to point out that the Chef Peking does have chopsticks. In fact if you can't each with Chopsticks then you have to ask them for cutlery. This is just a correction of the person who said there was not a chopstick in sight!!!
  • Veena's Kitchen is the BEST indian takeaway I have been to anywhere
  • Mc D's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Domino's Pizza (they deliver FREE), lots of Indian/Chinese restaurants/takeaways, a kebab shop called Kebab Elite - they have a massive selection and are the best in the area.
  • A great influx in coffee and sandwich shops, popular with those office types (ponces) during the day. Burger King opening shortly opposite the Hobgoblin. Plenty of nice restaurants in town such as the Roux brothers Waterside Inn (very expensive - Queen Liz had her birthday munch up prepared there and then whizzed to her country cottage (a.k.a. Windsor Castle) last year - all right for those who can afford it!
  • Rad example of tiny traditional cafe-in-the-park type thingy next to crazy golf course in park by Boulter's Lock on the river. Well worth a visit. Except it's no longer in the wonderful building, so I wouldn't bother any more.
  • Don't forget Pizza Hut!
  • Francesco's is reported to be a good place to eat.
  • Newly opened [7.96] Pierre Victoire adding a desperate bit of half decent, half credible nosh to the town centre. Rendezvous Bistro on Queen Street, nice sandwiches, if a little expensive for what it is.
  • The most excellent Chinese restaurant on the planet. Called Chef Peking, it is on the river, before you get to the park & Boulters Lock. Can be expensive.
    Chinese: Best is Chef Peking by the river, however, only go if someone else is paying!
  • The Chef Peking is the same as nearly all other Chinese restaurants in the area, namely seriously over-priced and with a very Anglicised menu, i.e. lots of lemon chicken and sweet and sour and not a chopstick in sight. The 'Jasmine', High Street, is about the only local exception to this.
  • The two best Chinese takeways are probably the 'Great Wall', Bridge Street and 'Haka', St. Marks Avenue.
  • The 'Clay Oven', Bridge Street, has been a consistently good Indian restaurant (though it was a bit below usual standard on our last visit, too early to tell whether this was just a one-off), and also does a good takeaway.
    Have since been back to The Clay Oven a couple more times and our impression is that it's definitely in decline.
  • Indian: Jamuna in Queen street best restaurant in area - does get the overspill of Zoot punters on Friday & Saturday - open late every night. Avoid Clay Oven, agressive staff and naff food.
  • There are two reasonable Italian restaurants: Mondello's and Mama Rosa, though the latter can be moderately expensive but alright if you're pushing the boat out.
    Mama Rosa is the best. There are five others around the town centre.
  • There is a gay sandwich bar (called Queens) located on Queens Street (if you like that sort of thing).
  • Sophie's Sandwich Shop... the best around for not very much. Packed on a weekday lunchtime though with all the office workers.
  • The Farrier Restaurant has long since closed and is now a Peking restaurant, of which there are a number in and around the Maidenhead area.

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