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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Charlie the Tramp - gracing the town centre since time began!
  • Charlie the tramp, long time alcholic and tramp
  • Charlie the drunk, that woman that stands outside M&S and practically wails Biiiiiig Issuuue Pleaaaase. Oh and that asian bloke with the dimples.
  • Charlie is not around so much any more.
  • there was that old drunk......but he was beaten up and killed i believe
  • The bloke witth the sellotape shoes
  • I have relative in Maidenhead and everytime im down i look forward to seeing Charlie!
  • buksers charlie the tramp hes alrtie great laugh
  • johnny hardcore the drunk
  • the one the only charlie
  • Charlie!!!!!!! The town drunk. He's harmless, but quite entertaining when he's sitting on a bench and singing at people. Rumour is that he used to be a boxer..... apparently not a very good one.
  • TESCO subway near the new market
  • A man with no teeth and a Scottish accent, who hasn't moved from his spot in the last 2 years.Day or night.Personally i find this quite entertaining.
  • "The Colonel" as he liked to be known, spoke like the queen of england and actually had a monacle in his eye. Drunk 24/7 and wasn't allowed anywhere apart from the Swan Vaults where I used to let him and all his mates in every day.......hello Colonel,Basher,Malcolm,Mike and my sweetheart who was a gentleman Tom.
  • Townies are always entertaining. there's possibly no-one else who could stand outside macdonalds for that long in the blistering cold.
  • There's a Man purporting to be a Frenchman who stands on Bridge Road EVERY saturday with Onions around his neck, the Beret, the bike full of onions. Selling onions! I kid you not, its a site i tell you.
  • The most infamous street entertainer of all - CHARLIE. He always brings a smile to your face when you see him wandering VERY merrily through the streets declaring profound statements to all the females.. We love you Charlie!!
  • Not bad, but can get a bit monotonous at times!
  • Bloke who plays the guitar underneath the underpass between the Market and Castle Hill - He rules!!
  • The buskers are the best thing about Maidenhead... string quartets and flautists. None of your out of tune one man bands here!
  • Quite a few cool ones. The guys with the pan pipes have to be seen/heard.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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