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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • Shergolds Music Shop in King Street - Great! I went there recently to get my Tanglewood acoustic guitar set up. The guy said a complete set up would be £45.00. I went back after a couple of hours - he'd finished the job - lowering the action, supplying and fitting a new set of strings and generally cleaning it up. The cost? £20.00. because he said it didn't need everything doing. The action's now great. When I got home I realised he'd forgotten to put the strap back in the bag. I went back to get it and he then gave me a free set of strings for 'wasting my time'. This is incredible service - a great shop!
  • Sheargolds opposite the cinema. Only sells decent pianos. Everything else is kinda shitty..
  • sheargolds, opposite cinema, go buy a piano Dawkes, slightly further away from center, go here for other instruments
  • opposit the cinema is a lill shop.
  • Sheargold by the cinema although some advice, very pretentious in here and the service is poor and not very accommodating.
  • Hooters in Windsor
  • Remember the old Sound of Music in the Bishop Centre, Taplow? It used to sell mainly organs. Well it's now been taken over, re-christened Mr Music, and now it's full of guitars, digital pianos, keyboards, music books and even some drums and accessories. I don't know of a better music shop for miles around. The guys are really helpful too.
  • is an online music shop based in Maidenhead. The prices are good for the chart stuff and they specialise in helping unsigned bands and small labels sell their stuff. Really trying to help the new music scene.
  • woodwinds
  • JUST WOODWIND in queen st provide excellent tuition for all ages in saxaphone, flute and clarinet. The lessons are taught to each individual's taste.Danny hosts a jamming session on sunday evenings in the basement,all ages welcome, he has also produced a book and CD of his own compositions which is well worth enquiring about,if you want an insight into his fabulous individual style of jazz.
  • slough
  • Music machine
  • Just Woodwind is great - a really atmospheric basement that gets kind of busy sometimes on a Sat morning. Good instruments, good lessons, hot sax and cool people!
  • erm- dawkes and sheargolds(yr 2001)
  • Even The Cult/Big Country's Mark Brezezki used to hang out in Music Machine (as did Wire Jesus and National Disorder). Long live Dave - and thanks for all the good times.
  • Music Machine re-opened but it has only got about 3 guitars in it.
  • Used to be a great one in King Street.
  • They used to have one which thrived during the 'Grunge' movement of 1992, but has since stopped trading.
  • We all mourn the loss of Music Machine, even if Dave never actually had anything in stock.
  • Just Woodwind is good (Queen St) but is difficult to find and has weird opening times
  • Music Machine

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