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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • need a club or sumting 4 the townies to keep away
  • tried the west country for five yep count em five whole years and compared to that bumpkin infested pig racing cheese rolling incest pit maidenhead is almost passable
  • Maidenhead, in general, consists of people who are very snobby, but without intending to be.
  • Anybody remember when Maidenhead High St had two way traffic?
  • Former Maidonian and WIRE JESUS co-founder Damon Torsten is getting the world grooving with his new band NEON -
  • If you want to watch a load of Shirt-boys have a fight, stand outside the Bear Hotel at midnight when the place closes.
  • The end of the high street (up by the church) is where Charlie and his friends stagger about- you can see them anytime of day drunk as anything and they're always ready to shout at you or sing.
  • The best thing to do for entertainment in Maidenhead is to leave it.
  • We now have a cinema, but is more of a T.V. studio. Only seats 100 people.
  • Cinema: Was going to be TV Studio. Is now deserted. Looks like someone ran out of money...
  • A weekly season ticket from London to Maidenhead is actually MORE EXPENSIVE than buying five daily singles due to some bizarre BR policy. The man at Maidenhead station said (and I quote) "I am responsible TO the management, not FOR them".
  • There's a really cool a-capella group called "Voices in Harmony" based here.
  • The following bands are based in Maidenhead:
    • 02:00 am
    • The Contenders
    • Shaky Ground
    • Jacobs Ladder
    • Straight Eight
    At least one member of the band lives here.
  • Population 70,000
  • Site of the largest brick arch in the world- Cheers Mr I K Brunel!
  • Packed full of celebs, therefore too bloody expensive
  • Apart from being overrun with 'tossers with attitude', and a bit of a non starter for shopping, pubs/clubs and entertainment in general Maidenhead is a good town to base yourself in - being close to many other places.
  • Maidenhead Town Bowls Club Situated in Oaken Grove, Maidenhead. New members and Beginners always welcome. Club re-opens April 1999 but in the meantime you can visit the Indoor Club at Desborough, situated in York Road for more information contact: Fred Harwood: 01628 826160

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