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The Worst Things
  • What agressive people not all, but some Narrow minded, pot smoking chavv Guys tattooed all over inclouding neck like they have just came out of prison or jeremy kyle show, looking for trouble, gggrrr vile.
  • What agressive people not all, but some Narrow minded, pot smoking chavv Guys tattooed all over inclouding neck like they have just came out of prison or jeremy kyle show, looking for trouble, gggrrr vile.
  • Paddy is the hardest man in Maidenhead.
  • The people you didnt grow up with
  • The chavs
  • CHAV'S
  • The disgusting townies. Cannot stand the amount of chavs living in places like Ellington park, evenlode etc. All dress and act the same and the ever pregnat teens just won't stop multiplying their Beyonces and Rios. Make it end! On the other of the spectrum we have middle age ladies who wish that they were posh but aren't and are totally up themselves. Oh and the yuppies.
  • security
  • The distgustingly overpriced houses.
  • The rising community of criminals
  • no ones ever heard of it, its boring, there are no decent shops, too many rudies
  • It's a bit quiet on Sunday but the more people who go the better the town gets.
  • Of all the places I've lived in this country, Maidenhead is clearly, unutterably the worst. It's a real shame actually, because it's situation gives it so much potential to be a nice, well-located town. Instead it just seems to be populated by barely-literate (see local's comments above!), violent degenerates whose only pleasure in life is to get mashed on various cheap beverages and class Bs, and then smash up people's property for fun. And then have a fight with someone just for good measure. Having just bought a flat in this dismal little suicide-hole I feel I'm justified in telling you the sorry truth! Locals, you really, really don't know what you're missing - life can be SO MUCH better than this - but many will never come to realise this because people seem scared to move away... Tragic town, tragic life.
  • I never gettime to go in to them. Parking, parking is really bad.
  • to numerous to mention but i speak with the contempt of one born here like anywhere else it would have the chance to be a nice town if it wasn't for the arseholes like that place lalaland
  • Too close to Slough. Slough postcode. Bracknell's only 20mins away. No decent nightlife, women all think they're it, blokes all think the same. Nobody under 30 can afford to buy a flat here, because there's more police in tiny maidenhead than in big Reading, they can tend to have a go over little things like "you were driving slightly fast" - meaning 42 in a 40 zone. At midnight.
  • Maidenhead at night, I thought we were wild but this lot are out of control.
  • Massive drug problem.Something in the water makes the middle class population of this town act like they were brought up in LA.
  • Too many Mobile phone shops - the link, carphone warehouse, vodaphone, orange, phone2u and several others I can't remember! People winging about not having a department store - get over it already!
  • Nicholsons walk Floods when the water came with in feet of the Old Town HAll
  • this town is shit! nothing to do- no decent (well hardly- except or the exception of H.E. and T.S.)shops, and no where that will employ me!(yr 2001)
  • I personally think the Worst thing about this town is it's residents. All you do is moan about the kids theres alot more to Maidenhead than the Little things you've chose to moan about!!! I'm Pregnant and like "all the other young girls" I'm young, 21, so when you see me pushing my Pram are you gonna judge me because guess what although I'm young I was Married before I was Pregnant and we own our own home. If you dislike the People, buildings, kids, pubs and everything else of Maidenhead so much why don't you move then Maybe this town might start getting better you see if the Adult generation don't like and respect there town how can you expect the children to???
  • I personally think the worst thing is the people that have come on this site and put there home town down. For example moaning about the kids outside McDonalds where else have they to go they should moan to the council about the lack of Youth Clubs if it bothers them that much. I think most of the people in Maidenhead these days have turned into complete snobs. The town is a wonderful town I say this because it's my home and I'm not ashamed of where I come from it's a shame most people here sound like they are!!!
  • Ugly metaller girls. The genral lack of talent or anything much to do. Townie gangs.
  • everyone being so bloody arrogant and rude, all the pregnant teenagers wandering around with fags in their mouths as they chase after their 2 other children, all the men thinking they're gods gift, IN GENERAL being a shitty town with nothing to do!
  • Being so close to Slough.
  • Minors under the influence. The sale of wine gums should be licensed in this town
  • Everything and everyone else.
  • rude boys and girls from the lovely estates. I dont mean to be stereotypical cause i live there as well! The typical male= short highly geld forward hair, single large Argos gold ear ring, Reebok classics, black drain pipes,is usually called Trevor, Kevin or Dave. Large attitudes, small brain cells. Potential job= builder. The typical girl= badly permed bleached hair, very greasy tyed back. Seven gold Argos earings in each ear. Kappa tracksuit top with black leggings and Reebok classics. Usually pushing a pram with child.
  • Absolutely nowhere to buy a decent pair of headphones
  • Maidenhead is too big to be a pretty little village or town like cookham or marlow etc etc but is too small to keep anyone interested for more than 3 minutes - hence the fact that Mcdonalds is THE nightspot. I've heard there's a cinema on the way though....
  • Some of the younger people have real attitude problems, sort it out! We need a decent nighclub. I tend to venture in to Reading or London if I want a good night out.
  • Loads of quaders, bladers and thousands and thousands of townies
  • Tourists
  • Chicago rock cafe, The Bear (Bottled lager, Ralph Lauren "uniform", awful DJ.
  • Slough. Say no more.
  • Too close to London, therefore a dull, boring shitheap.
  • There's a few bad attitudes around.
  • Town constantly flooded by AA/RAC sales people.
  • Hawkeye traffic wardens.
  • An abundance of twats who drive Volvos and think they are middle class!
  • Slough is only three miles down the road.
  • Zoots club. Tourists coming to Boulter's Lock to watch the water rise and fall endlessly.
  • Far too many kids with bad attitudes.. .(I am sure I wasn't like that)
  • Most have been said already. The town centre is known as the 'arsehole of Berkshire' basically due to the fact that it is so shit. Minimal High Street chains, one cheesy club and a handful of pubs with an average drinking age of about 14. Kids with attitude everywhere looking for a scrap, plus trainloads of mutants from Marlow and Sarajevo, sorry Slough (an easy comparison to make) N.B. To avoid being kicked shitless at night, by-pass 'the bench' outside McDonalds!

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